Yep, that’s right the blue elephant is back for its forth This Is The Only Level Game – wait, no he’s not. It seems that when John Cooney (possibly, better know as jmtb02) left for the grand world of Kongregate, he took the blue elephant with him and in his wake he left the Green Walrus. This Is The Only Level 4 is a continuation of the series by Armor Games, Tasselfoot (I know that he also helped with some of John’s previous games) and IriySoft (developers of the Cursed Treasures series and some other neat games). In much the same fashion as the original three, with the exception of the Elephant, you must help the Green Walrus beat a single level multiple times in a row. This is a nice twist on the platformer genre and the game manages to make every level play a little differently and while the Green Walrus may not be the norm for the series, it doesn’t affect the gameplay greatly. Be sure to check it out on Armor Games today.

Here’s a walkthrough for the game, by Tasselfoot.

Play This Is The Only Level 4 on Armor Games!