Min Hero: Tower of Sages is a brand new turn based RPG (similar in many ways to Pokemon) that gives you the roll of a student that must climb a tower filled with increasingly powerful monsters! But don’t fear – you have your own group of monsters that will fight to the death for you as they become stronger the further you climb in the tower, such as learning new abilities, and evolve when they reach certain levels into fantastic new beasts that’ll be sure to strengthen you team. Much like Pokemon, Min Hero places you in a turn based environment with tons of monsters to battle that all have their own abilities, strengths, resistances and weaknesses that add an extra depth of complexity to an otherwise simple and fun game to play. A big plus to this game is its length, that spans across many different dungeons that are often type-based (such as water or fire) that lead to different gyms or bosses, corresponding to the previous three dungeons’ types, that will grant you badges for completing parts of the tower. Overall, if you’re looking for a game similar to Pokemon, you can stop your search here!

Min Hero: Tower of Sages

One of the coolest features of this game was the resistances and weaknesses. It effectively allowed you to build diverse teams without favoring one type over the other. There were many times where one “minion” would be useless in one battle and then devastatingly powerful in another because of its type. As so, many of the battles were a breeze, while some others were really challenging. For the most part though, smart playing, such as keeping your team healthy and defending while keeping your damage output reasonable, allowed you to conquer most teams. Even if one enemy did prove to be a bit challenging, repeatedly facing them, or fighting your earlier opponents allowed you to gain a bit of experience points to help you level up and become a little stronger. An unnecessary difficulty factor that was included in the game was the random picking of a new monster every time you cleared a dungeon. I felt that this feature should allow you to pick a monster purposely that would fit your needs at the time. None the less, many of the battles are completed by smart playing or training until you can wipe out the enemy more effectively. For the most part, the difficulty was perfectly balanced and there was a good learning curve.

The main attraction of this game, of course, is that the gameplay is similar to the hit-game Pokemon. As someone that has played Pokemon since the originals and has continued playing it to this day, Min Hero matches very similarly to the quality of Pokemon’s battles, but lacks an effective and gripping storyline. Anyone that is interested in Pokemon will love this game for how closely it comes to its battle, evolution, ability and resistances and weaknesses dynamics. The major selling point for me was the evolution as this is by far one of the most exciting things in both Pokemon and Min Hero. Never knowing what your beast will transform into (even though you have a slight idea) and then seeing your awesome new beast that looks like it will shred you enemies apart is so thrilling. My only gripe about the game are the lack of actual choice is the hatchery and the lack of a compelling storyline. For the most part, both of these work finely, but with a little adjustment they could be even better. While I do think there are a couple of small issues, that does detur me from saying that this game is fantastic and with its likeness to Pokemon, this game attracts any fan of the hit-game.

Min Hero: Tower of Sages

Last to mention is the artwork. Min Hero has a very smooth looking style. Overall, the artwork is beautiful and includes a lot of detail on everything from the stone floors and walls to the lushly designed rooms and all the different scenes you’ll run across throughout the dungeons. The characters also look very good and the amount of variation in their designs is nice. Probably the biggest draw to this game is also where all of the tough artwork came in – there are over 100 monsters in this game! This game introduces more monsters to its series than generation II did to Pokemon (102 minions, 100 new Pokemon)! If that’s not impressive than I don’t know what is. I wouldn’t be this enthusiastic if the minions didn’t look great, but they did and they indeed looked awesome. The progression from tiny little monsters to big beasts is perfect and all of the sprites look very neat and fit with their evolution line. The entire game looks really good and you can see how much work went into the artwork alone.

Without a doubt, Min Hero: Tower of Sages is one of the best games to hit the Flash gaming scene is a long time. If you are a Pokemon fan then you will find yourself right at home with this game as many of the elements are borrowed from the game and are implemented flawlessly. If you love fighting with big monsters, unlocking new and devastating abilities to destroy your foes and watch your monsters evolve from cute little animals to terrifyingly amazing beasts then this is the game for you.  Be sure to check out Min Hero: Tower of Sages today on Kongregate!

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