This guide is part two of two (due to a character limit). The first part of this guide is available here.

Temple of Godcat

Once we enter the Temple of Godcat we can find a Spark Wraith block our access to a treasure chest. Let’s clear him out. The first wave includes three Haunted Trees and a pair of Spark Wraiths. The Wraiths will use Electric and Dark attacks. Their melee deals about 1000 damage and their Electric attacks deal only a measly 1500. The second wave contains three more Spark Wraiths and two Mad Cacti. After the battle, we can collect eight cacti, a jungle flower and a slice of cake. If we head east, Natalie will wonder about who is the antagonists and protagonists in this story. Possibly, the cats just wish for their legs back and Godcat will be a bit kinder this time around. In the new room we can collect a Red Scroll from behind the Gem Idol and a blood orb from the pedestal. Speaking to the man will reveal that many cats and religious fanatics have begun to crowd around the Temple, preparing for a resurrection of sorts. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. In this room we can fight a couple of enemies. Let’s take on the one marked with a Gem Idols first. These baddies aren’t that impressive and will go down after a couple of good hits. The next wave contains three more of these Gem Idols, but incorporates two Yellow Clay. The second battle in here, marked by a Spark Wraith is split into two waves with the first including three Gem Idols and two Spark Wraiths and the second containing two Fire Wraiths and two more Spark Wraiths. In the chest we can get a bottle of mercury, two vials of bottled darkness and three vials of pink potion. Lets make out way east once again.

Upon reaching the new room, we’ll find the entrance to the Temple of Godcat, but it looks like we’ll need two blood orbs to open the doors. Currently, we have a single blood orb. Let’s challenge a couple of the enemies in here to collect a bit of treasure. In the northwest corner we can fight a group marked by a new enemy, Earth Elementals. The first and only wave includes two Rock Sprites, two Earth Elementals and a Rock Golem. Multi-hitting explosive attacks work really well here – especially if you use Lance’s Tank Guns will a fully leveled Mini Bomber gun. In the chest we can grab a piece of titanium, twelve steel plates and eight shurikens. On the opposing side of the archway we can fight a group of enemies marked with a Thunder Bird. The first wave utilizes a couple of Gem Idols, two Lightning Sprites and a single Thunder Bird. The second wave introduces three more Thunder Birds and another pair of Lightning Sprites. By defeating the enemies, we reveal a chest containing two plasma balls, two topazes and a honeycomb. The last group of enemies here are marked by a Swordslinger. The first wave consists of three Gem Idols and two Swordslingers, while the second includes two Mad Cacti and another pair of Swordslingers. There is no reward for clearing these enemies except for the items they hold and their experience points.

If we head southward we’ll find the north entrance to the factory. We couldn’t open this door earlier, but we’ll be able to this time around by activating the switch. There is no real reason to enter the factory again. There is a treasure chest tucked behind the rock formation that will give us two RAM chips, a plasma ball and a topaz. Additionally, we can open another chest behind the building that will grant us a gold plate, three silver plates and a ham. One of the battles here includes a little kick-back to the factory days. The first wave is made up of two Copper Fish and two Steel Fish. The second wave features two more Steel Fish, two Laser Cannons and a Dish Turret. Tank Guns will work incredibly well here. To the south we can fight a group marked by a Swordslinger. Its only wave pits you against two Swordslingers, a couple of Copper Fish and a Rock Golem. The chest reveal four slice of watermelon, two sundaes and a bottle of chili sauce. If we head north again, but stick to the right side, we can access a treasure chest. Using a coral key we can open the passage to and get a gold plate, four silver plates and four vials of bottled darkness. Let’s circle back to the entrance again and head east.

In the new room we can collect a second blood orb. Now we can open the entrance to the Temple of Godcat, but first, let’s collect a bit of treasure that is in this area. If we enter the tent, we can open the chest for a gold key, four slices of pineapple and two RAM chips. If we take a step to the south we can battle a group marked by an Eye for another chest. The first wave contains a couple of Gem Idols and three Ancient Eyes. The second, and final, wave includes a pair of Copper Fish and three Ancient Eyes. The chest includes an Air Badge (flair), a ham and three cups of coffee. The final group in this room is split into two waves. The first includes three Gem Idols and two Sands Slimes, while the second includes another pair of Gem Idols, two Sand Slimes and a Big Sand Slime. After the battle we can head west to open the doors. Optionally, instead of opening the doors now, you could head back to Goldenbrick Town and talk to Tang (just on the outskirts of the Temple of Godcat) to show him the blood orb. He will reward you with a Karate Gi (armor) and a honeycomb. Regardless of if you complete this side-quest or not, you can open the doors and head north.

Upon climbing the hill, we’ll see the cats on a plateau about to summon Godcat. It looks like we’re already too late and Lace suggests that we hide. Natalie convinces him otherwise and the quest continues. It looks like, to continue, we’re going to need four more of those blood orbs. Let’s see what we can find around here. Tucked in behind a rock we can find a red scroll. If we wrap around the hill we can fight a group marked with a Rock Sprite. The only wave contains three Ancient Eyes and two Rock Sprites. In the chest we can snatch two dark runes and two vials of bottled darkness. A bit to the north we can run across another enemy group. The first is made up of three Rock Sprites and two Earth Elementals. The second wave reflects the first with three Lightning Sprites and two Thunder Elementals. From the chest we can get a Chimera Bear (pet), four coconuts and ten fine furs. The remaining enemy group in this room is symbolized by a Yellow Clay. The first wave involves a couple of Blue Clay, a pair of Yellow Clay and a White Clay. If you didn’t follow the short escapade into the Lost Ruins then the White Clay will be new to you. White Clay can deal a decent amount of damage with holy spells and can occasionally heal their allies. The second wave challenges you with another pair of Yellow Clay, two Black Clay and another single White Clay. The room will now be cleared and we can continue to explore the mountain.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get across the western path as it is covered in spikes. The only direction we can head now is east. Once at the new screen we’ll find a Yellow Clay blocking a couple of treasures – this should be good. Enter the battle and you’ll immediately be confronted by three Red Clay and two Yellow Clay. The second wave includes two White Clay, two Green Clay and a Black Clay. In one of the chests we can take an opal, a dark rune and a gold plate, while the other holds two amethyst, two geodes and two jungle flowers. There is also a red scroll tucked into one of the rocks. If we want to proceed into the cave we’ll have to enter a short battle. The first wave includes a fun new enemy called the Ancient Monolith along with three Yellow Clay. Like many of the Monoliths we’ve seen before, these baddies will have a bunch of health and can charge for a power attack. The second wave involves three Ancient Eye, a Black Clay and a White Clay. After the second wave we are only confronted by a single Gem Idol. As always, take this time to heal your party if need. The final wave includes three Spark Wraiths and two Ancient Monoliths. I found the forth wave to be mush easier if you can take out one of the Monoliths on the first two or three turns. If both of the Monoliths charge (or even one of them charges) consider summoning an Ancient Monolith. Without one, their charge attack deals around 3500-5500 damage to each character. You can cut that down by fifty percent with the summoning. Don’t worry about the Thunder Wraiths they will eventually die as you use multi-targeting attacks. After the battle we can collect the Dragon Claw (sword), four dragon scales and three bio viruses from a chest after we destroy a block in front of it.

If we head south before entering the cave we can open a chest, after using a gold key, to gain a slice of cake, a doughnut and a diamond. The nearby chest is blocked by a battle. The first wave includes three Clay Idols and two White Clay. The second wave includes two more White Clay, a pair of Yellow Clay and an Ancient Monolith. In the chest we can obtain two gold plates, two rubies and four steel plates. Let’s head back north and enter the cave. Immediately, we’ll be able to open another chest for four cups of coffee, four bags of chips and a carton of orange juice. Let’s go deeper into the cave.

Like the Crystal Caverns, we won’t be able to see much in the cave. We’ll have to light a cauldron if we want to begin to see further than a couple of feet in front of us. We can collect an ice cream on the rock directly next to the first light-able cauldron. As always, there are a bunch of enemies that we can fight. Let’s challenge the Black Clay in the northeast corner. The first wave is pretty light, with only two Black Clay and a single Drill Golem. The second wave is much the same as the first – two Black Clay and two Drill Golems. The chest contains a ham, six ice creams and two sundaes. To get to our next treasure chest, and to light the final cauldron in this room, we have to fight the group marked by an Ice Idol. As suggested, the first wave is made up of three Ice Idol and two Gem Idols. The second wave is a bit more daunting with two Ice idols, two Ice Elementals and an Ice Golem, but is actually really easy if you focus your attention on the powerful Ice Golem. In the chest we can get a plutonium core and six springy springs.

If we light the final cauldron, a treasure will fall directly behind the Dragon. Looks like we’ll have to fight him too! The first wave includes a couple of Ice Wraiths (they can inflict death upon any of your characters) and three Black Dragons. Make sure that you have water and holy moves ready, as they are the only elements strong against Black Dragons. I equipped the following items on my characters, Matt: Sapphire Giant, Karate Gi (level 4) and Cursed Charm (level 3), Natalie: Coral Staff, Dark Bauble (level four) and Dark Gown (level four) and finally I equipped Lance with Officer’s Hat (level five) and Officer’s Coat (level four). With all of these dark-resists, the Black Dragons will only be able to deal around 1000 damage with their strongest attack. I used the spells Holy Sword (Matt) Judgement (Natalie) and Triple Sawblades (Lance). With this set-up, the battle is quite easy. From the chest we can get Seraphim, six red feathers and eight paper talismans.

The final battle in this room is split into three waves. The first of which includes two Frozen Eyes, two Ice Idols and a Holy Eye. Angel Eyes are pretty weak, dealing only minimal damage, but have the ability to buff their allies. The second wave is made up of three Ice Wraiths and two Spark Wraiths. The final wave contains two Frozens Eyes, two Coal Bats and a Blue Dragon. The room will now be emptied and we can proceed west and exit the cave.

Once outside the cave, one of our heroes will mention that we are getting pretty high into the mountains and your adventurers continue to say that it is still a long way from the top of the mountain. Now that we’re outside we’ll begin to see a couple of new enemies! Before we enter in any of the battles, there is a red scroll that we can pick up that is tucked in a rock near the ghost-like enemy. Let’s first challenge the enemy closest to the exit of the cave. The first wave contains and unfamiliar enemy, but it’s relatives should be familiar. The Wind Sprite is another variation of the Sprite family and uses wind attacks. They also have the ability to syphon their targets. The second wave involves two more Wind Sprites, two Angel Eyes and a White Clay. After the battle we can pick up a piece of beef, four slices of watermelon and two sundaes. A bit to the west, we can challenge our next group of enemies. The new enemy that we see in the first wave are called Spirits. Like one of our characters mentions, they have auto-revive automatically buffed onto them (fortunately, this only grants them around 8000 health points and can be taken care of in a turn if you’re using a decent dark move). Looks like we’ve have to kill them a couple of times before they go away. Alternatively, we can wait until their buff expires, but that’ll take five turns which really isn’t worth waiting for. The first wave includes three Spirits and two Angel Eyes. The next wave contains two more Spirits, two White Clay and a Angel Eye. After using a gold key we can open the chest for the Pope’s Dress (armor), four satins and eleven sheets of silk. Let’s make our way west.

Once in the new room we can grab a blood orb off one of the pedestals. There are four different battles in this area and four chests. Although, we’ll only be able to collect two of the chests of now. Let’s head to the southeast corner and enter that battle. The Wind Sprite is blocking one of the two chests available to us now. The first wave includes a couple of Gem Idols and two Wind Sprites. In the second wave we get to fight a couple of Mage Birds (new), two Wind Sprites and a Wind Elemental. Mage Birds, along with Mage Dogs, seem a bit out of place here. While all of the enemies here are holy type and are weak against dark types, Mage Bird and Dogs are both holy and dark. Keep that in mind. The Birds are probably the most annoying enemy in this battle. With their ability to stun your characters for two turns, their mana draining moves, and their extreme evasive buffs (maxing out around 80% (use multi-hitting attacks for optimal chance to hit)), these birds are more dangerous than most of the enemies we’ve come across – even if they can’t hit you. The reward for this battle are a candycane, two plasma balls and two dark runes.

Let’s head west to the Spirit. The first wave includes a couple of Spirits and a pair of Wind Spirits. After that, three more Spirits appear, although, one is an unmentioned Big Spirit. The rewards are four amethyst, twelve rainbow gems and five bubble stones. Optionally, we can engage in the remaining two battles in this room. There may be a couple of new enemies that we can scan. If we fight the Chimera Bear group we’ll be faced, of course, with a Chimera Bear and two Spirits. Similar to the bears we’ve seen earlier, Chimera Bears are pretty decent in the battlefield, but won’t provide you with too much trouble. The second wave involves a couple of Mage Birds and two Chimera Bears. The final battle in this area first includes five Black Birds and two Mage Birds. The second wave consists of three Mage Birds and two Spirits. We can head south now as the room is cleared.

Upon entering the new room we can pluck a red scroll from one of the rocks. Beside the scroll we can snatch a topaz and a gold plate hidden on a cat statue. By triggering the lever we can open a path to a chest containing a gold key, two dark runes and two topazes. To reach another chest, we have to face a group lead by a Monolith. In the first wave there are two Rock Sprites, a couple of Ancient Monoliths and a Rock Golem. Lance’s Tank Guns, Air Strike and Ice moves work fine against this group of enemies. In the chest we can collect an opal, three geodes and two emeralds. The remaining battle in this rooms first includes three Copper Fish and two Gold Fish. The final wave consists of three Gold Fish and two Ancient Eyes. Afterwards, the room will be cleared. Heading east, we find the doors that we earlier entered through. Let’s head south once again and cut west. There is only one battle in here. We first find three Electric Birds and two Gold Fish. Next, we find two Mage Birds, a couple of Gold Fish and a single Thunder Bird. The reward is two gold plates, six silver plates and four pieces of silk.

In the new room we’ll see a spike puzzle; this is new. If we are to number the switches downward, starting with one and adding, this puzzle is solved by activated switches one, two and four. The reward is a blood orb and a chest with a Pope Hat (hat) and a candycane. We can collect the next chest, containing a gold key, ten rainbow gems and a ruby, by pressing switches one and three. With those treasures collected we should try to clear out the room. If we challenge the Ancient Eye to the west we can fight two Copper Fish, a pair of Ancient Eyes and one Angel Eye and the second wave includes three Angel Eyes and two Ancient Eyes. The reward for this battle is the skill Gaurdian (skill), two gold plates and eight talismans. The next groups first wave is made up of a couple of Gold Fish and two Earth Elementals. After that, we have to fight a pair of Gold Fish, two Yellow Clay and an Ancient Monolith. Now we can place both of our blood orbs onto the pedestals to open the door. Surprisingly, or maybe not so, we have to face another monster to continue. It looks like a rock Dragon of sorts, so let’s try to equip earth-resistant armors and water and ice weapons. The first wave has two Rock Golems and a Brown Dragon! While this wave looks worrisome, it is actually quite easy. Oddly enough, the Brown Dragon won’t attack very often and seemed to be more of a support class for the Golems. If you want, take out the Golems first as they seemed to be the main damage-dealers. After the first wave, we are only confronted by two Gem Idols. Take this time to heal if you’re running low on health. The final wave incorporates another two Brown Dragons and two Earth Elementals. Take out the Earth Elementals first. After the battle, the path northward is open.

Once in the new room we can collect a red scroll to the north. In the only immediately available treasure chest is a honeycomb, three bags of chips and four soft drinks. The first enemy in our path is a Wind Elemental. The first wave reveals three Wind Sprites and two Wind Elementals. In the second wave, we face two Gem Idols, two Wind Elementals and a Mage Bird. To trigger the switch, to lower the spikes and open the path northward, we have another battle to go. The first wave includes three Mage Dogs and one Friend Dog. The second wave contains two more Mage Dogs and three Mage Birds. Luckily, the third wave is just a Gem Idol. Because of the first two waves of Mages, this is a good time to restore your mana. The final wave involves two White Clay, two Mage Dogs and an Ancient Monolith. If one of your characters runs out of mana (which should be all of your characters actually) use the strategy>switch with back-up to get a fresh character. By activating the lever after the battle, we can collect four dragon scales, six ambers and ten magma samples and a diamond, two dragon scales and four slices of watermelon. Once we activate the final switch we can head under the arch to the north.

In the new area we see the top of one of the Goldenbrick shops and one of our characters mention that the shop must be stealing from the Temple. We can immediately collect six more dragon scales, six solid spikes and six curly horns. The first group of enemies in this room, signified by the Gem Idol, included two Gem Idols, two Spirits and two Mage Dogs on the first wave. The last wave has three more Gem Idols and two Wind Elementals. In the next battle, you are first against three Mage Dogs and two Wind Elementals. The second wave contains a variety of Elementals – including a Fire Elementals, an Ice Elemental, an Earth Elemental and a Thunder Elemental. In the chest we can grab two gold plates, four emeralds and four pieces of satin. By pushing the block to the “x” an extra chest will fall and we can walk on top of the Goldenbrick Weapon and Armor Shop. At this point we can open to chests, including a doughnut, six pieces of garlic and a slice of cake, and with a coral key we can open a chest for a piece of sushi and a piece of ham. Let’s head north.

Once north, we can grab a scroll tucked behind a rock. Next to where we entered, we can acquire two dark runes and a piece of dark matter in one of the pots. In the left-most chest we can get a couple of slices of pineapple, a lollipop and a candycane. In the second chest we can snatch an opal, four geode and six amethysts. There is also a chest in this area that we can’t reach quite yet. Heading east we can wrap around to open the chest, but first we’ll come across a couple of enemies. The first group in our way first includes three scared runes and two Sky Monoliths. Rock and explosives work wonderfully against these Monoliths. The second wave is made up of two Mage Dogs, two Sky Monoliths and an Ancient Monoliths. If we return west to our previous room we have one more battle to enter before we can reach the chest. In the first wave we have to battle two Mage Birds, a White Clay and two Black Clay. In the chest we can get a bottle of mercury, four vials of pink potion and ten pieces of glass. Heading back, let’s take the norther pass across the bridge to face the group marked by a Mage Dog. The first and only wave contains three Mage Dogs and two Chimera Bears. After the battle we can get a red scroll, a honeycomb, four pieces of watermelon and a piece of sushi. Let’s circle back and head across the southern bridge. Taking the southern path, we first face three Sacred Runes and two Angel Eyes. The second wave involves two Sacred Runes, two Spirits and a Wind Elemental. The final wave includes two Gold Fish, two Spirits and a Gold Dragon. Your best bet against the Gold Dragon are dark attacks. In the final battle, the first wave includes three Black Clay and two White Clay. The next wave is made up of two Sacred Runes, White Clay and a Sky Monolith. Let’s continue to the east.

Upon entering this screen we find the King Slime Cat. It appears that we are nearing the final boss! Next to us lies another treasure chest – it contains two dark runes, eighteen paper talismans and three amethysts. Let’s try to turn back to get that chest we saw in the previous room. In the northwest corner we come across two Mage Birds, a Chimera Bears and two Sky Monoliths. In the chest we can get four amethysts, four pieces of silk and two gold plates. To reach our next chest, we have to fight two Angel Eyes, two Mage Dogs and a Chimera Bear. For doing this, we can get a piece of beef, a bag of chips and a hamburger. The remaining battle, besides the Chimera Bear, is comprised of three Blue Clay and two White Clay. The second wave contains two Sacred Runes, two Black Clay and a Black Dragon. The reward includes a ham, a slice of pizza and a piece of sushi. The final battle first presents you with three Chimera Bears. The second and final wave contains two Spirits, two Chimera Bears and a Mage Dog.

Once on the walkway, we’ll see three different groups of enemies. Before we engage in any of those battles we should open the chest immediately in front of us. We find a pair of winged boots, eighty-eight balls of wool and five sheets of satin. We should challenge the west-most enemy, as we’ll be able to use a winged boots to bridge the gap between us and the treasure. The only wave has three Wind Sprites and two Sky Monoliths. In the chest we can get a mythril shard, eight pieces of silk and eight silver plates (if we back-track a bit, we can use our new shoes to get a piece of titanium, sixteen pieces of iron ore and eight pieces of glass). Fighting the next enemy, we’re first up against Sacred Runes, two Viking Monoliths and a Sky Monolith. The second wave contains two Sacred Runes and a Spirit. The final wave is made up of a variety of Monoliths, with two Ancient Monoliths, two Sky Monoliths and a Viking Monolith. After the battle we can get a red scroll and by following the cloud path we can get a candycane, a lollipop and four sundaes. The final battle on the bridge includes two Ancient Monoliths and a Gold Dragon in the first wave.

Godcat, The Creator, and The Destroyer

Now, in the new area, we will witness a short cut-scene. Matt remarks that there appears to be two Godcats and Lance mentions that we’ll have to fight two Godcats now. Anna and Natalie seem oddly enthusiastic about the battle.

In the first three rounds or so, both of the Godcats will be in the battle. They have very strong attacks and can come close to killing a couple of your characters if you’re not careful. During these dangerous turns, it is best to add auto-revive and Guardian, or any other buffs, to your characters. It is recommended that you equip Natalie with the Pope armor to automatically cast revive between turns. Her Pope armor and hat also provide the perfect defense against The Creator (if you max out the Pope armor and Pope hat, her Holy defense will be at 100%). Eventually, the two Godcats will retreat and the next wave will begin.

In the second wave, the Holy Godcat is summoned once again, along with a couple of Crystals and Blades. If you have decent enough resistance against its holy attacks then you should be set for most of the battle. In addition to holy resistance, it is recommended that you add resistance against syphoning. I personally gave Natalie a 100% resistance to syphoning to ensure that her Heal More and Revive abilities could be used throughout the battle. Try to find a decent mixture of holy and syphoning resistance. Focus your efforts on The Creator, targeting it with multi-targeting dark attacks. Lance’s Dark Matter and Natalie’s Void work extremely well against the boss and will cut down on the enemies quickly. Unfortunately, once all of the enemies are cleared out, more enemies will be summoned. It may be possible to simply keep one enemy alive throughout the boss fight to ensure that no more enemies are added. This battle will take some time to complete, but if you have enough holy resistance, the best dark attacks and dark-boosting weapons, this battle will be possible. Also, depending upon what difficulty you are playing in, The Creator will use Absolute Zero near death. This will allow it to freeze your entire time. Take advantage of freeze-resistant equips to bypass this hazardous effect.

Once we’ve defeated The Creator, we’ll have to face the Destroyer. You’ll want resistances for dark, fire and earth attacks, as well as death. Opposite to The Creator, The Destroyer will receive massive damage from holy attacks. Use the skills Judgement and Seiken to inflict massive damage. If you don’t already have a character ready to fight The Destroyer, remember that you can reequip all of your characters in a single turn, or switch out to a back-up character that may have better resists than your current character. Unlike The Creator’s magical attacks, the strong Destroyer attacks will be physical. Try to keep your physical defense high throughout the battle. Guardian (special) works especially well to sharply raise your character’s physically defense and will last across many turns. If you’re playing in a harder difficulty, similar to the Creator’s Absolute Zero breaking point, The Destroyer will use Super Nova to rip your team apart. These battles are very difficult, but we haven’t seen much yet.

With The Destroyer down, we’ll now have to face the Creator and the Destroyer at the same time. Use similar tactics to what we used in the individual battles, but be aware of your armors that grant both resistances and weaknesses. You may find that while one armor provides great dark protection, you’ll take extra damage from holy attacks.

If you’re having troubles with this boss, the best solution is to simply level-up more. There are a couple of strong respawning enemies outside of this area that will grant a massive amount of experience points and are sure grant you a a nice bit of experience with every completion. Also, be sure to track down the best weapons and armors for your team. Pretty much any weapon that matches the weakness of your enemy and any armor that provides a defensive bonus to the boss’s element will work fine. Remember, with every level you gain, you’ll have a better chance of being strong enough to kill the bosses. Hopefully, these tips will help you a bit on defeating the final boss. I may add more if I determine there is a better strategy, but for now, the battles seem pretty straight-forward, but still very challenging. Best of luck in your adventure!

This is the end of my walkthrough on Epic Battle Fantasy 4. This unnecessarily long guide has reached 30,000 words.