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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 lives up to its name with hundreds of battles, across a vast land, that pits you against a bunch of different enemies. If you remember Epic Battle Fantasy 3, then you probably remember it as one of one of the best Flash RPGs in existence (according to the ratings and me). In this adventure, Matt, Lance and Natalie find themselves once again called upon to save the world for an evil entity know as Godcat, with the help of a new character named Anna. Along you journey you’ll have to collect numerous weapons and armors that all grant immense power to your characters. One of the best features of this game is that it is giant. There is a massive world to explore (compared to most Flash Games) and will provide you with hours and hours of fun game time. If you’re looking for a new RPG to play, or have played the previous EBF games then you’ll want to play Epic Battle Fantasy 4! Also, I’ve written an in-depth guide to the game (which is a work-in-progress right now) if you guys get stuck. The developer also made a guide, but I personally feel that mine will eventually provide more content and depth.

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