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Support an Epic 24 Hour Gaming Stream – All Profits go to Phoenix’s Children’s Hospital!

My awesome friend is starting a 24 hour live stream from 6:00 AM MST, December 21st, where you can help him raise money for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. You can be in the holiday charitable spirit and watch him destroy monsters with giant death lasers and watch him hack and slash his way through dungeons. What could be better than that? This is all supported by the awesome group Extra Life, which is a community dedicated to bringing their passions of helping kids, and their families, in need and playing games together. Anyways, if you’re interested in supporting him and More >

Frantic 3 – Kamikaze Guide

If you are a fan of the bullethell genre, then there is a good chance you’ve come across a little gem known as Frantic before. Frantic dominates the genre of bullethell in Flash and Polymer Rabbit has just released the third game in the series. As always, Frantic is a quick-paced shooter that pits your minuscule ship against hundreds of other ships and massive bosses. The combination of amazing visuals and outstanding gameplay easily makes this one of the best flash you’ll you’ll come across if you’re a big fan of the shooter genre. As like last time, there is an ability More >