American Racing 2 is the sequel to Turbo Nuke’s very popular game American Racing, which has since scored over 2,000,000 views! If you love racing fast cars and even spinning them out Burnout style, then this game is for you. The game stretches over twelve weeks, each containing three to five levels (similar to worlds and levels that you’ll see in so many other games). In each race, you start at the back of the pack and have to speed your way to the front often by swerving through traffic, hitting other cars off the road and hitting the nitro boost on a straightaway. As the title gives away, the cars are draw in a very NASCAR-like way and breaks off from Turbo Nukes many other racing games, but while the premise is different, many of the attributes are reused and the game could have used more unique factors. Nonetheless, the game is fantastic and will keep you entertained for a bit. Anyone that’s found Turbo Nukes previous racing games fun, or are just looking for a great racing game to kill some time with will find American Racing 2 to be excellent.

American Racing 2

One of the only disappointments of the game was the difficulty. After I had maxed out the speed and worked on the turbo a bit, I found myself leading the pack usually by the end of the first lap. While some of the lead cars could keep pace with you, as long as you don’t mess up the game loses all of its challenge once you’re in the lead. Some of the later levels were more challenging and were rewarding to complete and achieve first place, but for most of the game, if you simply grind for a bit (with a decent enough sponsor) most of the levels will become quite easy after buying some of the best upgrades. Between some of the races there are also challenges that includes such events as smashing crates and killing vulnerable (blue) pac-man ghosts. This is a nice change-up at some points in the game, but some of them seem more challenging than the races themselves which the game seems more focuses on. Usually, it comes down to how much you can slow your car down and actually take your time, but they can become tedious at times. Overall, the game could use a little work on the difficulty, but once you get to some of the later levels that when the difficulty will kind of catch up to your super-car.

The gameplay is really great! One of the most interesting features in the 3D engine that adds an extra depth that most Flash racing games don’t. All of the races were really fun, especially when you’re swerving in and out of traffic to get by some of the cars. Getting your turbo was really easy as there was so many cars, but was obviously meant to be easy to gain and ends up to be a vital feature of the game (which explains why its so easy to get). I noticed that you can sometimes spin out cars when you hit them, but many of the times that I did this were accidental and actually ramming a car doesn’t seem to do the trick – at least not decently. Burnout liked to give you walls to shove cars into which would make them flying into the air or crash, but with the lack of walls and the overall slipperiness (cars will often pop ahead of you are fall dramatically behind when hit) of the cars, spinning out cars becomes a neat, but hard to utilize feature. One feature that I saw, that I was disappointing to see (and has been used in all of Turbo Nuke’s racing games) is the automatic turning. One of the most challenging and fun things to do in most tracks of other racing games is to get a draft just right for a turn or having to slow down to make a sharp turn, but in American Racing 2 the game takes this out. I would love a little more control over what the car does and have tracks that force you to slow down, hit the brakes and make turns (too often you never lift your finger off the gas). While I see a couple minor issues with the gameplay, the only thing that I would change is the turning. Most of the levels don’t require you to slow down at all and the automatic turning only assist this.

American Racing 2

Overall, American Racing 2 is a really impressive racing game! While many of my comments points out things that I think of as cons, its merely constructive criticism and things that I really want to see out of future Turbo Nuke racing games. If you like racing games then you’ll want to check out American Racing 2. The difficulty was a little too easy in the beginning of the game, if you focus on the speed upgrades, but the later levels begin to challenge you a bit more. The only two issues that I felt were noticeable were the lack of scenery and the lack of control over your car in the turns. For the most part though, all of the levels are really interesting and most of them provide a fun experience. Be sure to check out American Racing 2 today on Kongregate!

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