gVoice – The Google Voice VOIP Client.
Google Voice calls without using cell phone minutes!


gVoice uses your WiFi,3G,4G,EVDO data connection to place and receive FREE Google Voice VOIP calls. All you need is gVoice, a data connection(Wireless or Mobile) and a free Google Voice account.
Google Voice is currently free to place calls to the U.S. & Canada. Check out the great rates to other countries.
Note: To use 3G, 4G, EVDO you must enable it in the settings of gVoice. This can be costly if you don’t have unlimted data. This application use ~1.2 MB per minute during a call.
WARNING: Google Voice does not support 911 emergency calling!
If you have any suggestion or issues please contact:
androidtouchdev [at] gmail.com
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.) Does this use my cell phone minutes?
Answer: No, gVoice uses your wireless\data connection and your Google Voice account for calls. You don’t even need cell phone service to use this app.
2.) Is this a simple callback app?
Answer: No, this is a pure VOIP(Voice over IP) calling app that communicates directly with Google Voice for all network traffic.
3.) I’m not receiving incoming calls. Help!?
Answer: To receive incoming calls you must enable ‘Google Talk’ as one of your phones to ring in the Google Voice settings. Just make sure you don’t have the cell phone your using and ‘Google Talk’ enabled simultaneously.
4.) Calls seem to have issues when my screen turns off.
Answer: In the settings enable ‘Keep Screen On’ as some devices put the wireless connection to sleep when the screen is off.
5.) I can’t login or place calls with my mobile data connection.
Answer: To use 3G,4G,EVDO you must enable this in the settings. Only wireless is allowed by default. As noted above, mobile data can be costly if you don’t have unlimited data. This application use ~1.2 MB per minute during a call.
6.) I have some other issue. Help!
Answer: Please email androidtouchdev [at] gmail.com
And finally, if you decided to purchase gVoice, Thank you!



If you get an audio error message(female voice) while trying to place a call that says “call cannot be completed” please follow the steps below to enable outbound calling on your Google Voice account:

This is a known problem on some Google Voice accounts and can always be fixed by doing the following from a desktop or laptop computer:

If you login to gmail.com do you see a chat/phone call widget in the lower left corner? If so please try placing a call from gmail. If you don’t see the chat/phone call widget in gmail please visit the following link:
Once you succussfully place a call from gmail.com then go to the settings in gVoice then click the back menu button. This just makes sure that you re-login and is required after the gmail.com fix above.