• #1 written by Maxie012
    about 8 years ago

    I’m gonna use one of these avatars and change to a different one each and everyday.

    On my alt.
    Because my two avatars that I switch to every year are purely too awesome.

  • #2 written by me43v4
    about 8 years ago

    Where’s sex? :P

  • #3 written by oliversr2
    about 8 years ago


    • #4 written by snipahar
      about 8 years ago

      If any of you are wondering about what me43v4 is talking about, there is that specific element in the game, which interprets as literally nothing to the game, therefore I did not include it, since it is inappropriate and would not wish to have those graphics displayed on my website. I wish to keep this site, should I say “E” rated. So pleased to not continue to ask questions regarding the matter; I do not wish for the site to be full of sexual remarks, nor questions. I hope you understand, thank you!

      • #5 written by 2640ICSx
        about 8 years ago

        Lol. It’s okay… to me because I’m not a pervert.

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