Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the sequel to the incredibly popular flash game Kingdom Rush released in mid-2011. Now Kingdom Rush is back and better than ever with a new cast of heroes and several new towers to help you crush the baddies. Like all TD games, your goal is simple – don’t let the bad guys get past your defenses, but Kingdom Rush takes the idea to a new level with incredibly polished features that have revolutionized the tower defense genre. SO if you’re looking for a great defense game to sink in a ton of hours with then this is the game for you! Currently, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is only available for iOS devices, but will undoubtedly soon make its way to the Google Play Marketplace for Android devices and the developers have announced that a flash version will be released in the near future.

View Kingdom Rush Frontiers on the Apple Store.

Video Walkthroughs provided by DarkAgeOutlaw.

Hammerhold (Level One) Veteran:

Sandhawk Hamlet (Level Two) Veteran:

Sape Oasis (Level Three) Veteran:

Dunes of Despair (Level Four) Veteran:

Buccaneer’s Den (Level Five) Veteran:

Nazeru’s Gate (Level Six) Veteran:

Crimson Valley (Level Seven) Veteran:

Snapvine Bridge (Level Eight) Veteran:

Lost Jungle (Level Nine) Veteran:

Level 10 Veteran:

Level 11 Veteran:

Level 12 Veteran:

Level 13 Veteran:

Level 14 Veteran:

Level 15 Veteran:

This guide will continue to be updated as more walkthrough videos are released by either the content-provider above or through another source.