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Small Forest (Zone 1)


The Small Forest is mainly a tutorial level, but I will recap some of the important events in this area and list some of the items that you can collect from the monsters present here. Additionally, all of the levels are randomly generated to some degree, but we can still find a basic skeleton for each zone that is common for each player. When you first arrive at the Small Forest, you see your own impact crater, from when you land in this world. If you wonder around the forest a bit, you are bound to come across a couple of Earth Slimes. Of course, these simple monsters are very weak and can only deal between 10-20, give-or-take, damage per hit. Your basic attack will knock them down a few health points, but your Fire Attack spell will instantly kill them. Each Slime grants 15 gold and 4 SP upon their death. On your path to the end of the zone, you will find a Small Health Potion tucked into one of the room’s chests. Like all great RPGs, there is a big boss at the end of each zone. Ours now is Gargantuan, who has a whopping 300 health points. Luckily, our Fire Attack spell will rob him of 80 health points per hit and if we run out of mana, our basic attacks will take him down by 40 health. For killing the beast, we are rewarded with 150 gold, 26 SP, and Plate I, an armor. Now, the game briefly goes over how to equip your character with the armor. At this point, we can exit the Small Forest and see what the rest of the world has in store for us as we continue our mysterious journey.

Enemy List:

2 Earth Slimes (54 HP | 12 ATK | 13 MAG | 22 SPD) Skills: Earth I

1 Gargantuan (300 HP | 18ATK | 18 MAG | 21 SPD) Skills: Impale

Item List:

1 Health Potion (Restores 75 Health) Location: Chest

Medium Forest (Zone 2)


As we enter the Medium Forest, our character is talking to himself and is startled by someone that appears to be eavesdropping and seems to enjoy his tale of misfortune. Once the listener reveals herself, a thief, our character reveals himself to be a Dragon! Our hero speaks of an oracle that he needs to find immediately, but our thief isn’t too sure of where we could find one, nor does our hero know much about what he is looking for. The thief suggests that we hang out with her until she can bring us to the nearby town that may have a bit more information on the matter. It seems like we headed to the same place, so why not. After the exchange, we learn that her name in Lina. If we check out her stats in the main menu, we can see that she has much less health, magic skill and attack power than our hero, but has a little more mana and speed. She also comes equipped with a Light I blade. Anyways, lets find some monsters to kill and see what her character is all about!

At this point, the game introduces team fights, in which more than one enemy is present. Probably the first battle you’ll come across like this includes a Goblin and an Earth Slime. At this point in the game, the enemies continue to do very little damage, and having two blades will tear them apart before they know what hit them. One of Lina’s abilities is Burst which has no mana cost, but you have to supply your own item to Burst. She will come pre-equipped with a few grenades, but you can find several more on the enemies that you kill.

After exploring the forest for a bit you’ll come across a monster called Rock who claims that you cannot pass through the forest without the permission of Murder Incorporated. If that doesn’t sound villainous, then I don’t know what does! A bit of a ways into the conversation, Lina notices that our lizard man is hauling a boulder around. He says that he is going to block the passage to the town and mentions that he is going to set up a toll for people to leave and enter the settlement. Lina subtly threatens Rock a bit, but our hero doesn’t sound too enthusiastic about fighting a giant monster that can easily toss boulders around. A bit later into the exchange we learn that Lina is with Mercenary Inc. and she says that he is her next target! While the beast is quite daunting, using a grenade and a couple of Fire Attack spell will knock this guy out.

After the battle, Rock vows to return later. Finally, our passage to Small Town is open and we can see if we can learn more about an oracle that our hero is looking for.

Enemy List:

Earth Slime (54 HP | 12 ATK | 13 MAG | 22 SPD) Skills: Earth I

Goblin (60 HP | 13 ATK | 13 MAG | 36 SPD) Skills: None

Ent (66 HP | 12 ATK | 13 MAG | 27 SPD) Skills: Poison

Rock (270 HP | 27 ATK | 16 MAG | 34 SPD) Skills: Impale

Item List:

Gauntlets I (Give Additional ATK) Location: Chest

1 Cure Potion (Cure all negative status) Location: Chest

Small Town (Part 1)

Upon entering Small Town, Lina will welcome you. It seems that she knows the area a bit, which is further supported by the giant Mercenary Inc. building. After welcoming you, she mentions that her friend Tristam may know a bit about the oracle that you are looking for. Upon further investigation, we learn that Tristam is the leader of Mercenary Inc. so he may know a bit more about the oracle. Lina then brings you to Mercenary Inc. and introduces you to Tristam and he is very excited to hear that you are a Dragon. It turns out that when you came crashing from the sky, Tristam sent Lina out to find you. While Lina mentioned that we might be able to find out a bit more about an oracle, Old Tristam doesn’t appear to know about the oracle, but suggests that you might have more luck elsewhere. In a move that seems to suggest that you are doing the old man’s dirty work, he mentions that you can check out a cave to the west and see if there are any hints there. Our hero rightfully objects, but it appears that Tristam isn’t interested in helping us if we won’t help him first, but Lina convinces you to check out the cave and see if you can learn anything about the oracle, or at least get help from her leader. At this point, we don’t really have enough gold to buy much from the shops so we should check out what else we can do in town.

Evil Cave (Zone 3)


If we return to Mercenary Inc. we can take a couple of quests to get some nice rewards, but both of these will be really tough for us to take on at our level, and especially since we don’t have Lina with us right now. Our only option right now is to head on over to the Evil Cave to the west and see what’s up. Upon arriving, our hero senses that something is wrong. A haunting feeling sweeps over our character and suddenly Lina bursts out! Lina figures that she can help you out since this is your first quest and you haven’t been around here very long. Our hero is hesitant for a bit, but Lina eventually convinces him to let her join in on the adventure. Lina seems to be more interested in the treasure, rather than finding the oracle, but any help is nice.

Floor 1:

There are a couple of treasure chests scattered throughout the first floor, but also a ton of monsters that’ll want to kill you at every turn. Keep an eye on your health, as you’ll probably have to retreat to Small Town a few times if you don’t want to pay a hefty fine for dying. The toughest enemies down here have to be the Skeleton Armors who can strike twice in the same turn dealing around 40 damage to whoever is unlucky enough to be picked. This floor is relatively straight-forward, so make your way to the stairs to enter the second floor and see where that may lead us.

Floor 2:

Almost immediately, at least in my game (as the levels seem to be randomly generated) we come across a chest that cannot be unlocked. Don’t fear, however, Lina has just the tool to unlock such a thing: the HACKPICK 2000! Lina explains to you how the HACKPICK 2000 works. At first, the strange device is a little difficult to pick up on; it looks a bit confusing, but after a little work you can get the hang of it. The most important thing to remember is that any piece can be exchanged on the board, even if you are connected to it. So if you find an up arrow towards the bottom of the board, but need on towards to top, just keep exchanging it until it makes it way to the top. After solving your first puzzle, the HACKPICK 2000 is actually quite easy to use. In the chest you can find Heatblade I, a nice new sword for whomever wants it, and an ATK Flask that gives a bit of an attack bonus to those that drink it.

Floor 3:

Well, that was a pretty quick floor! Before we go on, we should head back to town, heal-up if need be and get the Slime pet that will help us in battle while we’re out of the cave. The Double Crossed quest is pretty straight forward, as you only need to find the King Slime in the Small Forest. After you get your pet Slime you should head back to the third floor of the Evil Cave and continue to explore its depth. We are going to find many of the same enemies as the original floor, but the new Heatblade will make easy work of them and the King Slime that we should have fought prior, especially if you have the new blade and gauntlets mixed in. After exploring the third floor for a bit you’ll run across Dargon, who played an important role in the first game. Of course, Dargon is a little mad that you are trespassing in his cave. Oddly enough, our hero shouts that he is too late. Maybe we’ll find out more about this after the inevitable fight. The easiest way to beat Dargon is to give your main hero a pair of gauntlets and that shiny new sword. His Fire Attack spell will deal over a hundred damage. Lina can work as a support role as her attacks aren’t too strong if you run out of grenades. Without grenades, use Lina to summon your pet or to heal or revive your hero. This makes the two-part battle pretty easy and grants you 225 gold and 40 SP after defeating Dargon.

Enemy List:


Helper Whisp

Skeleton Armor



Item List:

1 Health Potion I (Restores 75 Health) Location: Chest

1 Revive (Revives a hero and restores 25% of health) Location: Chest

1 Pet Body 2 (Pet item) Location: Chest

1 Earth Charm (Reduces incoming Earth damage) Location: Chest

Small Town (Part 2)

After the battle with Dargon something strange happens! It appears that our poor hero has been attacked by one final blow by the beast, but we don’t entirely know what happened. Tristam explains that Dargon has once again returned and that Phoebe, one of his acquaintances, can help¬†you learn more about an oracle by exploring an island to the southeast. It looks like recent events have speed up Tristams willingness to help you. After he mentions this, Phoebe comes up to you and introduces herself. You tell her about the issue with the oracle, but she doesn’t take too much interest. Luckily, though, Lina seems to be interested in continuing her adventure with you and will help you find the island.

Our new teammate, Phoebe is an pretty all-around character with both strong attacks and spells, as well as some awesome support spells that will keep our team healthy and strong. Her hammer will hit the enemies just as hard as your own buffed main character (with gauntlets and the Heatblade sword) and she can take way more hits than any of your other characters even with the best defensive items currently available. Her Quake spell with destroy most enemies in a single hit, and the best part is that it hits multiple enemies, making this an incredible effect spell for clearing an entire swarm in a hit. Additionally her Heal All spell grants around 60 health for all allies and makes for a great move to quickly heal-up and stay safe against strong enemies. Finally, her buffs will ensure a victory with all of your attacks dealing a bit more damage to make a real difference in a fight.

Orc Isle (Zone 4)


While Phoebe’s spells are really awesome, you won’t need to use most of them at this point in the game as many of the enemies are simply too weak to bother with casting a mana-hungry spell on. Your trio will easy knock out most packs in a single turn or two with their regular attacks, so there really is a reason to cast spells against these guys until they are a little stronger. For know, make your way through the cave and try to find as many treasures as you can. Unlike the Evil Cave where you hand to be careful not to enter a fight with too many enemies, the addition of Phoebe kind of evens everything out and makes your musketeers a force not to be reckoned with. You’ll be able to clear out most, if not all, of this dungeon on your first sweep and you’ll eventually make your way to the Orc Master who sees to be our boss for this zone. Once we catch up to him he will alert us that no one is allowed to see the oracle at this moment. Before dismissing us, Phoebe presents herself and the Orc recognizes her as Grandmaster Phoebe. Still, he denies her access to the Oracle, but open the team to a fight if we wish to pass through.

After a short battle, significantly easier than Dargon, he announces his defeat, but in all of the commotion of the fight, it seems that our skirmish has woken the Oracle. It seems, once again, that Phoebe and Orcracle know each other and are quite friendly. Phoebe introduces us to the Oracle and she tells us that the portal between the world of Dargons and ours has been opened. It seems that an invasion will be taking place soon. The only way to prevent this future is to close the portal. Our hero then realizes his destiny. He is the one that most close the portal and ensure the safety of this world. He reveals that his own world has been at war with the Dargon for a millennium and that it is now his responsibility to protect other worlds from the same fate. Furthermore, our hero mentions that he was sent to this world to prevent this, but it may already be too late. The Oracle tries to reinvigorate our dragon hero by saying that if we could collect the assistance of the four guardians and their powers, we may just be able to close the portal, or at least have a chance to repel the invasion. Of course, our hero is eager to learn where he can find the guardians, but not even the oracle is entirely sure where they reside. The Oracle does have one guess though, recently sandstorm have been brewing to the south and that may be caused by the guardian Malloc who is the Fire Guardian. With a final note, our helpful oracle tells us that Rita, the witch, has been spotted recently and that this may be her work.

By the end of the conversation, it appears that our all-powerful Phoebe has disappeared. She probably headed back home. Let’s head back, stock up on whatever we need and see what we can find in the deserts.

Enemy List:




Giant Turtle


Orc Master

Item List:

1 Pet Eyes 2 (Pet item) Location: Chest

1 100 Gold (Gold) Location: Chest

1 Kris (Provides an item bonus) Location: Chest

Small Town (Part 3)

Upon entering the town, you find a young girl crying. Your party members express some concern and the crying girl asks if you are with Mercenary Inc. as she needs a bit of help. With a bit of prodding, we find out that she was mugged on her travels to Small Town. Apparently, she has come here to seek help, in return for a bit of gold, against some bandits that are attacking her village, Dustop, to the south. Lina, realizing that we’ll be heading to the desert anyways. to find the Fire Guardian, says that we ought to accept and our hero is eager to agree, but mentions that we should notify Tristam first. Lina counters this by saying that she doesn’t want to as she want it to be her own adventure. And with our characters in agreement, and a happy customer, we can now make our wait to the desert village of Dustop. Indebted to Mercenary Inc. and anxious to get back to her village, the crying girl joins and we learn that her name is Mari.

Small Bridge (Zone 5)


Before we can get to the next island we have to cross a bridge. Unfortunately, this isn’t just any bridge – it is covered in monsters! Luckily, we have a new character to fight with, Mari. While Mari’s spell list isn’t as impressive as Phoebe’s, nor as strong as Phoebe, nor have as much health as Phoebe – wait where am I going with this? Mari simply is a little bit worse than everyone else on your team, but let’s see what’ll happen as she gains a bit more SP points. With a bit of SP building, however, Mari can be a devastating Elementalist and all-around caster with a towering magic ability level. Any of her offensive spells, once her casting ability is built-up a bit will be able to wipe any enemy out. So while she may not be able to take too many hits are strike physically when she runs out of mana, if she can get her strikes in, the enemies won’t have any time to react.

As we continue across the bridge, we’ll run across Bop, who was once again a major character in the last game. He seems to be a bit afraid of water and doesn’t seem to actually want to be at the bridge today. He must be here because of something else than a casual stroll across the bridge. Upon seeing him, Mari immediately accuses Bop of stealing her money. Similar to Rock, Bop demands that you pay a toll to pass through the bridge and claims it for Murder Inc. Our hero threatens Bop several times to return the money to Mari or else he will fight for the gold. Bop doesn’t seem to take this as much of a threat and simply invites our heroes to try to take the money. After the battle, and cool 200 gold gains, our heroes celebrate their victory over Murder Inc., but quickly realize that they forgot to get Mari’s money from Bop before he scampered off. Upon being reminded that her townspeople have it a little worse, Mari calms down and the party continues its adventure.

Enemy List:




Item List:

No chests found.

Green Plains (Zone 6)


The Green Plains now stands between us and the city of Dustop. The Plains is home to a variety of baddies that are all out for you, but probably one of the coolest ones is the return of Gargantuan, the big boss we fought in the Small Forest. He won’t put up too much of a fight in this point of the game, as our heroes will be entirely too powerful for him and any of his friends. His friends don’t account for too many new enemies though. Most of them are like the beasts we found in the forests earlier, but of course, buffed a little bit. Although, we also see a couple of new enemies, like a giant Earth Golem that can tank for a bit and a bee (probably our heroes worst nightmare!) that spice up the fields. After exploring the Plains we’ll come across a locked chest. Once again, we have to use the HACKPICK 2000. Since we haven’t used it in a while and we haven’t used it much at all, the device may still be a little hard to use, but the prize is definitely worth it! Inside the chest we can find Shield I and five grenades. Give the shield to whoever needs the defense, although, at this point in the game, a five percent reduction in physical damage isn’t really worthwhile. A better alternative is Plate I that grants an extra 50 health points. Obviously, later in the game this will be useful when enemies will deal a lot more damage and the five percent will actually be noticeable. Moving on, unfortunately the Green Plains do not contain a little boss fight, so we’ll get to leave a little earlier than we thought and head over to Orange Pass, the last step between us, Dustop and the vile bandits.

Item List:

Blind Ring (Increase resistance against BLIND) Location: Chest

2 Scrap Metal x5 (Used to upgrade equipment) Location: Chest

Revive x2 (Revive a hero and restore 25% of HP) Location: Chest

Shield I (Increase resistance against physical attacks) Location: Chest

Grenade x5 (Deals explosive fire damage) Location: Chest

Orange Pass (Zone 7)


Thankfully, the enemies that reside in the Orange Pass are a lot tougher and will pack more of a punch. Here resides all of your scorpions, wolves and other critters that all hang out around 200 HP and can deal around 60 damage with their best hits. Through some exploration, we’ll eventually come across another locked chest. This one is a bit easier than the last as the playing field is a bit smaller horizontally and has an empty row. The empty row, however, contains a little ember that can destroy your virtual character. Be sure to swing past the red line when the fire isn’t near your hero. Past that, getting through the next couple of rows will be relatively easy, Just keep in mind that you cannot transfer pieces across the enemy’s line. For your efforts you are given Repair Pistol I, which boosts your healing powers, and Mana Potion I, which will definitely help you against these strong monsters. Repair Pistol I is somewhat weaker than your other pistols, but gives a nice boost to healing. If Mari has any healing spells, this may be a neat weapon to give to her. After collecting our treasure, we can make our way further into the pass and come across someone that appears to be in need of a bit of help. It seems that whoever this is has passed out. Lina asks Mari if she knows this person, or if they are a bandit, but she doesn’t seem to know who he is. As Lina continues to poke him with a stick to see if he’ll wake up, he springs up and seems pretty eager on revenge for disturbing his slumber.

In the battle, our Stranger will have a decent amount of health and can definitely deal a bunch of damage. One of his spells can deals nearly 200 damage, so make sure that you Silence him right away with one of your spells to avoid this. Doing so will restrict him to melee attacks which he isn’t too strong with and will make the battle a breeze, especially since you have three strong characters. After the battle, it will seem that our new friend already knows of our hero, and refers to him simply as a dragon. It seems that your reputation has spread, or this guy knows something that he isn’t telling us. Unfortunately, we don’t get anytime to question him as he leaves shortly after mentioning this. Regardless, Mari seems excited, as ¬†Dustop is nearby and we will be there soon.

Item List:

Heal Potion II (Restores 200 HP) Location: Chest

Scrap Metal x5 (Use to upgrade equipment) Location Chest

Pet Body 3 (Pet item) Location: Chest

200 Gold (Gold) Location: Chest

Dustop (Part 1)

As soon as we enter the town, we are nicely welcomed by the local sheriff, but the look of sorrow of his town being attacked conquers his face. Mari quickly reveals that this is her dad and Lina introduces herself and our hero as Mercenary Inc. and that we are here to help against the bandits. Our hero inquires as to what exactly is happening is Dustop and why Mercenary Inc. has been requested to help. It turns out that a nearby mine, owned by Dustop has been attacked by bandits. Unfortunately, this is the town’s only source of metal and production. Without it, the town will have a tough time keeping trade up and defending themselves, as there will be a lack of new weapons produced. The Sheriff and Lina also reveals that the town has been attacked constantly from the bandits, which are using the mine as their base of operations. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the bandits don’t seem to want to stop their barrage until they have been paid a heavy price in gold. Luckily, the sheriff points out the most of the bandits are simply following their land and might disband if he is killed. The sheriff then points you in the direction of the mine and tells you the Mari will be aiding you as he defends the town.

Mine (Zone 8)


If we head west of Mari’s town, we will find the Mine. When we enter (it seems that the bandits haven’t invested heavily in defending the mine) Mari informs us that this is where Dustop gets most of its minerals and tells us that the town uses it for weapons and metallurgy. Lina gives her own explanation of why the bandits might want the mine – a crystal. Possibly, they want to snatch a hidden crystal and use its power. Of course, we can’t let that happen! Our hero agrees with her and signals for the group to press on.

Item List:

Cure Potion x2 (Cure all negative status) Location: Chest

Fire Charm (Reduce Incoming FIRE damage) Location: Chest

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