Looking for part two of this guide? Epic Battle Fantasy 4 – COMPLETE Game Guide (Part 2)

If you love RPGs, like me, then there is a good chance that you love, or at least have played, the Epic Battle Fantasy series. If you remember, the first two games were pretty simple, with new waves of enemies appearing one after the last and small shop in-between, but with the addition on the third, the game had a major overhaul and brought a new and exciting world to explore – as well as those monsters will love to beat-up so much! Epic Battle Fantasy 4 once again introduces a new world to explore and of course continues the storyline of Matt and his friends. If you are a big fan of the series, or like RPGs in general, then you’ll definitely want to check Epic Battle Fantasy 4 out. If you ever get stuck on your quest though, I’ve written up a guide to get you from the start of the game, to killing the boss at the end (presumably).

Table of Contents

Weapon Locations [weaponlocations]

Armor Locations [armorlocations]

Flair Locations [flairlocations]

Full Game Guide [fullguide]

Weapon Locations [weaponlocations]

G*bson EB0 (Sword) – Greenwood Store

Road Sign (Staff) – Greenwood Store

Super Snipe (Gun) – Greenwood Store

Crimson Dragon (Sword) – Greenwood Store

Destroyer (Gun) – Ashwood Forest

Flameheart (Staff) – Ashwood Forest

Gaia’s Bow (Bow) – Ashwood Forest

Eagle Eye (Bow) – Ashwood Forest

Sapphire Giant (Sword) – Crystal Caverns

Razorwind (Staff) – Crystal Caverns

Black Widow (Bow) – Crystal Caverns

Magma Hammer (Sword) – Crystal Caverns

Ice Needle (Sword) – Whitefall

Thunder Core (Gun) – Waste Disposal Plant

Tribolt (Staff) – Waste Disposal Plant

You can help to expand this list by leave a comment with the name and region of a weapon!

Armor Locations [armorlocations]

Knight Helmet (Hat) – Ashwood Forest

Cowboy Shirt (Armor) – Ashwood Forest

Headband (Hat) – Ashwood Forest

Cow Costume (Armor) – Crystal Caverns

Cow Horns (Hat) – Crystal Caverns

Space Suit (Armor) – Waste Disposal Plant

Ice Shards (Hat) – Crystal Caverns

Space Helmet (Hat) – Waste Disposal Plant

Gas Mask (Hat) – Waste Disposal Plant

Viking Fur (Armor) – Greenwood Store

Fur Dress (Armor) – Greenwood Store

Mage Hat (Hat) – Greenwood Store

You can help to expand this list by leave a comment with the name and region of an armor or hat!

Flair Locations [flairlocations]

Pink Flower (Flair) – Greenwood Store

Green Cross (Flair) – Greenwood Store

Broccoli Sticker (Flair) – Greenwood Store

Flame Badge (Flair) - Ashwood Forest

Rock Badge (Flair) – Ashwood Forest

Full Game Guide [fullguide]

This guide is a work-in-progress. It is not complete yet, but it should be within the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

Ashwood Forest

After the game retells the story of Matt, Natalie and Lance and their quest to destroy an evil demon, the recounting mentions that they soon turned to crime and pillaged numerous towns! The game quickly introduces us to Anna who takes it upon herself to look for the missing Greenwood Jewel from her town. Although, this isn’t an ordinary jewel, it control the life-force of the world. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, the fate of the world could become quite bleak. Anna soon tracks down Matt and captures him, believing that he has stolen the gem. Matt confesses that he has no such gem, but he’d be willing to help Anna find it – and so our journey begins! But before we can find whoever has stolen this most precious stone, Anna must help Matt find Lance and Natalie.

The battles throughout this section of the game will be relatively simple. The first few enemies that you will run across are totem and blocks of wood. These guys can usually be slashed apart in a hit or two. By the time you find Natalie, however, you’ll run across Flame Sprites and Tanuki Dogs (along with Friend Dogs (healers) on occasion). These baddies will burn your team-mates (while healing themselves with their fire attacks) and enter berserk mode when attacked. Along the way to Natalie, you may come across a giant Flame Sprite which will easily kill either Matt or Anna if you aren’t careful. While your characters may die, they are revived after every battle with full health! After following the path, you’ll come across Natalie and Matt and her will have a short reunion including a discussion about the Greenwood Gem and the new quest that Matt has volunteered for. Natalie quickly agrees to help and now it is time to find Lance.

At this point in the game, you’ll begin to run across undead enemies – primarily Flame Wraiths. These ghosts will be on par with the damage dealing power of the Tanuki Dogs and Flame Sprites. In their arsenal of attacks is the ability to automatically kill one of your soldiers. While their attack has a very low success chance it has the ability to seriously rip apart your team if you’re running low on health for your soldiers or have already lost one of your players. While the defenses for the Flame Wraiths aren’t too great, the best way to kill them is with holy attacks. Natalie, who you’ve just acquired will not have any holy attacks, but here spells, such as Lucky Star, will deal about 100 damage per casting.
As you continue to explore, you are bound to run across Flame Turtles. These are primarily defensive enemies and won’t be able to deal a high amount of damage. If you can isolate the Flame Turtles then they won’t be much of a problem. One of their main attacks include a earthquake like move that will deal minimal damage to your characters. One of the most annoying features of the Flame Turtle is their ability to sharply raise their physical defense and special defense. Keep yourself occupied with other enemies until the defense buff decreases, or use Matt’s water spell to cool them off.
Continue proceeding northward until you run across a Brown Bear. These things look nasty to fight, but are bound to reward you with a nice bit of experience. Unfortunately, the bear can enter berserk mode, but as long as you pile together your strongest attack he won’t have time to hit you. Fire and Poison will be especially effective against him and his attacks won’t be too great. The best thing the bear has going for it is its incredible amount of health (at least for this portion of the game). With nearly 900 health, the bear will take a few good hits before it is knocked out. After the enounter with the bear you’ll come across several item in the house up ahead. You be able to grab a beer and another refreshment, as well as a Flame Skirt, twelves pieces of Wool, a Red Feather, an energy drink and an additional soft drink. It may be useful to equip the Flame Skirt to Natalie as the monsters here are primarily fire-type, but her default skirt provides a nifty buff for when she is hit to boost her magic attack.

Regardless of which you choose, head west and Anna will make a remark about Matt and Natalie’s relationship. At this stage, we should wipe out all the enemies here. A couple of new enemies at this area in the forest include Black Bird (which have a high evade chance, but will deal minimal damage and should be too much of a hassle) Eyeball (which have as neat laser attack that will sear your party for about twenty health each) and Red Jellies (that interestingly absorb both water and fire attacks). You’ll also be able to find a Slime Cat here. They allow you to travel from one point of the map to any other point you have explored. So far you’ll only be able to go back to town, but by the end of the game, these Slime Cats will act like teleporters. After slaying the Red Jellies you’ll be able to grab the Flameheart staff. Unfortunately, its probably not a great idea to activate it now as most of the enemies will simply absorb the attack. Of course, this will probably be useful once we get out of Ashwood. Along with the staff, you’ll get two hams and some fried chicken (which has the crazy ability to heal and ally for 8000 health and 800 mana On the other side of the screen you’ll be able to grab a lollipop, a candycane and a muffin.

From this point, let’s proceed southward to the lava cave. As you may have guessed, there are only going to be fire enemies as its inhabitants. You’ll soon run across a couple of Obsidian Idols and a two Lava Turtles. Take out the turtles first as their ability to do multi-hits will their move that spits lava will wear down your team if they use it too often. On the other hand, the Obsidian Idols will deal little amount of damage and aren’t too dangerous. Once the turtles and idols are downed, pick up the cake, candycane and lollipop that are lying the chest. Earlier, one of the characters mentioned that we might be able to move the boulder to the west. Let’s try that! Fortunately, we can move it and proceed further into the cave. Through this path will face a trio of Red Jellies, which you should be able to finish off in a single turn, and after proceeding should find ourselves up against a couple of Flame Sprites and a Red Jelly. Through this small battle we should come across a doughnut, a couple pieces of garlic and a mug filled with coffee. If we proceed southward, we fill find ourselves near where we found Matt. If we are to continue west while in the cave, we’ll find ourselves closer to the town. This is useful if you want to head back to town to buy some weapons, armors, or need to kill some weaker enemies to gain a bit of experience points.

Let’s head northward once again to near the end of the Ashwood trail. Ana says that there is something special waiting for our adventurers at the end of the trail and we soon find ourselves faced with a block puzzle, as well as a few enemies to fight along the way. Your first battle here should include a trio of Black Birds and a couple of Tanuki Dogs. Once again, there is a simple battle that should be no problem at this stage in the game. Jolt some electricity through the birds and attempt to freeze the dogs. If you’ve bought a couple of skills for your party to use then there is a good chance you’ll be able to utilize them well here.

A tiny bit to our north we will see an odd shape moving. This is a mini-boss of sorts. Probably the most terrifying part of entering this battle is the little hint that comes up that teaches you how to flee from battle. Let’s see if we can take him on though! Once you scan him, it will reveal that he is an Earth Golem. This monstrosity has over 2000 health points and will deal over 200 damage to one lucky recipient each turn and that just his basic attack. Every so often he unleash a tremor and will deal about 150 damage to each character. Water, Ice and Explosions will tear this guy apart and if you’re lucky, one of your characters (hopefully Matt) will reach their limit and will deal a good amount of damage (for me, Matt dealt around 800 damage or so with his limit special effectively, nearly, ending the battle). If one of your characters does not reach their limit, just keep using the most effective attacks (Piercing Shot, Matt’s Water skill and Natalie’s ice spell. That should kill him easily.

Before solving the puzzle, let’s fight the last enemies on the screen. The last battle remaining include a couple of bears, two Wood Idols and a Friend Dog. I would recommend taking out the Friend Dog first as he can heal for 200 health and buff his allies. Quickly take out the bears. With their powerful attacks, they are bound to push one of your characters to the limit. Watch out though, if you hit them too hard they with become enraged and deal even more damage. The puzzle itself that follows this battle isn’t very challenging at all. If you don’t want to solve it, but would like to know what the treasure include (if you need a bit of incentive) in the left-most chest you’ll be able to acquire a flare, three cherries and a cake. If you reached the left-most chest then you most likely have access to the center chess which contains a headband, a doughnut and chocolate. For the chest on the right, you’ll only need to move a single stone upwards to reach it. It includes four blank cds, three iron ores and two red LEDs. One the stump (you may see a shine effect on it) you can snatch seven bug wings and two turnips.

Let’s head north once this area is cleared to find out what Anna was talking about when she mentioned that something special was waiting for us. Here, we find the Might Oak. She credits this part of Ashwood remaining green to him. She also mentions that if we can defeat the Might Oak then we will earn his respect and he will aid us on our journey. It appears that Anna had tried to earn the monster’s respect some time earlier, but failed. Smartly, Natalie reminds us that the Might Oak looks like a tree, so it must be weak against fire attacks. Let’s switch her staff to the Fireheart staff and possibly buy or upgrade a couple of fire spells for our brave adventurers. Once you’re satisfied with your load-out, prepare for your first boss battle.

Once in the battle, you’ll notice a few Wooden Idols besides the Might Oak. One of the abilities of the Might Oak is to summon any of the creatures you’ve seen up to this point, excluding any of the fire element. If you scan the boss, you’ll notice that he has around a whopping 6500 health and looks like he can easily crush you. Actually, this boss is much stronger than the mini-boss (Earth Golem) that we faced a bit earlier. Many of his attacks will only deal about 250 damage and his special attack will deal about 150 damage to each of your characters. Also, watch out for his buff which boosts his attack and defense (?) by 50 points each. The most important thing to do in this battle is to keep Natalie and Matt alive. Matt will be able to take all of the hits and Natalie needs to use he Fire Spell every turn (which should deal around 300-500 damage per turn if the spell is level one). Throughout my battle, Matt, Anna and Natalie all died a couple of times are so and needed reviving. Make sure you have a few coffees on hand to give out. Also, make sure you are prepared for a long battle. You can make it a lot shorter by primarily focusing on the Might Oak. If the ability reads correctly, then the Might Oak can summon much stronger allies, so don’t try to kill the Wooden Idols as they won’t be too dangerous. Also, once you beat the boss, you’ll still have to kills its allies, so make sure you’re not riding on the chance of killing the boss with only a few health points to spare. If you do find yourself in this situation, summon NoLegs and that should tear apart the enemies quickly.

Once you’ve knocked out the boss, Anna will be able to use the strength of the Might Oak when she has reached her limit. This is a super-powerful attack that hits nine times. You’ll also have access to the chests behind him. You could come across an ax, a slab of beef, three pieces of soft wood and a lanky root. By using your new ax, you’ll be able to grab a few items from a chest to the west including a Destryoer (gun), a cactus and two lemons, as well as to the south you’ll be able to grab a copper key (we’ve already seen a single key block so far), three iron ores and a Red Jacket and finally to the northeast we can reach another chest containing Gaia’s Bow, six dirt balls and a ham. By destroying the trees, you’ve also probably noticed that you get small rewards such as more soft wood, additional lanky roots and gash nuts. Also, next to the two trees that are standing by one another you can find three hidden amber.

The only pathway now leads to the east. Let’s take that route. Once we’ve left the boss’s screen we will find Lance (as we could have guessed from gaining the gun). Lance will try to blame Matt for not helping and leaving Natalie to die, when in fact Matt has been more than helpful from the start. Of course, Matt agrees to join on the quest, partially because of his liking of Natalie. During the short cut-scene, Anna announces that she has found the entrance to the Crystal Cavern, which will lead us to the next city. Anna seems to know where she is going, but keeps the rest of the party in the dark. With the addition of Lance, our party will now be complete! Unfortunately, though, we can only have three of our characters in the battlefield at one time, so you have to decide who you are going to replace. I consider Matt and Natalie to be unique characters. One is a tank and sword-wielder, while the other is the only magic-caster in the party. I believe that Anna and Lance are interchangeable to some degree as both of them fall, about, under the same category (quick and moderate damage). There attacks are similar in some respects and both have nature powers. So far, it isn’t safe to say whether one is better than the other and as I have yet to complete the game, I will assume that they are about the same. Luckily, Lance will gain the same amount of experience from each battle as your other soldiers regardless of involvement, so Lance can be switched at any time during the game with no signification repercussions. Whichever you choose, you will soon need to enter the Crystal Cavern and begin your journey to the next town. If you’d like, stock up on any items you like at town (it should only be a short walk, especially now that you have an ax).

The Crystal Cavern

Before we enter the Crystal Cavern, make sure to fight the new enemies that have appeared before us. The Blue Clay are sword-wielders, but don’t deal too devastating damage. Their strongest attack looks like a blur and should deal around 90 damage. One of their tedious features is their ability to increases their evasiveness by forty percent for their entire party. Of course, with three of them, this is bound to happen at the start of the battle. If you want to knock them out quickly, try some ground, water and explosion attacks on them. After the battle, you should be able to grab a few hidden goodies on the cliff-side and access a chest to the south containing a couple blocks of concrete, three chunks of iron ore and some gunpowder. Further in the path to the cave, you’ll come across a couple of snails along with two Wooden Idols and a Blue Clay. The snails have only 150 health and won’t be able to resist your attacks too much even though they are classified as defensive enemies. Much like the Lava Turtles they will be able to add a defensive buff, but the Snails can reduce damage by 50% instead of rising their defense stat. Once the battle is complete, you’ll be clear to enter the Crystal Cavern. If you notice, there is also a small path to the south. This will once again lead you to an entrance of the Lava Cavern., We don’t need to venture there, so we ought to enter the cave now.

Upon entering the cavern you’ll immediately see two treasure chests. One of them is currently accessibly by fighting the monsters, while the other one requires you to utilize a hammer. Unfortunately, you don’t have the hammer yet, so you’ll have to stick to the single chest for now. Upon entering the battle, you’ll notice a new enemy. These are Evil Mushrooms and primarily inflict status effects upon your characters. Besides stunning and inflicting “Weak” they won’t actually be able to hurt you. Admittedly, “Weak” does look a little daunting, especially if paired with a dark elemental monster. Fire, rock and wind will also shred Evil Mushrooms. The chest hidden behind the monster contains a Doughnut, a slice of cake and a cupcake. Let’s proceed eastward – maybe we can learn more about this quest we’re being kept in the dark on.,
Of course, one of our heroes becomes a little restless and asks Anna where we are heading. She answers that we are going to the town of Whitefall, where there is supposedly another gem, presumably, with similar powers as the Greenwood Jewel. If someone were to steal both of these gems then we could be in a lot of trouble. Anna claims that if someone were to collect all of the gems that a terrible disaster would be released upon the world, but this is only a legend. If the other jewels haven’t been stolen just yet, then we should spread the word and help protect them from whoever would want to release such a catastrophe.

If we continue to explore the cavern we’ll eventually come across a fossil embedded in some blue crystals. If we search the blue crystals we are rewarded with a Dino Fossil. The description of the item mentions that we could bring it to a lab. In speculation, we may be awarded a new summoning creature if we bring this to a lab. If we continue southward to the chest we can find four springy springs, three hand bombs and two cacti. If we want to reach the other visibly chest to the north we’re going to have to enter another battle. You should find yourself facing a trio of Rock Sprites. Like the Flame Sprites, these guys look similar and also specialize in an element. Seemingly, the Rock Sprite are a little weaker dealing about 30-50 damage per hit, but have about 100 more health points. From the chest now made available you will be able to grab a piece of amber, two piles of gunpowder and one pelt of fine fur. Let’s proceed southward to another enemy. You’ll be up against a couple of snails and two rock sprites that we saw earlier. The snails will be easy to kill and the rock sprites won’t deal enough damage to hurt you severely enough to warrant haste. Slash the shrub in your way. Unfortunately, like one of the previous treasure chests, the center-most entrance leads to a chest that cannot yet obtain. Let’s enter another battle with the Red Clay before us. Much like when we were introduced to the Blue Clay, the Red Clay is first presented in a group of three. Similar to the Blue Clay, explosives, ice, water and rock will also be super-effective against our enemies. Let’s continue our path eastward.

As we travel deeper into the cavern, we will find a man named Edward. He mentions that the giant door can only be opened if we have an candle to light the cauldrons on either side of it. It looks like we have a little mini-quest shaping up. Before we go looking for the candle we could open the chests, but they are guarded by a few enemies. If you take the northern enemy first, we’ll find ourselves against a mixture of Blue Clay and Red Clay (two of each). Explosives, rock and water all seem to be great choices against this combination. Where the enemies once stood you will be able to collect two slices of pumpkin, a slice of pineapple and some orange juice. If we look westward we should come across an Evil Mushroom. You’ll find yourself up against two rock sprites and another two Evil Mushrooms. Your reward from the chest includes rainbow gems, two pelts of fine fur, and four chain links. It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to open those gates just yet, so let’s move southward and see what we can do there.

To solves the puzzle on the right, toss the north-most block of ice to the west. This will allow you to stop the other block just where you need it. With the block of ice to the south, push it up to that it hits the stone and then push it to the west so that it collides with the first block of ice we moved and lands in the spot marked with an “x.” Finally, you can push the first block of ice you moved upwards so that it lands in the corresponding “x.” When both block of ice are sitting on an “x” a treasure chest will fall from the ceiling to the left. Open it and you will find The Candle. While we’re here, let’s take on the enemy below us before we get too far ahead. As you may have guessed, the clay family doesn’t end with Blue and Red Clay. Now we’re up against a couple of clay, as well as a single Black Clay. The Black Clay only uses dark attacks and may seem a little more powerful than the previous clay monsters. Unfortunately, this battle has two rounds and you’ll face three more Black Clay after completing the first wave. One of the most frieghtening features of the Black Clay is their ability to one-hit K.O one of your characters with a simple move that they love to use over and over again. If you find yourself with a single character left, revive one in-case you are inflicted with death again. After the battle, you can open a chest that is lying near the wall, which includes three pieces of glass, two blocks of concrete and six dirt balls. At this point there are three different directions that we can go, to the north to the open the door, to the southwest, which leads back to Ashwood or to the southeast. Leads head southeast for a bit and see if there are any treasures before we open the door.

Once to the southeast we should meet a wraith and notice a treasure chest behind him. Lets clear him out to get the treasure. In this battle you’ll be up against two Flame Wraiths and two, new, Frost Wraiths. All of these enemies have instant-killing attacks, so beware of that. Poison and wind seem to be really effective against both types of wraiths. In the chest we can find the Magma Hammer, a magma sample and a piece of honeycomb. As you’ll notice, before us lies a giant dragon that we’ll undoubtedly have to face sooner than later. We can’t reach it right now, so lets retrace out steps back to that door that couldn’t open earlier without the candle. Light both of the cauldrons and the door will open. If you have an copper key you can collect a lollipop, two pieces of glass and three paper talismans from the blocked chest. Let’s head east and continue exploring this cavern.

Now we see a short cutscene about how dark it is becoming. It looks like the candle is the only light source in the room and we can only see a meter in front of our feet. If we examine the wall a bit we should be able to find another Dino Fossil. Thankfully, as we go a bit further into the cavern we find another cauldron that we can light (if you light all of the cauldrons in the room a chest will appear with a Ninja Hood, a candycane and seven shurikens). Now we can see a bit better and maybe spot a chest or two, To the north of us, we’ll encounter a trio of Coal Bats. Coal Bats are incredibly weak. They don’t have much health and deal only small amounts of damage. Like some of our previous battles, this one has two parts. After you slay the three bats, you’ll have to fight a pair of Wolf Dogs and another couple of Coal Bats. Like the Coal Bats, the Wolf Dogs are slain quite easily and deal a minute amount of damage. The reward for the battle are twelve snowballs, four ice creams, and four cartons of milk. The other two battles include a couple of Ice Wraiths and Coal Bats and the other includes three Wolf Dogs and a Friend Dog. Both are simple groups of enemies to defeat and each yields its own rewards – a new path and more loot. Behind the group of wolves you’ll be able to snatch some Ninja Gear, three hand bombs and ten snowballs. Before we head to the south, let’s quickly move to the east to grab a treasure chest that is there (along with two bottles of liquid ice and two ice creams, you’ll get a NEW SKILL called Icicles(!)). Once you’ve done that, return to the screen that you were just on and proceed southward.

Once we’ve headed south, we’ll see a new cut-scene. This time, Natalie sounds like she is coming down with a cold and remarks how freezing it is in here. Anna recommends that you use the Slime Cat ahead to return to Greenwood to see if you can’t find some warmer clothes (which presumably provide high defense rating against ice elemental attacks). You can do that and possibly load-up on some new equipment and take a break from the cave for a bit, or you can continue with your current gear. I found that I really didn’t need anything new so I simply continued, but the outcome is still the same – you’ll still have to fight all the baddies in this room. This room is packed with monsters it seems. Let’s take on the Wolf Dog first. In this battle there are a couple of Ice Idols, two Wolf Dogs and a giant Brown Bear. The bear will have about 1700 health points and when enraged can deal about 200 damage or more. I’d recommend taking the bear out first and moving to the Wolf Dogs and finally the Ice Idols. The best way to kill the bear is to deal a lot of damage quickly, or stick to simple attacks. If you get the chance to knock him out in one or two moves it might be worth it using a powerful attack, but simple moves will keep him more calm. The chest that has become available contains twenty snowballs, a beer and a slice of cake. Let’s move on to the Ice Idol next. In this battle you’ll face a couple of Ice Idols, a single Wolf Dog and dual Frozen Eyes. The Frozen Eyes deal a good amount of damage with their ice attacks and have around 500 health points. Use fire to melt them. After defeating this wave another two Ice Idols will appear (not nearly as bad as some second waves have turned out). The reward for this battle is a Frost Badge (Flair), a jar of Liquid Ice and a Doughnut. The flair piece (Frost Badge) will be especially useful in the Crystal Cavern. Equip it to one of your character now if you’d like. The last battle to clear up our path includes a Wraith and dual Coal Bats. The second wave contains two Ice Idols, two Wraith and a Coal Bat. The third wave contains another couple of Wraiths and two Frost Eyes. Once the battle is over you can proceed southward. You can also pick up a hidden item on the stump of ice before you The final battle in this area will allow you to light the final cauldron for this section. This last battle contains two Frost Eyes and a couple of Frost Idols. Upon lighting the cauldron, the door that leads to two chests will be opened! The chests contain a copper key, two steel plates, two pieces of glass, and the other contains a Frost Sprite (Pet), a jar of liquid ice and two solid waters. Since the southern path is closed, we’ll have to head west.

Once again, there is a short cut-scene. Anna is seemingly enjoying the beauty of the cavern and its ice and wishes that more people could see this. In this new area,we’ll come across a small camp. This isn’t too important and we don’t have to talk to the man, but his tent has a treasure chest in it. In the chest we can find a copper key, a slice of cake and two crisps. Similar to the previous rooms, this one have three cauldrons that we can light. Unfortunately, only two of them can be reached. Light them regardless, in-case we find a path to the remaining cauldron.

Let’s try to collect the treasure chests in this room. The first enemy that I encountered were two Frost Sprites and a Viking Monolith. Upon entering this battle, Anna will mention that the Monoliths will charge up a powerful attack over several turns and then release it upon your characters dealing anywhere between 250 and 450 damage. Let’s not let that happen. The Monolith has about 1700 health points and can take a while to kill, especially when you take into account that they have elemental resistance to all but two elements, explosions and rock. They also have the ability to sharply raise their allies attack and magic attack. Also, keep an eye on the Frost Sprites which can freeze your entire team. The best way to kill the Monolith is to use Matt’s rock attacks and Natalie’s Lucky Star spell. Keep in mind that if all of your characters die, Lance will step in and completely own everyone with his skill (this was my first time using Lance. Literally every enemy died in one hit. Definitely consider replacing Anna if you haven’t already). The chest will give you Razorwind (staff), two ice creams and two cartons of milk.

The next battle you can initiate involves a couple of Frost Sprites and two Frost Eyes. This is a simple battle and shouldn’t challenge you, especially if you’ve already proven yourself against the Monolith and the impending army of Sprites. There is no reward for this battle, however, but it does grant a bit of experience. Another battle that we can engage in this room includes five Ice Idols. The second wave though contains a new enemy, an Ice Elemental. These Ice Elementals are about as tough as the ice enemies get. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to deal much damage and can be picked of with a simple barrage of fire attacks. Use Lance’s Flame Shot and Natalie’s Fire spell to melt these guys before they test out their stronger attacks. The final battle that we can engage in, in this room includes a couple of Ice Elementals and three Snow Bushes. With the room cleared we can head north to an optional block puzzle or head southward to continue our journey. Let’s head north and see what treasures we can get!

Once in the puzzle room, Natalie jokes that this is Matt’s favorite past-time and Matt suggests that we leave. However, if we leave we may never know what treasured lied so easily before us! Here a quick solution to the puzzle: 1) Move the top-most ice block to the left. 2) Move the left-most stone (that our first block of ice bounced into) to the right of the top-right “x.” 3) Move the bottom-most stone to the top-center. 4) Move the remaining ice stone up. This should collide with our top and centered stone. 5) Move the same ice stone to the right. It will land on the “x.” 6) Move the stones to their positions. The puzzle is now complete! Doing this will open a door that will lead to a chest with an Ice Shards (hat) and two solid waters. The only way to get to our next chest is to defeat the Ice Golem. Remember the Earth Golem in Ashwood. This is very similar, so I’d suggestion making sure you have a bunch of fire attacks on hand (be sure to bring out Lance!).

Upon entering the battle, you’ll receive a neat surprise – there are two Ice Golems! Most of us remember the Earth Golem as being super-tough, but these Ice Golems are actually pretty weak (thanks to our high level and fire skills). Of course, focus on one enemy and use fire spells when you can. I stuck with Lance’s Flame Shot and Natalie’s Fire Spell to kill the Ice Golems with ease. This is actually one of the easier battles that we’ve come across in recent times even though these are supposed to be one of the most deadly enemies thus far in the game. As a reward for slaying the Golems we receive a Narwhal (pet), two curly horns and a solid water. With the room cleared and the mini-bosses defeated, let’s return southward and proceed to the southern room from the camp.

At this point you should see an Ice Elemental to your side, a bridge and a couple of cauldrons. Light the cauldrons and enter the Elemental battle. The battle contains a couple of Ice Elementals, as well as another couple of Ice Sprites. The next wave also contains two Ice Elementals, but swaps the Sprites for two Glacier Turtles. After lighting-up these enemies you can grab a few items from a chest including a carton of orange juice, three crisps and some chips. Now, blocking your path, is a Viking Monolith along with a couple of Ice Idols. While the Monolith can be a little daunting, using Lance’s Double Shot, Matt’s Tremor and Natalie’s Lucky Star on the same turn can nearly wipe the Monolith out. From there shred the Idols and prepare for the next wave. Unfortunately, the next wave contains two Viking Monoliths! In the mix are two Ice Idols and a Frost Eye Like last time, the quickest way to take them out is with the Double Shot, Lucky Star and Tremor (unless you have better spells of the same element). If we follow the path around the room the character will discuss the height of which these bridges were built and Lance even drops a coin to see how far down it might be. Further down this path we’ll come across a chest with a Sapphire Giant (Sword), some sushi and a solid water.

Do you recall that cauldron that we couldn’t light in the previous room. It look like this bridge might just lead us back north and towards the cauldron. Let’s fight the Glacier Turtle and find out! In this battle we’re up against a trio of snails and two Glacier Turtles. Let’s take out the Glacier Turtles first, as they’re going to be the biggest issue. Using a similar strategy to how we took down the Viking Monoliths will prove to be able to take down the Glacier Turtles in about the same amount of time. The Snails can be taken down in a single hit. In the second wave we’ll face three Snow Bushes, two Glacier Turtles and a Frost Sprite. Your fire spells will destroy anything in your path! After the battle head north, open the chest (containing a lollipop and a candycane) and light the cauldron. Walk to the chest and you’ll receieve Absolute Zero (Skill) a couple jars of liquid ice and a couple pieces of Solid Water. From here we should head to the south, to the room with the two bridges and then proceed southward on the right-most path.

As always, if we want our treasure, we’re going to have to fight for it. These battle begins with three Coal Bats and two Frost Eyes. The second wave introduces a new enemy called the Blood Bat. These guys are a stronger version of the Coal Bats. Most of their attacks will deal around 100 damage and their vampiric ability will deal around 100 damage and heal the user for 750 health points. Electricity will knock these guys out of the sky. Ice and poison aren’t bad alternatives either. For your heroics you will get five pumpkin slices, chips and two pieces of chocolate. Retrace your steps and take the center path. Taking this path will yield two cauldron to light (the first one, you can immediately light upon entering), but first you have to fight off the three types of Clay. Remember to check their strengths and weaknesses before attacking. The next wave contains an even greater amount of these mixed Clays. The chest that we can earn after the battle contains a Cow Costume (armor) four fine furs and a slab of beef. After you light the cauldron, as always, a chest will drop and be placed on the left path. Retrace your steps once again to the room with the two bridges and take the left-most path southward. The chest that was revealed when you lit all of the cauldron will appear behind a Rock Turtle. When you enter this battle, you’ll encounter a new enemy, – Rock Turtle, – an Ice Elemental and a couple of Ice Idols. Like the previous Turtles, the rock Turtle has a high defense rating and will use defensive buffs. Its most frequent attack, a small earthquake will deal around 100 damage to each of your characters. These guys shouldn’t be too much trouble. The second wave will contain two more Rock Turtles and will be accompanied by three Coal Bats. The third wave is simply a single Ice Totem. Take this time to heal your party before moving onto the forth wave. With the Ice Totem slain, a couple of Frost Sprites will appear, along with two Glacier Turtles. The chest that you can reach after completing this battle includes a pair of Cow Horns (armor) as well as a couple of curly horns, and two cartons of milk. If we proceed west from this screen we’ll come across a couple of new enemies. Let’s take the northwestern pass first.

The first group of enemies that we’ll come across on this passage include a new enemy, cave crabs. Along with these two cave crabs is a Rock Turtle and two Snails. Rock Crabs will mainly use dig and defend. The chest you’ll have access to after the battle contains a bag of chips, three mugs of coffee and five steel plates. We’ll also be able to find a Dino Fossil nearby. Let’s retrace our steps and take the souther path. The first battle we come across will include two Cave Crabs, two Red Clays and a single Black Clay. Once the battle is complete, you should be able to see a chest to the north, but first we have to clear the bats from the walkway. There should be three Fluffy Bats and another three Coal bats in the first wave. These guys have pretty low health, so use Lance’s Flame Shot and Natalie’s Electric spells to knock these bats out of the air two per round. The next wave contains a giant of each; one giant Fluffy Bat and another giant Coal Bat will be included in the second wave. After we kill these couple of enemies we can open the chest. We will find the skill Syphon, five paper talismans and three sea shells. We won’t be able to get to the other treasure chest at this point. Let’s empty this room by challenging the Rock Turtle to the south. Interestingly enough, we will come across all three types of Turtles that we’ve seen so far! The Lava Turtle has a strong lava spit attack that will deal 150-200 damage to each character if you aren’t careful., I’ll advise taking him out first. Creating a trend of sorts, the next wave only contains Ice and Obsidian Totems (3 and 2 respectively). After finishing off the fleet of Totem, we’ll be faced with another Obsidian and Ice Totem, as well as an Ice Elemental and a Fire Elemental (new at this point in the game). Fire Elementals act much like their ice counterparts. Unlike their ice realatives though, these Fire Elementals have huge cannons on their arms that deal massive amounts of damage to whoever is unlucky enough to get in their way. Once the battle is completed we should head to the north.

Once at the new room, you’ll notice that it is mostly filled with lava. There is also a chest close by, but it is being guarded. Let’s take down these monsters much like the last few hundred. This wave is packed with Dark Bushes, Two Lava Turtles and a Rock Turtle. Be sure to take out the Lava Turtles first as they are undoubtedly the strongest. In the second wave there will be more Dark Bushes (2) as well as a couple of Fire Elementals with 5000 health combined. After the battle, you gain a cupcake, candycane and a lollipop from the chest. The NCP nearby says that there may be an item to help you walk across lava somewhere. There’s nothing left to do here, so lets make our way back and this time take the western path.

Upon entering this new room, you’ll see giant crystals strewn throughout the floor. All of the adventurers are very excited, until they see a large shifting rock. It looks like we’re up against another boss! Anna mentions that we should start by fighting some of the floating gems nearby in preparation for the big battle. You can choose to go directly to the boss or practice a bit with the weak gems. I would recommend at least enter the preliminary battles to get a feel for the boss and to get their scans. The first gems you find are Fire Bits, the second, Electric Bits and the final, Water Bits. All of them are weak and only have about 1000 health points. Use their weakness against them and you should be fine. Once you’re ready for the boss, approach him.

With the battle initiated you’ll see the Crystal Golem and it’s allies appear from the air. This guy has a whopping 22000 health points. One of the most challenging aspects of this battle is that the Crystal Golem changes its element every time you hit it. Find a rhythm of sorts and stick to it; this can be used to your advantage, or at least recognized to be used. For example, if you use a death attack, them the Crystal Golem will become weak to water. Matt can use one of his water attacks, which will make the enemy weak to electric. Finally, Natalie can use her Electric spell which will be super-effective and more so because the Crystal Golem is wet by Matt’s attack. Because this boss has such a high amount of health and can more impressively attack, I would recommend that you have at least one or two breaking limit abilities ready. I don’t use my limit abilities except against bosses, so I have all three ready for use against this Golem, which have undoubtedly given me a huge edge. Just make sure that when you use a limit ability that the Golem is weak to that element at the time (this can be devastating if he absorbs the hit). This battle may also require you to summon a few creatures. I summoned the Narwhal twice and he dealt over 6000 damage in total. In the end the battle was extremely close and I won with three of my allies downed. If you’re having troubled then I recommend that you grind a bit and come back later, or buy a lot of coffee and pumpkin from the store. To sum it up, all of your characters should be at their limit points, your special points should be full (use the Narwhal when the boss is weak to water) and you should have some means of recovering and quickly healing your allies.

With the boss killed you’ll be able to find five rainbow gems hidden in a crystal. In the chests in the corner you’ll be able to get six rainbow gems, a piece of beef and one ham. By using a copper key you can reach another chest containing a pizza slice, a burger and a carton of orange juice. Before we head south, let’s explore the room north of here. If we enter that room, we’ll find that it is filled with treasure chests! Opening all of the chests will reward you with a slab of beef, three cups of coffee, two coconuts, two magma samples, two jars of liquid ice, a doughnut, the Black Widow (bow), five hand bombs, two piles of gunpowder, a bottle of chili sauce, a bag of chips, two slices of pineapple, five steel plates, ten iron ores and seven chain links. With our loot collected, we can see a dragon across the pit of lava. Presumably, there is a rare treasure if you can kill it, but we can’t reach the dragon yet. Let’s return to the boss dungeon. If we continue southward we seemingly run into a random battle with, what looks like, a cat ghost. Its name is unknown (???) and is level 32 with 53899900 health points. Its only weakness is death. It appears that the cat is looking to take over the world and could possibly be linked to the disappearance of the Greenwood Jewel. Surely if someone, or something could collect all of the jewels, the world would be at their mercy. This cat will be able to kill your characters with ease, but will only be in the battle for a couple of turns. After that, two Blue Crystals will take its place. Blue Crystals have decent attack damage and will often freeze your characters. It doesn’t help that each of them have 3000 health points. Make sure to revive Natalie if she has been downed so that you can cast Fire on them. After the battle, the team will speculate on what the cat-like creature could have been. Anna seems to have an idea and the quest to get to Whitefall seems more urgent than before.
Next to the old man we can pick up a hidden Amethyst. The old man himself provides you with a side-quest of finding the Dino Fossils that you may have come across in the cave.


What a relief to be out in the open again! If you travel west a bit you’ll be interrupted by a cut-scene. We’ve now arrived at Whitefall, but it seems that the jewel has disappeared as well! Now the party has become more restless – what do these jewels actually do? They ask Anna this and she provides a bit of back-story on the legend of how the world came to be. In a very religious-like sense, an entity known as Godcat created the entire world, as well as cats themselves. The cats grew to be technologically advanced and grew fond of the humans. Godcat, becoming jealous of their relationship left the cat species in ruin and removed their legs. He then left the world and its only remnants of Godcat are three jewels that the humans have spread throughout the world. If they jewels were to be reunited then Godcat would be able to return to this realm. The party suggests that if Godcat were to return that it would destroy the entire world. To prevent this, we must quest to protect the jewels, or stop Godcat.

One of the things that we will notice about Whitefall is that it is a huge area. This place is about 67% of the size of the Crystal Cavern. Luckily, there are very few enemies and no huge boss to fight at the end, but there are a couple of puzzles, hidden treasures and quests that we can try before we head off to the factory to the east. Actually, if we travel to the east right now, one of your party members will mention to your group that we must proceed north to another town, but first we will need a hammer. If you ask around town a bit, you should learn from a person that someone in the factory is using a hammer. Before we head off to the factory and go through that ordeal, let’s see if we can complete some side-quests and find some treasure here in Whitefall. There are treasure chests in the following place:

1) There are two treasure chests on that screen you exited thed Crystal Cavern at, but one of the treasures is currently not reachable. Nonetheless, if we challenge the Snow Bush to the battle we’ll face three Snow Bushes and a new enemy called Snow Slimes. These guys can only take a few hits, but have a good chance to freeze one of your characters on contact or infect them with Slime. If one of your characters is affected by Slime, they will become a Slime themselves. This lasts for a couple of turns, or is cured by death. A couple of fire spells with melt these guys before they can react. The second wave contains three Snow Bushes and a couple of Frost Sprites. The prize for completing this battle includes five steel plates, a honeycomb and a sushi.

2) In the same area as number one, the entrance to Whitefall from the Crystal Caverns, there is a hidden treasure on the opposite side of the three stone blocks. If you circle around to reach this place you will be given a couple fine furs for the trouble.

3) At the weapon and armor shop we can also find a small block puzzle to the northeast. Simply push the right-most block up twice. Then move the bottom-most block to the right until it hits the side. Finally, push the remaining block that is in your way upward so that it is now beside the first block we moved. In the treasure chest we will find a neat flair piece called the Fr*ezie Badge and a candycane.

4) Also at the weapon and armor shop, there is a man who is willing to teach you two new skills in trade for six beers. Most of us will have six beers at this time and the skills don’t seem half bad. Both Matt and Lance will now be able to learn Power Metal and Death Metal. Power Metal hits all of the foes and also heals all of your allies, but isn’t necessarily the strong skill in your arsenal and for 20 MP it can be a little costly. Death Metal is a much more powerful version of Power Metal and is a limit break ability. As with Power Metal, all of the enemies are damage and your allies are healed.

5) If we look behind the weapon and armor store, we can find what Matt refers to as the shopkeepers stash. If we open up the chest we can find the Ice Needle (sword), twenty microcontrollers and five steel plates. There is also a hidden treasure stuffed in the drawer of the weapons and armor shop including two pieces of silk, an energy drink and a piece of sushi.

6) If we head west of the weapons and armor shop, to the food store, we can enter the building and receive free samples. These samples include a piece of beef, a single bag of chips and a piece of fried chicken. The drawer next to the free samples includes panties and a doughnut. In the other part of the building, where resources and materials are sold we can snatch a copper key and an iron ore. In the drawer we can grab some ham, a slice of cake and a chocolate cornet. As a note, to the north of building is a quick passage back to Ashwood, but we cannot use it yet without the hammer.
7) If we head south to the church we can find a paper talisman inside. Additionally, we can see a treasure chest behind the building when we are in the church. If we open it up we can find a piece of beef, four rainbow gems and five ambers. The other two treasure chests in the building are current inaccessible.

8) If we head east of the church we will find a four piece ice block puzzle. This looks more complicated than it actually is. 1) Push the rightmost ice block downward. 2) Push the second right-most block downward as well. 3) Push the block we originally moved to the left. It will land on the “x.” 4) Move the north-most block to the right so that it is in the corner. 5) At this point we need to move the block of ice that is standing next to one that is already on an “x” upward. 6) Move the block that we recently moved to the corner west so that it hits the block we just moved. Now push this block southward (it will hit the block already on an “x”) and then to the west once again. It will land on the west-most “x.” 7) Push the north-most block to the top-right corner. 8) Push the other remaining block to the north and then push it to the eaast so that it hits our block of ice in the corner (step seven). It will land on the “x.” 9) Our last block (in the corner) needs to be moved south and then to the west. The puzzle is solved! The reward for this puzzle is a Wooly Mammoth (pet), a honeycomb and a slice of cake.

If you want, you can fight a couple of the enemies throughout Whitefall. One of the battles includes five Snow Slimes with a second wave of four more Snow Slimes and a Big Snow Slime (be sure to enter this battle if you want to scan this guy). The big snow slime is similar to some of the other bosses where they can summon more creatures, but its health is very low. After a few good fire spells, the Big Snow Slime will be taken down. It does have some neat moves though, that can inflict about 200+ damage to the party. Another encounter we can enter includes two Dark Bushes and three Snow Bushes. An additional two Snow Bushes, as well as two Wolf Dogs and Friend Dog will appear in the second wave. As we edge our way to the factory, we’ll find ourselves up against a couple more Snow Slimes, a Frost Sprite and two more Ice Bits. The second wave contains two more Snow Slimes and two Big Snow Slimes. Take down the Big Slimes quickly with your fire spells or else they will heal, or deal massive damage to your team. Another battle you can engage in involves three Snow Slimes and two Sludge Slimes. Behind this group of enemies you can find a chest containing a copper key, six fine furs and a piece of silk. You can also find a bit more hidden treasure in a crate at the northern entrance containing a seven segment display, two red LEDs and eight snowballs. There is also a treasure chest nearby, but we cannot reach it, as it requires an iron (?) key. We call also snatch a battery at this entrance, which you’ll need to open the northern entrance to the factory. We’ve cleared the entire town, as far as I can tell, so we ought to enter the Waste Disposal Plant.

The Waste Disposal Plant

When we enter the Waste Disposal Plant we’ll notice a bunch of new enemies. Get your scanner ready! If we proceed up the path we’ll come across a lever and another enemy. Let’s trigger the lever. That’ll allow us to recede the spikes before us, but to get through, we’ll have to face these weird flying fish. These Cooper Fish can deal around 150-250 damage per hit and will explode in their destruction, dealing out another 200 damage. In the second wave we’ll come across an even stronger mechanical fish. Steel Fish have a neat machine gun attack that deals 50-100 damage to each of your characters and their bomb attack can deal another 100 damage to each of your soldiers. Both the Copper Fish and the Steel Fish are weak to electricity, so make sure that you have a couple of electric spells on hand. In the next battle, to get to the chest, we have to face three Copper Fish and a couple of new Drill Bots. Take out the Copper Fish first as they deal a bit more damage and have less health. The Drill Bots can sear through all of your characters in a single strike, but will only deal about 100 damage to each character. Their other attack includes the ability to drill into one of your characters. This deals about 200 damage. As with the Fish, electricity is super-effective against them. The reward for slaying these enemies includes a doughnut and a piece of beef. The final group of enemies that we can clear from this room is split in two waves. The first includes five Sludge Slimes that commonly explode upon attacking one of your characters. The second wave will contain another two Sludge Slimes and a Copper Fish. Electricity seems to work pretty well against both of these enemy species. At this point you can grab the skill Solar Flare, five pieces of glass and two pieces of silk from the available treasure chest. We shouldn’t have any Steel Keys quite yet (but is later open-able and contains a Space Helmet (hat), three 7-digit displays, and a piece of plastic), but we can grab the treasure chest that is seemingly trapped behind wires by finding an entrance on the right. It contains two bio viruses, two curly horns and two solid spikes. For now, we’ll have to move on. Head east to our next room.

You’ll see a short cut-scene here, where the character will quickly speak about the spikes we’ve come across on the ground previously. The party seems stumped on how to get around them until Natalie spots a switch. Let’s clear this room, as always, The first fight will come up with a couple of Copper Fish, another couple Steel Fish and a Drill Bot. Take out the Steel Fish first and make sure to use electricity. The revealed treasure chest grants us with a useful gun for this portion of the game, the Thunder Core, and also provides us with seven springy springs and twelve red LEDs. Let’s turn our attention to taking down those spikes. To do so we need to fight the Drill Bot party to the south. The first wave includes three Drill Bots, while the second contains three Drill Bots and two more Steel Fish. The final combination will be particularly devastating. Make sure that you have a good heal spell on at least one of your characters and have a couple of powerful electricity spell and skills. To your right you can grab another chest, which contains ten hand bombs, ten piles of gunpowder and four 7-segment displays. If you thought that the last battle was on the more difficult side, then you’ll be sad to know that that was just thed beginning. The next monster group we can challenge includes five Steel Fish, which all use strong multi-target attacks. A good strategy that i found is to move Matt to to the front of the squad so that he is the first to attack and for him to use a soaking move. Lance and Natalie have powerful electric moves that will be amplified because of the wet effect that Matt has applied to the enemy. You should be able to take out one, or even two if you’re lucky, with this strategy. In the chest you’ll find twelves microcontrollers, one ham and two slices of pineapple. It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to open either of these doors just yet, so lets head east.

In the new room, we’ll see a few new and shady characters. These enemies are called Swordslingers. A group of Swordslingers can be found to the north. Before we enter any battles, the cabinet nearby contains a couple hidden items, twelve red LEDs and two pieces of glass. There will be five of them in this battle. As you could probably guess, many of their attacks use swords, but they occasionally, also, use guns. For their seemingly infinite arsenal, their attacks are quiet weak and won’t deal over 300 damage per turn. Their multi-targeting attacks will on strike for about 100 health. Similar to some of the other enemies we’ve seen so far in the game, these guys have an instant-killing move with a sniper rifle. They won’t use this often, but keep it in mind if you’re running low on characters. Using explosives or electricity will knock these guys out quickly. For the trouble of slaying all of those Swordslingers we’ll be able to grab an Iron Cross (flair) from the chest, as well as seven iron ores and sixteen microcontrollers. If we take on the next gang of Swordslingers we’ll find ourselves against two Swordslingers, plus three Copper Fish. The second wave contains the same configuration as the last. After this tough battle, we are relieved to find out that the remaining battle on the screen on pits you against a single wave with pretty minor enemies (three Steel Fish and two Sludge Slimes). The Slimes will kill themselves at your expense, so don’t focus on them. From the chest you take five pieces of glass, three pieces of plastic and a pink potion vial. Let’s head south.

Natalie will remark that the green barrels of slime might be dangerous. Nonetheless, we must continue. To our left we can see a Slime waiting for us. This battle includes a trio of Sludge Slime surrounding a Big Sludge Slime. The Big Slime has about 7000 health and will continuously summon small Sludge Slimes to bombard your team. Because the smaller slimes will kill themselves upon contact with your players there isn’t much you can do to stop them. Focus your attention on the Big Slime and keep your party healthy. Remember that fire, explosives, electricity and wind will be effective against Sludge Slimes, including our bigger friend. This mini-boss’s attacks are pretty decent, dealing about 500 damage per hit. When its health is running low it will begin to heal its allies with sludge for around 1200 health points. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a good string of effective spells and skills ready for use. After the battle, you can open the chest for a lollipop, a silver plate and four steel plates. The next battle we can enter includes two waves. The first wave has three Sludge Slimes and is accommodation with a duo of Swordslingers. The second wave will challenge you with another two Sludge Slimes, but this time accompanied by a Drill Bot, as well as two Swordslingers. The reward for this battle includes a Gas Mask (hat) and five pieces of glass. The last group blocking our path in this room includes three Sludge Slimes and two Steel Fish. The second wave includes two more Sludge Slimes, two Steel Fish and a single Big Sludge Slime. If we look around the room a couple of goodies will be spread throughout, including a battery, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get to there from here. Let’s head west.

In the jar of green sludge, we’ll be able to pick up two bio viruses and seven pieces of seaweed. If we exit this screen now by proceeding westward we can open a new door to the factor and receive three steel plates, three iron ores and three springy springs from the rob ot outside the entrance. One of our party members mentions that we should retrieve the battery we used earlier as we’ll probably need an extra one soon! Retrieve the battery and lets go back into the factory (take the southern entrance). Once inside again, we’ll see another cut-scene. This time Matt and Lance are destroying all of the computers in hopes of opening some of the doors. Unfortunately, or possibly, fortunately, nothing changes.

It looks like the only treasure we can get to in this room is blocked by a Sludge Slime. If you fight it, we’ll be able to get our precious treasure. This battle includes two waves. The first begins with three Sludge Slimes with two Swordslingers. The second wave will greet you with two Swordslingers, a single Big Sludge Slime and two normal Sludge Slime. This onslaught might leave a couple of your party members dead. If you find yourself with a single character left, the healing ability of the Big Sludge Slime will be too great for your attacks to overcome. Either flee and retry the battle or summon a Narwhal a couple of times to level the playing field. The reward for this battle includes a new flair piece, the Iron Pin, as well as two bio viruses and two pieces of plastic. To continue we need to fight either horde of enemies to the north. For now, let’s take the path to the west. We’ll be able to reach another chest this way! If we take the eastern path, we’ll find ourselves up against a Defender which’ll tear your team apart. We should gain a bit more experience before attempting to kill the Defender. The eastern path will make you verse a couple of Copper Fish, two Swordslingers and a new enemy called the Dish Turret. The Dish Turret can deal around 200 damage to each of your characters with a quick electric move that zap your guys several times. This enemy can also Syphon all of your characters with an odd audio frequency. If you continue to follow the path you can collect a Space Suit (armor), three pieces of plastic and three pieces of glass.

The remaining battle in the room, and the only way to proceed further into the factory, includes a Defender. This guy tore my troops apart consistently – even when I was a couple of level higher than it. His multi-hit and multi-targeting attacks will deal a couple hundred damage points to your characters. One of his other special attacks, including firing an artillery shell will deal around 500 damage and his most devastating attack, using saw-blades can deal up to 2000 damage. In addition to being one of the most powerful enemies we’ve come across so far, he has a massive amount of health – about 15000! This is the first time that I felt the need to buy skills (yup, I haven’t bought any so far in the game (mainly as a way to ensure that I have the same skills as everyone else and to ensure that you could follow this guide without having to buy skills you didn’t want, or didn’t have the AP for)). I bought Anna the level two Spark Arrow skill, I bought Natalie the level one Thunderbolt skill and for Lance I went all-out and maxed out Double Shot, bought level one Crush and worked my way to level three Unload. Unload will allow you to deal around 2500 damager per use and along with the other electric-based skills I bought, taking down the Defender was challenging, but more possible than before. Remember, because the Defender can easily kill an enemy per turn if it wanted to, we should make it our priority throughout the entire battle.

The final enemy in this room blocks another treasure. This is a pretty simple battle with a couple of Dish Turrets and a Drill Bot.

Let’s continue to the north after our battle. We’ll find ourselves near the entrance of the Factory once again. This time however, we’re in a little sub-room and will be able to open a couple of those doors we saw earlier. If we activate both switches, the door in front of us, and the door leading to a new room will be opened. Remember that green slime we’ve been coming across recently? This room is filled with it! The first fight we can enter includes two Big Sludge Slimes and three normal Sludge Slimes. The next wave contains another three Sludge Slimes, but this time accompanied by two Copper Fish. This wave is much easier than the last. The next wave will introduce us to the Toxic Squids. With two Sludge Slimes, a couple of Steel Fish and a Toxic Squid, this wave is a little more challenging. The Toxic Squid has about 10000 health points and can deal a fair amount of damage. Most of his attacks hover around 500-1000 damage, but one of his attacks hit me for 1700 without being a critical hit. If you’re running low on characters to use, summon a Wooly Mammoth. The Wooly Mammoth will deal around 4000 damage (and its attacks missed a couple of times, so it could be even higher). The next battle we can engage in is split in two waves – the first with three Sludge Slimes, and a new enemy called Yellow Jellies. Unlike most of the enemies that we’ve encountered so far in the Waste Disposal Factory, these guys will absorb electricity. Poison and ice will be you best bets against these enemies. One of their most unique attacks include charging for several turns and then releasing a weak thunder storm upon your team. The second wave contains a couple of Sludge Slimes and two Toxic Squids. As long as you have Natalie’s Heal More and good electric skills applied to every character, you should be fine. Anna’s Spark Arrow attack with deal 1700+ depending on its level and is one of the best electric moves I’ve come across so far. The final battle in this room contains three Yellow Jellies and two Steel Fish. The treasure chest will reward you with a new skill, Debilitate and will also grant you three bio viruses and nine pieces of seaweed. If we head north we’ll be notified that we need a couple more batteries to proceed. Let’s take the east path for now.

This room will contain a few treasure chests and a bunch of enemies to fight. The closest enemy to us right now will allow us to fight three Red Jellies and a couple of Yellow Jellies. In the new wave, we’ll face three Yellow Jellies and two Green Jellies. The new enemies, the Green Jellies act very similar to the Red and Yellow Jellies that we’ve seen before, but have poisonous acts and can reach into the soil to tear your characters apart to thorns. Fortunately, their attacks aren’t too great and don’t have any more health than the other Jellies do. The reward for this battle is a piece of sushi, a single silver plate and a vial of pink potion. In the next battle we can face a trio of Blue Jellies and two more Yellow Jellies. The newest Jelly is no greater than the last few introduced. It seems that this portion of the game is meant to exploit all of your teams weaknesses and to make you find a good variety of skills. The second wave includes a couple of Copper Fish, two Blue Jellies and a single Yellow Jelly. After the battle, you can grab twelve pieces of seaweed, eight sea shells and two bubble stones. Centered in the room, we can face a mini power-house of enemies, including a Yellow Jelly, a Big Sludge Slime, two normal Sludge Slimes and a Toxic Squid. If you can weaken the Big Sludge Slime enough he can deal a considerable amount of damage to some of his allies when he heals. Unfortunately, this is not the case in this battle, but if he does heal he can easily kill the Yellow Jelly. Consider using this strategy if you find yourself up against several non-poison enemies and a Big Sludge Slime. The reward for this battle includes a Lightning Badge (flair) a piece of honeycomb and a piece of pineapple. The final battle includes a couple of Lightning Sprites (new), a Water Jelly and two Yellow Jellies. Lightning Sprites can heal themselves for 1000 health when their Regeneration is active and can send three lightning bolts upon one of your characters for 400 damage. Another one of their attacks can deal 600-800, and up to 1400 when charged, damage to each of your soldiers. Take the Electric Sprites out first. The room will now be cleared, but first we can collect eight chain links and four springy springs from the crates to the east.

Let’s take the path to the southeast, as it will be the super-quick and profitable for us. From this path we can grab a battery and a treasure chest. Our quest for the batteries is half complete! In the chest we can find our first steel key, three cups of coffee, and a bag of chips. If we retrace our steps and then take the other southern path we’ll be able to enter one of our older rooms. One of the spike traps will be lowed and we can collect the Tribolt (staff), four vials of magma samples, and six blocks of concrete.

To get our third battery, we need to the clear the left northern room. If we backtrack a bit to the room filled with green slime we can make it to the left-most northern room. We’ll notice a Dish Turret and a Defender. The Defender will further our quest, but we should go up against the Turret group first as it will give us a nice bit of treasure for our efforts. In this battle, we’ll find ourselves against a couple of Steel Fish, two Dish Turrets and a new enemy called the Laser Cannon. All of these enemies look like they can tear us apart! The Dish Turret isn’t especially strong, so let’s focus on the Laser Cannon a bit. The Laser Cannon won’t have an extreme amount of health, but makes up for it with supreme damage dealing. It will charge up its attacks before firing, so if you can, try to stagger or stun it. Luckily, with all of the charging that this daunting enemy will use, you can usually take it out before it can fire – especially if you can stun it. With two charges, the Laser Cannon dealt around 3500 damage. Its normal attacks will be surprisingly weak and might only chop off 200-300 damage. The reward for this battle is one honeycomb, six beers and six pieces of garlic. Before we enter our next battle we should consider maxing our Spark Arrow (Anna) and buying Natalie’s Thunder Storm. Also, consider upgrading your weapons as well. I upgraded Lance’s Thunder Core (gun) to level four. Our next battle consists of a couple of Defenders (yikes!) and three Drill Bots. Since the Defenders will often kill one of your characters per turn, this might be a battle where you’ll want to use a few summons and breaking point abilities. The most useful skills include Lance’s Air Strike and Unload, as well as Anna’s Spark Arrow and Natalie’s Thunder Storm. If you still can’t beat these enemies consider upgrading this skills if you haven’t already, or go back to some of the older enemies and train a bit.

Once the battle is over we can open the door with two batteries and snatch a third. Using a Steel Key we can reach another chest with an Ion Cannon (skill) and a plasma ball. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to open the next door. If we go back to the room filled with green slime, we can head east to another couple of rooms.

Take the northern path and Matt will exclaim that we’ve come across another door and will mention that we might not have enough batteries. Luckily, by following the southeast path and clearing the other room, we’ll have just enough batteries to open the door, but first we should challenge some of the enemies in this room and collect the items from the chest. In the chest we can collect a topaz, seven rainbow gems and a slice of cake. The first enemy we can take on will include Three Black Birds and a couple of Electric Birds. Similar to the Black Birds we’ve faced recently, these guys (the Electric Birds) won’t be especially strong. The second wave contains another three Electric Birds and two Drill Bots. Try to get Cataclysm at this point in the game for Matt, and Flame Burst for Lance. The next group of enemies we can battle includes three Electric Sprites and two Flame Sprites. The next wave will contain another three Electric Sprites and two Rock Sprites. This is a pretty difficult battle and Cataclysm and Flame Burst will be really useful. The chest will reveal a Camo Skirt, two pieces of silk and two bubble stones. To clear the room and collect our last treasure, we have to fight a couple of Thunder Elementals and two Electric Sprites. The second wave includes two Electric Sprites, a Thunder Elemental and a Fire Elemental. Once the battle is complete, we should reap our rewards, a plasma ball and three seven-digit displays are in the cabinet and a Thunder Elemental (pet) with a plasma ball is in the chest. Afterwards, head north, using our three batteries.

Once in the new room we can grab a RAM chip and twelve hand bombs that are hidden in one of the small ice bergs. Be sure to activate the lever. The first new enemy that we’ll come across in this new map are the Fridge Turrets. Lance suggests that they may not do much damage, but they could inflict a couple of nasty statuses. As the Ice Idols aren’t too powerful, let’s take out the Fridge Turrets first. Using Electric and Explosives against these turrets will be the best way to heat them up. The most annoying feature of the Fridge Towers are their ability to freeze your characters. Their main attack will hit all of your characters and has a good chance to freeze them. If you find these guys in another fight, try to take them out first as the other enemies will be relentless as you try to thaw out. The second wave introduces a couple of Dish Turrets, two Drill Bots and another Fridge Turret. Focus on the Fridge Turret with your explosives and electricity and this should be a pretty easy fight. If you find yourself running low on health, remember, Natalie should have maxed Heal More ready at all times! Another tip is to use Lance’s oblivion on the second wave. Oblivion is the perfect breaking point move to use against these machines and you’ll be able to kill a few of them if you’ve used Lance’s Air Strike and Natalie’s Thunder Storm a couple of times beforehand. There is no reward for this battle, but we inch ever-further to the next boss!

Our next battle looks harmless enough, but is bloated with two Ice Idols, a Fridge Turret, a Laser Cannon and a Dish Turret and that’s only the first wave! With your multi-targeting attacks you should be able to clear the Ice Idols and deal a bit of damage to the other machines on your first turn. The next wave includes a couple of Frost Sprites, two Ice Idols and a Electric Sprite. You’ll want to take out the Frost Sprites first as they can deal a good amount of damage and can heal their allies vigorously. Further up the path we can fight an Ice Golem and two Steel Fish. By this point in the game, the rest of the enemies have caught up to the Golems and its hard to still consider them mini-bosses. While it may not have a ton of health, it makes up for this with the damage it can deal. Most of its moves can hit for around 1000 health points. The second wave features another couple of Golems accompanied by a Fridge Turret. Using Lance’s lv.2 or higher Antimatter attack, Natalie’s maxed Fireball and Matt’s lv.1 or higher Eruption makes this battle a piece of cake. After the battle, we can make our way between the tubes to reach another group of enemies. This time a new enemy called the Drill Golem is present, along with a couple of Drill Bots. Drill Golems can deal a good bit of damage. They have an explosive attack that will deal around 800 damage to all of your characters and have another multi-targeting attack that allows it fire its own arms, dealing around 1400 damage to each of your characters. The next wave, unsurprisingly, contains two more Drill Golems and two Drill Bots. This battle is do-able if Natalie’s Heal More skill is leveled decently. If you can heal each of your characters for around 1000 with Heal More you should be able to keep them alive long enough to take down the Golems. The chest contains the Mini Bomber (gun), a doughnut and a candycane. Let’s head off to the next room now.

This room is a bit torn apart and the workers seem to suggest that we are getting nearer to the boss! Let’s first clear out this room. While the Thunder Elemental’s party doesn’t provide any treasure, we should fight it for the experience points. The enemy party consists of two Thunder Birds, two Electric Sprites and an Thunder Elemental. The next wave contains two Thunder Elementals and three Thunder Birds. The final battle in this room hosts a couple of Dish Turrets, two Laser Cannons and a Fridge Turret. The chest contains a Steel Key, a RAM chip and twenty-two microcontrollers. If we continue to the west we won’t be able to proceed as the door will be locked, but by this point in the game we should have five batteries and if you remember, one of the rooms required five to open a door. Let’s backtrack a bit to the room that required three batteries and head west from there. We should be in the room that requires five batteries. Place all of the batteries in their slots and we can head north through the door.

It looks like we’ve come across the boss! Natalie reminds us that all machines are weak against Electricity and Bombs. Let’s keep that in mind and make sure that we’ve equipped ourselves with the corresponding weaponry. Lance is the only one with an Electric weapon at this point, so I gave him a level five Thunder Core. Also, consider buying or improving upon a couple of skills for your characters. Make sure Natalie has Thunderbolt. Once you feel confident with your selection, let’s enter the battle. Unfortunately, the Praetorian has the company of two Laser Cannons. In even worse news, Praetorian has 100000 health! This boss is going to take a while to kill. If you want, take out the Laser Cannons. The boss is able to summon most of the monsters we’ve seen so far in the Factory, but odds are the Laser Cannons will be replaced by something weaker than themselves. Here are some moves that you’ll want to use throughout the battle: Lance’s Unload (15000), Natalie’s Heal More and Thunderbolt and Matt’s Cataclysm. Be sure to summon the Thunder Elemental that we got earlier a couple of times. He can deal 10000 to 14000 damage to each opponent, so you should only summon him when Praetorian has introduced a couple of new enemies to the mix to quickly lower their numbers. One thing you should keep your eye out for throughout the battle is if Praetorian enters charge mode. The next turn he will use Ion Cannon which can deal around 1500+ to each of your characters. Use defend, cast auto-revive on one of your characters, or use Heal More to lessen the chance of your entire team being wiped out. If you stick to these moves and strategies you shouldn’t have a problem with this guy. The battle will take a while and a few of your characters will die (make sure Natalie’s Revive is leveled up a bit), but hang in there and everything will be all-right!

After the battle we can snatch the hammer from the only available chest. From the same chest we also receive some ham and twelve Steel Plates. Broken boulders will reward us with dirt balls, iron ores, diamonds, rubies, geodes and amethyst. In the other chests we can get seven coffees, one RAM chip, seven pieces of silk, a slice of pizza, a burger, a bag of chips, Thor’s Hammer (bow), one plasma ball, one topaz, a gold plate, two silver plates, four rainbow gems, a carton of orange juice, six cups of coffee, eight cupcakes, a steel key, a slice of cake and eight pieces of cake. If we travel to the east we can grab two more plasma balls from the robot. There is also a chest that I missed before in this room. It includes four bubble stones, eight bottles of liquid ice and eight pieces of glass. If we backtrack to the boss’s room we can head east to the Crystal Caverns and grab a now-available treasure chest that contains Frozen Tear (bow), twelve bottles of liquid ice and twelve pieces of solid waters. If we continue to head west we can find a row of boulders that we can not destroy. This leads us to a couple of Eyeballs and three Obsidian Idols. The next wave issues two more Eyeballs and three Red Clays. The chest contains Hellfire (skill), six magma samples and two dragon scales. If we continue making our way westward in the Crystal Caverns we’ll eventually find a bunch of boulders stuck together and Lance and Matt will have a dialogue about backtracking. Let’s break through the boulders. Along the way you’ll be able to grab a slab of beef, ham, and three blocks of cheese. Continue northward and we’ll reach the Goldenbrick Resort.

Goldenbrick Resort

Finally, a new area to explore! The Goldenbrick Resort gives the ideas of a beautiful and lush wilderness, but is more like a wasteland. As always, when we enter a new zone we are bound to find a few new monsters to fill our bestiary with. Let’s continue our adventure already. We can grab a Coral Key, a strip of satin and two silver plates tucked in a rock near where we entered. The chest contains an Ancient Monolith (pet) and a gold plate. Unfortunately, this journey is short lived! Our path is blocked-off! If we head back to Greenwood we can head north from there and enter the jungle.

On the Road

Before we can get to the jungle, we have to go through the Crystal Caverns and Ashwood Forest to Greenwood Village. From there we can head north into the jungle. Alternatively, we can head to Graybone Cemetery, as we now have the hammer. Do whichever you wish, but the main storyline is progressed by going straight to the jungle. The Cemetery might provide a few neat treasures for us though.

Regardless of which path we choose, we’ll have to take the same path as the two areas are relatively close to one another and their paths only divert at the last moment. Along the way to Greenwood or the Cemetery we can grab a few treasure chests. Near us now (at the Crystal Caverns), to the west lies a chest with a Ghost Sticker (flair) and a doughnut. If we continue to head west (to where we fought our first boss) we can head north and fight a new group of enemies. The first wave is filled with five Veggie Slimes (possibly giving us a hint as to what we may find in the jungle). These guys will be extremely weak, like all Slimes, but their Big form isn’t half-bad and that’s exactly what we’re going to see in the next wave. After finishing off those weak guys, we’ll be up against four more Veggie Slimes and one Big Veggie Slime. These Big Slime variants will have around 20000 health points (more than most Big Slimes if I’m not mistaken), but won’t be able to dish out too much damage. After the battle, from the chest, we can grab another coral key, a slice of cake and a sundae.

If we continue to follow the Ashwood path we can find a few treasures that we may have missed before, or may have not been able to get to. One of the southern most regions (with four chests on the side) includes a few chests that I didn’t mention before. The last three include Berserk (skill), a honeycomb, a lemon, three bug wings, a wedge of cheese, an energy drink and finally Bamboo Trap (skill), two pieces of seaweed and three turnips. If we follow the path we can also open up a quick route to Whitefall, but we obviously don’t need to be there right now. If we head north we can also open a couple of chests that we may have skipped earlier. They include a slice of cake, a doughnut, a piece of chocolate and the Gash Club (sword), two lanky roots and four gash nuts. We can now choose to head south to Whitefall (there is a destroy-able boulder that’ll get us their quickly) or proceed to Greenwood to progress our quest. Follow either of the sub-guides below to continue.

Going to Graybone Cemetery (optional, but recommended)

Let’s head to Graybone Cemetry. There might just be a few treasures worth collecting before we head to the jungle. Head south from Ashwood (there is a path that you can open now) to Whitefall. Once at Whitefall we can head southwest to Greybone Cemetery.

Once in the graveyard we can collect a chest. In the chest we can find the Golden Pentagram (flair), a honeycomb and two cups of coffee. Using a copper key we can also collect the Quake Maker (gun), fourteen dirt balls and two pieces of beef, as well as the Blood Blade (sword), two blocks of concrete and a piece of sushi. To the west we can find three Fluffy Bats and two Haunted Trees. The second wave includes three Haunted Trees and two Evil Mushrooms. After the battle is over we’ll be able to push all of the blocks to their “x’s.” This will open the door to the north.

Once in the new room, we’ll be stuck in the dark. Luckily, we can light up a cauldron. This will give us a bit of light. Next we can hit a switch that will allow us to lower the spikes. A treasure chest also falls. We’ll have to collect that later. If we light up the second cauldron and hit the lever we can collect the previous treasure chest that fell and the one that has just become available. In the right treasure chest we can gain the Dark Flare (skill), four samples of amber and a ham. In the left treasure chest we can obtain the Bone Armor (armor), a silver plate and two strips of silk. If we trigger the two other levers we can find a Demon Skull (hat), three rainbow gems and a candycane. In the other chest we can gain the Bone Blade (sword), two curly horns and a solid spike.

One of the battles we can enter in this room include three Sacred Runes and two Coal Bats. These Sacred Runes are too great and won’t have too much health. Their attacks are pretty weak, but can implode when they have a low amount of health. In the next wave there is a structure similar to the Viking Monolith, but is the undead variant. These guys are Undying Monoliths. Their charge attack allow them to inflict death, as well as 800 damage to anyone that isn’t inflicted with death. The next battle includes two Ice Wraiths, a couple of Undying Monoliths and a Sacred Runes. After the battle is over, the room will be cleared. Let’s exit the building and head to the west. There should be another building in that direction. Along the way, to our next building, we’ll come acoss a graveyard. We can ignore this place for now as there is no treasure, but we should come back to it later for the experience.

Once we’ll reached the entrance to the next building we will notice a few cauldrons that we can light. If we enter the building after lighting the cauldrons find a sacrifice room. Let’s work on collecting the treasure, but first we can find a hidden treasure next to the eastern wall that will reward us with a solid spike. On the opposing side we can find another hidden treasure – this time, three curly horns. If we light all four cauldrons, all of the spikes will recede. Going in a clockwise direction, starting from the northwestern-most chest we can snatch a Frost Wraith (pet), a vial of bottled darkness and a piece of beef, Crossbone Pin (flair), a solid spike and three chain links, Hela’s Staff (staff), three iron ores and three curly horns and finally The Departed (bow), two piles of gunpowder and one bio virus.

Let’s collect the rest of the chests, but first, If we want, we can fight the remaining enemies in our current room (fighting the ones outside of it won’t yield much experience points, but you may be able to scan something). One of these battles includes two Undying Monoliths and three Sacred Runes, while its second wave includes a couple of new enemies called Evil Tail and Evil Worm. Upon seeing these guys on your characters will remark that it is as though the Evil Worm has gone through the Waste Disposal Factory and eatten the guns. This seems like a wild accusation, but it true! In some of the worm’s more powerful attacks he can use a Laser Cannon. Try to take out the Evil Worm first as upon his death he will explode and deal around 4500 damage to everyone around him (excluding your team of course). Our next encounter is broken into three waves. The first includes two Sacred Runes, two Ice Wraiths and a single Undying Monolith. The second wave includes two Sacred Runes as well. The final wave will put us against three Undying Monoliths and a couple of Ice Wraiths.

Outside of the building we can collect three chests that I haven’t mentioned yet, and that you’ve probably have already grabbed. In the western chest we can get the skill Sacrifice, a piece of sushi and two pieces of pineapple. To get to the other chests, though, we’ll have to fight for them. In the western battle we are faced with an Evil Worm, an Evil Tail and a new enemy called the Undead Bear. Like the Brown Bear we faced earlier, these guys are a bit stronger than your average enemy, but won’t be too challenge. The chest contains are Dark Bauble (hat), five hand bombs and a doughnut. In our next battle we find ourselves fighting two Haunted Trees, two Coal Bats and an Undead Bear. The reward for this short battle is a Dark Gown (armor), three pieces of silk and twenty-two balls of wool. The final battle in this section has a couple of Undead Bears and another couple of their Brown Bear counterparts. Seeing as we’ve cleared this part of the world we should head north to the jungle. If we head north we’ll run into a small wall, but we can get passed it after a short battle and triggering a lever. The battle includes Two Fluffy Bats, an Evil Worm and an Evil Tail. The second wave presents us with two Flame Wraiths, an Evil Worm and an Evil Tail.

Once we arrive at Greenwood Village, we may notice that there are cauldrons that we can light where the Greenwood Jewel once rested. The reward for lighting these includes a Slime Bunny (pet), a bottle of holy water and a honeycomb. Let’s head north towards the jungle. Along the way we can destroy a boulder to reach a ham, a slab of beef and six pieces of friend chicken. In the same area we can speak to Sam to receive an Emerald as a gift to Anna. If we head to the west we can cut a bit into the Lanky Root Forest from behind the shops to collect a piece of sushi and a slice of ham. We can also grab a speckled egg. Once we’re back to the shops we can grab the skill Cloudburst and two amber samples from behind a tree we can cut. Let’s backtrack to the northern region of Greenwood Village and head north.

Lanky Root Jungle

Once we enter the jungle we can cut west to find a treasure chest with beef, two slices of pineapple and six softdrinks. If we head to the east we can smash a boulder and proceed to the next screen. The first battle we can engage in includes three cat soldiers and two Wooden Idols. Cat Soldiers are comparable in weakness to the Wooden Idols. They only have 2000 health and their defense drops significantly after they are struck. All elements are either extremely effective against these guys, or are unaffected by the element of the Cat Soldiers. The second wave contains two more Cat Soldiers, a couple of Tanuki Dogs and one Friend Dog. To the south we can find another group of enemies. This time the first wave includes three Veggie Slimes and two Green Bushes. The second wave contains a new enemy called the Haunted Tree along with three more Green Bushes. Haunted Trees aren’t that tough and a couple of fire spells will burn them to the ground. After this battle we can collect eighteen pieces of soft wood, two jungle flowers and two bubble stones. To the north we can challenge a three wave group. The first includes three Veggie Slimes and two Wooden Idols. The second has three more Veggie Slimes and two Evil Mushrooms. The final wave contains another three Veggie Slimes and two Rock Sprites. The reward is a candycane, a dark rune and a vial of bottled darkness. There are three different paths to go through at this time. The south path leads to a shortcut to the food store of Greenwood Village and the eastern path simply brings us to our first boss’s location. Let’s head north.

At this point our squad is feeling a little lost! One of our characters recommends that we follow the river to the north ocean. The group agrees that this is a good idea. A little ways up the path we can fight three Green Bushes and couple of Florn. Florn will be the strongest enemy that we’ve run across so far in the forest. Their attacks can deal around 2400-2700 damage and will self-destruct when they are running low on health. In the second wave we’ll be introduced to Heasies (plural, Heasy singluar). For defeating the group you can snatch a piece of sushi, three cupcakes and four strips of silk. We can also find another speckled egg nearby. Following the path we can fight a second group of enemies with three waves. The first contains three Cat Soldiers and two Red Wasps. The next wave has a couple more Red Wasps, a single Black Wasp and two more Cat Soldiers. The final waves has two more Red Wasps, another Black Wasp, but this time accompanied by two Haunted Trees. In the chest, after the battle, we can obtain the Vortex Cannon (gun), twelve steel plates and four pieces of plastic. In our next battle we’ll come across a new enemy, the Big Green Bush. These guys can summon more Green Bushes, as well as Cat Soldiers. Oddly enough, there is a cat soldier with a saddle of sorts attached to it. The second wave pits you against another couple of Cat Soldiers, a couple of Green Bushes and a Haunted Tree. The final wave contains two more Big Green Bushes, as well as the three of the smaller variants. The spell Firestorm is very useful at this point in the game. Lance’s Double Shot (with a fire weapon) will be able to deal over 6000 per turn. At this point, you should try to max out Matt’s Eruption and Natalie’s Hellstorm. These are two of the most important moves for taking on all of these jungle creatures. From behind the tree you can grab a topaz, two amethyst and three rainbow gems. Let’s head west.

Once west we can talk to an NPC and he will mention that we might not have all of the items we need to proceed. He’s right! We still need the ladder and he also mentions a way to cross lily pads. It looks like we’re going to have to head north and see if we can’t find a key item in that direction, but first we should challenge the slime to the south and collect the treasure. The first wave includes four Veggie Slimes and a Big Veggie Slime. The next wave presents you with two more Veggie Slimes and two Big Veggie Slimes. The chest includes the Bubble Badge (flair), three bubble stones and seven pieces of solid water. Let’s head north and follow the path to the east.

Once in our new screen we can grab a speckled egg. In the water we can find eight tentacles and four bubble stones. To the west we can fight a couple of Heasy plants, two Green Bushes and a Big Green Bush. The second wave will face us against two more Big Green Bushes, another Heasy and finally two more new enemy called Frose. Frose can dose the entire area in water to severely weaken your fire attacks. As always, the Big Green Bushes should be your first priority. The reward for this battle includes a Pirate Dress (armor), a Pirate Hate (hat) and twelve piles of gunpowder. If we circle around the tree we can open another chest for a honeycomb, 37 bug wings and 23 gash nuts. To cross the river we need to fight an River Squid with it buddies of two Cat Soldiers and two Blue Jellies. The second wave only has three Wooden Idols. Take this time to heal your characters a bit with Friend Dog and Natalie’s Heal More. The final wave is really similar to the first. There are two Yellow Jellies, two Blue Jellies and a single River Squid. if you get stuck, use the Thunder Elemental summon. It will definitely help kill the River Squid and will definitely knock out both of the Blue Jellies.

If we head across the bridge and head to the west we’ll find ourselves against another group of enemies. At this point in the game, I bought Lance the skill Bullet Hell. This spells will work great against our next set of enemies. Also, make sure to equip your characters with fire weapons – this battle is going to take a while and you’ll need all the fire-power you can get. This battle is split into four different waves. The first wave features three Green Bushes and two enemies called Leaf Turtles. Leaf Turtles are new in the game, but if you remember fight all of the different types of turtles so far, you’ll recall they are primarily defensive. Using strong fire attacks will tear these guys apart before too long. The second wave has a couple more Leaf Turtles, a Rock Turtle and two Florns. By using Lace’s Bullet Hell skill and Natalie’s Fire Storm skill, you’ll be able to clear this wave in only a few rounds. The third wave contains a single Green Bush. Take this time to heal your allies. The final wave contains a Frose, two Leaf Turtles, a Big Green Bush and a Heasy.

Following the path, we can fight another group of enemies. This time, the first wave includes three Clay Idols and two Green Clays. Both of these enemies are new, but won’t be too devastating. The Idols, of course, are fairly weak and will die eventually when you use multi-targeting attacks. Focus on the Green Clays. One of their favorite attacks fires several arrows into the air which sprinkle around your characters dealing about 800 damage to each. The second wave includes three more Green Clays and two Black Clays. From this battle we can obtain another egg. Next to where the egg once was, we can open a chest for five bio viruses, four geodes and five dragon scales. If we follow the path south, we’ll come across another group of enemies blocking our passage. The first wave is comprised of two Veggie Slimes, two Clay Idols and a single Green Clay. The next wave gives us even more Idols to fight, with three more Clay Idols and two Wooden Idols. In the next wave we have to fight two Green Clays, two Veggie Slimes and a Big Veggie Slime. After the battle we can grab a jungle flower and a vial of pink potion in the giant red flower. It doesn’t look like we can head anywhere but west at this point and the treasure looks unreachable at this point.

Once at the new room we should see a block puzzle! Before we try to solve the puzzle, we can once again approach a giant red flower and collect a few items. This time we can get our hands on two more jungle flowers and six bad mushrooms. Let’s start the puzzle. This is a really simple one and you might even be able to do it on your first try. First, push the western-most block to the top-left “x.” The remaining blocks are in an “L” formation. Push the eastern block down one. Move the only block you can at this point to the west, between the two stones. Now, with the second-most western block, push it to the bottom-left “x.” Of the remaining blocks, move the western one to the northeast “x.” Finally, push the last block pass the tree by taking the northern root, and shove it to the remaining “x.” With the blocks in their places, we can open the newly arrived chest for a Gem Idol (pet), a gold key and a gold plate.

There is only two battles in this room and we might as well fight them for the experience points and the chance to scan some new monsters. If we fight the party marked by an Idols, the first wave will contain three Clay Idols and two Sacred Runes. In the next wave, we’ll get to a see a unfamiliar enemy. Emerald Runes are just like the Sacred Runes, but instead of dealing holy damage, they like to use earth attacks. Accompanying them are a couple of Green Clay. The final wave incorporates a couple of Clay Idols, a Black Clay and a pair of Green Clay. With the room cleared we should head north. A few steps to the east and we can find another party marked by a Green Clay. This battle presents us with the chance to see a couple of Yellow Clay in the first wave. Along with the Yellow Clay are two Green Clay. Like their predecessors, these guys are decent on the battlefield, but should give you too much trouble. The only difference between all of these variants of species are their element. Besides that, they’re all pretty much the same. The second wave contains two more Green Clay, a pair of Blue Clay and a single Black Clay. The chest that these enemies were protecting included an emerald, two geodes and three jungle flowers. At this point, we MUST travel to the south! We can get the Leafy boots there that will allow us to walk on the lilly pads.

Now south of the room with the block puzzle, we can fight a couple of battles. We might as well fight the northern one first and see what the deal is with these mud-encrusted foes. These are Muddy Bushes and despite their cool armor, won’t live very long against your attacks. After a couple of multi-targeting hits you’ll be able to wipe out their ranks. The first wave includes three Muddy Bushes and two Green Bushes. The second wave contains three more Muddy Bushes and two Rock Sprites. In the next battle we can find an exciting new enemy called the Big Muddy Bush. Of course, this guys is pretty similar to its smaller Muddy Bush in the way that the Green Bush and Big Green Bush are connected. Acompanied with it are a couple of Muddy Bushes and two Cat Soldiers. In the second wave you’ll find three Muddy Bushes and two Green Jellies. The third wave contains another two Muddy Bushes, a Green Jelly and two Blue Jellies. In the final wave, we’ll have to face two Muddy Bushes and two Big Muddy Bushes. The treasure that the brutes were block holds the Leafy Boots. With them, we will be able to go to many places we couldn’t reach before. Along with the boots, we receive eleven pieces of seaweed and three bubble stones. Let’s test out these boots! To both sides of us we can gather a bit more treasure. On the left we can get Sub Zero (gun), eight bottles of liquid ice and twelve snowballs. To the east we can gather twelve red feathers, ten fine furs and two geodes. If we continue to the northeast we can get a bit more treasure. The party of enemies in the way includes three Green Jellies and two Veggie Slimes. The second follows with two Blue Jellies and two Green Jellies. The final wave features two Frose, two Green Jellies and a Florn. Before heading to the east, we can collect a jungle flower, four red feathers and four turnips from the red flower.

Natalie will continue to complain about the smell in the forest and tries to urge the team to move faster, but no one seems to want to accommodate her wishes. The first group of enemies we can fight here are broken into three waves. The first includes three Muddy Bushes and two Red Wasps. The second wave is made up of three Muddy Bushes and two Leaf Turtles. In the end, we battle against two Green Jellies, a couple of Leaf Turtles and a Rock Turtle. If we continue to head east after the battle we can find a treasure chest with Nirvana (staff), twelve cacti and six strips of silk (also, if we head east once again there is a treasure chest that we missed that contains six coconut, two wedges of watermelon and two lemons). If we head north we can open another chest for three bubble stones, nine pieces of glass and a couple of jungle flowers. As you may have noticed, there are a couple of areas that we can backtrack to, to collect a bit more treasure, such as on the small island in the river with a monster next to it. If we circle around we can engage in this two part battle. The first wave includes three Green Jellies and two Green Clay. The second wave includes three more Green Jellies and a couple of Toxic Squids. For our quick venture we can get a Giant Squid (pet), eighteen tentacles and a doughnut. Also, on the waster-side, we can find another speckled egg. Heading north of where we just found the speckled egg and up-river, we can find a second speckled egg and another treasure chest. In the chest we can grab a Venom Badge (flair), four bio viruses and twelve cacti. If we continue to backtrack we can find the skill Annihilate (skill), three vials of bottled darkness and three silver plates. The jungle should be cleared of all its treasures so far, except for one, that seems only reachable later on. Let’s head back to the room with the block puzzle and head north.

There will be a pond and a few battles to fight in. If we challenge our nearest enemy, we can collect a bit of treasure and find a shortcut across the pond. The first wave contains two Muddy Bushes, two Clay Idols and a Big Muddy Bush. The second wave contains a couple of Emerald Runes, two Green Clay and a single Big Muddy Bush. In the chest, we can take a lollipop, four cupcakes and six coconuts. Another chest contains a slice of cake, four vials of pink potion and fourteen tentacles. If we head east, we can open another chest for twelve pieces of seaweed, four bubble stones and ten solid waters. Next to the chest we can fight a three part battle. The first wave pits you against two Yellow Clay and three Clay Idols. The second wave consists of three Emerald Runes and two Green Clay. In the final wave, we face three Yellow Clay and a couple of Black Clay. At this point, if we head to the northeast, there is small, unprotected, path that we can follow to create a shortcut for future use. Trace your steps back t our last battle and let’s cut down the trees to fight a new group of enemies. This group contains Yellow and Purple Wasps. Yellow Wasps are new to the game. These guys aren’t much worse than many of the other enemies we’ve faced, but have the habit of stunning your characters and the ability to summon more Yellow Wasps. The second wave tosses us back into familiar territory with three Red Wasps and two Red Clay. The final wave includes two Purple Wasps, two Leaf Turtles and a Black Wasp. To the east we can open the chest for a piece of beef, a hamburger and four coconuts. The first wave contains three Yellow Wasps and two Red Wasps. The second wave is filled with Wasps too. It contains three more Yellow Wasps and two Purple Wasps. Continuing the pattern, the final wave includes another three Yellow Wasps, but this time includes two Black Wasps. Let’s head north after the battle.

It seems that we’re getting closer! One of the people in the room will mention that the boss is weak to fire and wind and will use many status effects. If we talk to the other man we will learn that there is a giant maze ahead and mentions a scroll that will lead you through the maze. Before we continue, there are twelve kiwis, four slices of pumpkin and two watermelons that we can grab from a bush to the west. There is also a treasure chest that is immediately available that includes twelve pieces of soft wood, eight lanky roots and twenty ogle berries. Fighting the wasp group will yield a treasure chest. The first wave contains Three Yellow Wasps and two Evil Mushrooms. In the second wave we have to fight a couple of Black Wasps, two Haunted Trees and a Purple Wasp. The final wave introduces three Haunted Trees and two Evil Mushrooms. After the battle, we can collect a lollipop, five cups of coffee and two sundaes. We can also engage in the Golem battle. Let’s do that, as we’re bound to get a nice bit of experience from doing so. The first wave includes two Rock Sprites and two Rock Golems. Using explosives, ice and water work well against this combination. Thankfully, the second battle is a bit easier and only presents us with a couple of Rock Sprites and two Leaf Turtles. The final wave includes two more Rock Sprites and a big Rock Golem (oddly enough, this Rock Golem is much larger than the ones we saw in the first wave, but isn’t marked so). This is just like fighting any other Golem, except that he has 50000 health and will undoubtedly kill a character a turn. Explosives, ice and water do well against him, but if you really want to deal some damage, try summoning the Narwhal, which deals around 10000 damage. Also, as the Golem will be extremely, powerful, try to keep at least two characters alive throughout the battle (preferrably Natalie and another character). Most of the time, the Rock Golem will only use single-targeting attacks and won’t wipe out both characters. If you can’t beat him, try to reequip your characters with Water and Ice weapons if you haven’t already and reinforce their skills. There is no reward for this battle, but your characters will receive around 60000 experience points!

If we head north from here, we’ll find the maze that one of the people were talking about. It looks like we’ll have to go into the cave to find the scroll. Before we can enter, it looks like we have another battle on our hands. Like the last battle, this one is split into three waves, but something tells me that the Kupo wouldn’t be cruel enough to put two mini-bosses right next to one another. The first wave includes two Green Clay and two Leaf Turtles. In the next wave, we have the privileged to fight a new enemy called the Stunflower. There are actually two of them in this wave, along with two Yellow Wasps and a Black Wasp. As their name entails, Stunflowers will be able to stun your character and like most of the enemies, these guys won’t have to much health and will succumb to decent fire attacks. The final wave includes two Red Clays and a trio of turtles, two of which are Leaf and the middle a Lava variant. Now we can enter the lava cave.

Once in the cave, Anna will remark how odd it is to find a lava cave in the middle of a jungle and that there are some odd plants and monsters in the cave. At this point, equip all of your characters with Water or Ice weapons, we’re going to need them in a moment. Also, set Natalie as your first character (Godcat will often attack your third and second character, but can attack your first, so this may not be the best plan), or stand-by. You’ll need her alive if you don’t want to have to revive her later. Also, at this point, I maxed out Anna’s Aqua Arrow and Matt’s Iceberg. If we head east a bit we’ll be confronted by one of those weird cat ghosts again. Once again, after a couple of turns, ??? will disappear and you’ll be up against two Red Crystals (last time they were Blue Crystals). With your Water and Ice weapons and hopefully, your new skills, you’ll be able to come back from the brink of defeat to kill these guys. After you take down one of the Red Crystals, this battle becomes much easier. After the battle our party talks about what they just saw. Anna mentions that it looks like Godcat, but it isn’t fully developed. There is a chance that the final Jewel hasn’t been collected yet. Let’s continue exploring the lava cave and hopefully find that scroll.

To the north we can collect another treasure chest, but there is another group of monsters in the way. This battle is split into three different parts. The first wave includes five Fluffy Bats. The second invites you to kill three Red Jellies and their accomplices of two more Fluffy Bats. The last wave contains another three Fluffy Bats and two Flame Sprites. The reward for this sixteen ambers, twelve magma samples and twenty iron ores. To get to our next chest we need to fight another group of enemies. The first wave is stuffed with Idols – including three Obsidian Idols and two Clay Idols. The second wave presents you with a couple more Obsidian Idols and two Drill Golems. If you’re having trouble with the pair of Drill Golems, give Lance the Mini Bomber gun, upgrade his Air Strike skill to max and forge the Mini Bomber to its max level. This should not only be useful for now, but later on in the game. After the battle we can acquire a Cursed Charm (flair), five solid spikes and ten curly horns. At this point I also maxed out Icestorm (Natalie) and Arrow Rain (Anna). There is one last battle on this side and the treasure should allow us to get across the lava. The first wave contains three Fluffy Bats and two Fire Elementals. The second wave consists of two Obsidian Idols, two Black Clay and a single Rock Turtle. The final wave contains a Fluffy Bat, a Coal Bat and a pair of Red and Black Dragons. Yep, that’s right. We finally get to fight one of those dragons we’ve seen a couple of times up to this point. Each of these dragons will be able to deal over 1500-2000+ damage each turn to each of your characters every turn. Even though I’ve fought ever battle up to this point, a pair of dragons is completely devastating. The best thing to do is to take out the Red Dragon first. This is incredibly easy if you summon the Ice Wraiths. Ice Wraiths will deal 40000 thousand damage and if you can stagger the dragon before-hand (you can easily do this with bombs) you will get a critical-hit on top of the 40000 damage (maybe around 60000-80000 damage). Once one of the dragons are down the battle will be a bit easier, but don’t let your guard down! The last enemy is weak against water and holy damage. Use the Narwhal on him a couple of times and he’ll take around 10000+ damage per summoning.

In the chest we can grab the Thermal Boots. These will allow us to walk across lava. Along with the boots we are given ten magma samples and four dragon scales. With the boots we can also grab a chest to the north containing a ruby, a dark rune and a doughnut. If we near the enemy, we can find a hamburger tucked behind a rock. We might as well fight the enemy. The first wave includes three Obsidian Idols and two Fire Elementals. While Fire Elementals are strong, they seem like a joke after fighting those dragons! In the second wave, it appears that we aren’t in the clear yet, concerning the dragons – there is another Red Dragon here. Along with the Dragon, there are two Fire Sprites and two Fire Elementals. Remember to use your multi-targeting attacks to tear apart the entire team at the same time. While the Dragon is a little daunting it is actually really easy to defeat without the help of another dragon. Let’s head east, as the room is now cleared.

Once outside we’ll see a river. There is also a block that we can push to an “x.” Do so and you’ll notice that the Florn is now blocking the treasure chest. Let’s enter the battle. The first of three waves contains two Florns, two Red Wasps and a single Black Wasp. The second wave includes two Stunflowers, two Yellow Wasps and a Black Wasp. The final wave includes another two Stunflowers, two Yellow Clay and a Frose. The chest contains a ham, two bags of chips and six coconuts. Before we can get across the bridge, there is another battle we have to take care of. This battle promises a River Squid and delivers with one on the first wave, accompanied by two Clay Idols and a couple of Blue Jellies. The next wave puts you up against three Clay Idols and two Fluffy Bats. The third wave includes two Red Wasps, a Black Wasp and two River Squids. The final wave contains another couple of River Squids and three Blue Jellies. Once the battle is complete, we can head across the bridge. There is another treasure in the river, but we’ll have to clear out an enemy position first. The first wave includes two Stunflowers, two Green Bushes and one Big Green Bush. The final wave includes a Heasy, a Big Green Slimes, a Florn, a Big Green Bush and a Frose. In the chest we can grab an Atlantis (bow), four bubble stones and eight solid waters. Let’s head north.

Once in the new area, we’ll come across the boss! One of our characters suggests that the boss might be the one responsible for spawning the flower enemies. If we can clear out the boss it should be a bit safer around here. Before engaging in the boss fight we should equip ourselves with fire weapons and earth and poison-resistant armors. I gave Natalie a 90% resistence to poison as she is my most important character and my other soldiers have at least a 50% resistance. Also consider refining your limit breaks if you haven’t already. Figuring the boss was weak to fire, I upgraded Lance’s Nuke limit break to level four and Matt’s Clever to max. Consider upgrading Natalie’s Genesis and Anna’s Mother Earth. Enter the battle once you are ready.

Rafflesia will have 220000 health points and will deal a massive amount of damage per turn. Combat this with fire and ice moves. If one of the Frose dose the field in rain you’ll be able to get a fifty percent damage bonus when using ice moves. Fire moves will also be weakened severely when it is raining. Throughout the battle, try to use the skills Ice Wraith (around 44000 damage when Rafflisa is soaked) and Death Metal. If you have the Red Dragon Summon (accessible at the Crystal Cavern’s lava pit) that can also be useful. Using multi-targeting attacks are recommended (instead of simply focusing on the boss) as Rafflesia will often spend his turn replenishing his team if there is only one enemy ally left. Once Rafflisa has a low amount of health it will heal for around 15000 health points. Try to take this guy out fast! Rafflisa is a pretty straight-forward boss if you have the correct weaponry (fire element), the correct armor (poison-resistance (Gas Mask, Venom Badge, Leaf Clip and Green Dress)) and have decent spells on hands (Fire Storm, Ice Storm, Hell Fire, Eruption, Heal More (at least level seven), Revive (max)). If you have all of these and level them all up a bit you should be just fine. Actually, this was such an easy boss that I only used one summon, the Ice Wraith, and only because I wanted to speed up the battle. I read that the Red Dragon summon is also useful, but I haven’t collected it yet. It should be rewarded after killing the Red Dragon in the Crystal Cavern. Don’t put your money on this though, the best thing to do is to find resistant armor! Once the battle is collect a dark rune, three vials of bottled darkness and three sheets of satin. Let’s head east.

Once we leave the boss room we’ll finally see the ocean! One of our characters mentions that the next town can’t be far from here and Matt says we’re near the climax of the game. It won’t be long until we have to confront Godcat. Before we do any of that, there is a bunch of treasure that we can collect. I’ll just list it off as it hard to say where each treasure is. We can collect a lollipop, a candycane and a burger, a Coral Staff (staff), two gold plates and six silver plates, an opal, four geodes and a dark rune, a Coral Clip (hat), sixteen sea shells and four bubble stones, a carton of orange juice, five amethysts and five sheets of satin, an emerald, a ruby and a topaz. Finally we can grab a speckled egg from the nest. Let’s head south to enter the desert.

Goldenbrick Resort

Once in the Goldenbrick resort we can speak to one of the men to learn that the stepladder is somewhere in the town up ahead. Before we look for it we should clear out this room and collect some of its treasure. In the first battle, to the northwest, we can fight a couple of new enemies in two waves. The first includes five five Sand Slime – they are weak as usual and attacks that exploit their weaknesses will most-likely kill them. In the second wave we can find three more Sand Slimes and two Mad Cacti. Mad Cacti deal a decent amount of damage, but not enough to make them a threat. After the battle, we can collect forty-seven dirt balls, twelve pieces of seaweed and eleven bricks. If we travel a few steps to the south we can find another group of enemies. This time, the first wave includes three Clay Idols and two Sand Slimes. The second wave includes two more Sand Slimes, two Mad Cacti and a Big Sand Slime. Big Sand Slimes have around 40000 health, but aren’t that impressive in the battlefield. They can deal about 1000 damage and may have a greater chance to infect your characters with Slime than the regular Sand Slimes. From the chest we can receive thirty-two dirt balls, a bottle of mercury and thirty-one rainbow gems. Finally, behind the tree we can collect four cups of coffee, six pieces of garlic and four cartons of milk. Let’s head south before heading to the town, but if wish head there now and possibly buy a couple of items and maybe find a few treasures (we’ll go over that part later though).

In the small rock formation we can find a couple of treasures: sixteen cacti and a jungle flower. Next to where we found these two items we can collect two dragon scales, two sheets of satin and three coconuts. On the opposite side of the rock formation we can enter a new battle. The first wave includes three Mad Cacti and two Sand Slimes. The second wave includes three more Mad Cacti and two Haunted Trees. After the battle, in the chest, you can get thirty-six bricks, seventeen concrete blocks and eleven iron ores. Let’s head south once again.

To the south, we can collect items from two more treasure chests. The northern one contains Sand Dune (skill), thirteen dirt balls and two geodes. In the second one we can grab eleven bricks, fourteen pieces of soft wood and a carton of orange juice. If we travel to the east we can collect an opal, three steel plates and two strips of silk from a soldier. Also, near the soldier and behind the house we can open a chest for a doughnut, four chocolates and eight ice creams. A little bit to the south of him we can open a chest containing two vials of bottled darkness, a dark rune and six piles of gunpowder. Also, in the rock formation to the right we can collect six curly horns and two solid spikes. There’ll be nowhere to go at this point, but to the town. Let’s travel there and see what it has to offer. It doesn’t appear that a name has been given to this town, so I’ll simply refer to it as Goldenbrick Town. Like last time, there are many treasures to be had here. Let’s see if we can’t find them all. Through your adventuring in the town you’ll eventually run across the location where the last jewel once was stored (similar to the town, the Jewel remains nameless). It looks like a few cats have begun to make off with them. Our heroes try to massacre them, but it is too late and the cats have already dashed into the ruins. Luckily, there is no time-limit on when we have to give chase, so we ought to explore a bit. Here are some things to do here and to collect:

1) At the Item Shop we can open one of the drawers for a pair of panties, six pieces of silk and a single piece of satin. If you’ve followed this guide (or have found them by yourself) you should have three pairs of panties by now and will be able to trade them with the man outside of the Item Shop for a slice of pizza, chili sauce and a diamond. Back in the Item Shop, we can collect a cactus and a jungle flower.

2) Outside of the food store we can collect another slice of pizza and a bag of chips from one of the pots. Once inside the Food Store we can open one of the drawers for a Coral Key and a piece of bacon. If we speak to the mage just to the north a bit (Pam), we can trade twenty bubbles stones and ten vials of liquid ice for the spell Hailstorm (skill), a lollipop and a candycane. In addition, behind the Food Shop we can pick up a diamond and two rainbow gems.

3) Let’s see if we can’t collect some of the treasure in the docks. In the northwest part of town, in the western docks we can fight a group of monsters. The stepladder has to be around here somewhere and this seems like the most likely place to find it. Even if it is not in the chest, we should find a nice bit of treasure. The first wave and only wave includes a pair of Blue Jellies, two Sand Slimes and a River Squid. Unfortunately, we won’t find a way to cross over the gaps just yet and will only be rewarded with an opal, two topazes and a bag of chips. Let’s head east. We should be able to immediately open a chest. Finally(!), we get the Stepladder. Along with it are four pieces of soft wood and eight gash nuts. We can head back to the west and fight the dragon after lying down a stepladder. These Blue Dragons are comparable to the Dragon pair that we faced earlier and they make for a difficult battle. One of their most powerful moves include summoning a tidal wave. This will deal around 5000+ damage to all of your characters. Worse of all, there is no warning concerning this, so it is a bit hard to brace for. Consider equipping water-resistant armor before the battle. If you begin to run low on characters, summon a Thunder Elemental. If you’re still having trouble, try to reinforce a few water-resistant armors. The chests will reward you with Tsunami (skill), four bubbles stones and six solid waters and the other chest contains twelve tentacles, seven pieces of seaweed and a piece of sushi.

If we head to the east from number 3 (above) we’ll find the chest that we got the stepladder from and another enemy group marked by a Blue Jelly. The first wave contains three Blue Jellies and two Sand Slimes. The second wave contains three Beach Crabs and two Blue Jellies. The Beach Crab’s description mentions that it is a defensive creature. I assume that they will be similar to the Turtles we’ve faced before. Using the stepladder, once outside of the battle, we can collect a sundae, a hamburger and two emeralds.

4) Let’s try to make our way to the eastern docks. Once the beach we can speak to Jan to trade a pair of Old Boots for a shovel and a lollipop. Also, behind Jan we can pick up nine sea shells and three tentacles. We can only get there though the beachfront and by fighting a group of enemies marked by a Beach Crab. Before we enter that battle, we can already collect items from the treasure chest behind it. The real treasure is the path that it opens. The chest contains eight magma samples, ten fine furs and a lollipop. Also, directly behind the windmill building, we can open a path to a treasure chest with a key. The chest contains a Cowboy Hat (hat), silk pieces of silk and two pieces of satin. The battle before us includes a couple of Sand Slimes, two Beach Crabs and a single Cave Crab. We should now head north on the docks and create a stepladder to our first treasure. This includes a Coral Key, eighteen sea shells and four bubble stones. The remaining battle on the docks presents us with only two Beach Crabs and single Toxic Squid on the first wave. After the first wave we are up against two Yellow Jellies, two Sand Slimes and a Big Sand Slime. The last chest in the docks contains a Clown Fish Sticker (flair), a piece of sushi and four energy drinks.

5) With the shovel we got from Jan for trading our Old Boots we can retreat west to trade our shovel to Clegg for a pair of Spiked Boots, which seem to be a cut feature from the game, as mentioned in its description. While the Spiked Boots may be worthless, we’ll at least get a ham for our efforts.

6) We should head south of where the Golden Brick Town Jewel once rested we can find where we first entered this region and had to turn back. There are a couple of treasures in this area and we are able to reach it by moving one of the blocks. The rewards for these chests are described earlier when we visited Goldenbrick Resort for the first time. Collect the treasures if you haven’t already. Let’s fight the Mad Cacti, a few steps to the east, to get a bit of treasure. The first wave consists of three Mad Cacti and two Green Clay. The second wave includes three more Mad Cacti and two Black Clay. The reward includes a ham, a candycane and a sundae. If we head west and turn at the rocks we can head back east to another treasure chest. Using a coral key we can open the chest for an emerald, a ruby and a topaz.

If we head west and open the path to the house with a coral key we can enter and light two cauldrons. By doing so, a chest will fall and give us access to a gold key, a honeycomb and holy water.

7) Traveling southeast of the resting place of the Jewel we can find a block puzzle. I’ll break this puzzle into three columns (left (first column) middle (second column) right (third column)). Push the top block in column one upwards. Push the unaffected block of column one downwards. Move the middle-most block in the second column upwards one time. Move the middle block of the third column to the right. Finally, push the north-most block of the third column upwards. This will unveil the path to the treasure chest. We can grab a Chainsaw Gun (gun), twelve chain links and a slice of cake. Above the block puzzle is a second chest. It contains a coral key, a doughnut and three turnips.

8) In the same area as where the Goldenbrick Jewel was we can smash a rock to open a chest for eight concrete blocks, a piece of beef and two amethysts.

8) By heading northeast of the where the Goldenbrick Jewel once was, we can find the Weapon and Armor Store. Inside are a bunch of free “samples” that we can snatch, including a steel key, a silver plate, titanium, a gold plate and a steel plate. In the chests we can find two RAM chips, eighteen microcontrollers and eight red LEDs in one and four energy drinks, three cups of coffee and six beers in the other. With the titanium that we just collected, we can trade Saito a pair of Spiked Boots (looks they they are useful after all), one titanium ore and a steel plate, for a Blue Scrolls and mythril shards. Now we can solve the puzzle in the northwest corner of our world map. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO TRADE YOUR TITANIUM, all the scroll mentions is the combination up, left, up, right, right. Unless the game tracks if you’ve actually completed the quest to be able to solve the jungle puzzle you should be able to simply use those directions without a trade. While this may be useful, Saito gives the only mythril shards that we’ve come across in the game so far, so they may be more useful than the titanium.

The town seems to be cleared. Most of us will want to head to the jungle puzzle right now, but the enemies there are a bit too much for us. Most of the enemies are level thirty-one plus and will deal around 3000+ damage per turn. The battles are still do-able, but are very challenging and are undoubtedly meant for higher levels. We might as well see what we can do there though and perhaps collect a bit of treasure along the way. At this point we can either head to the Lankyroot Jungle, solve the puzzle and see if we can beat the monsters, or continue on the main storyline and see what adventures and tries lie in wait for us there. The Lost Ruins are completely option, but do have some neat treasure, such as armors and weapons that’ll aid us later. Regardless, we’ll have to head to the Temple of Godcat to continue. Additionally, it’ll be easier to level up in the Temple of Godcat and coming back to the Lost Ruins and then challenge the enemies than going directly there and being torn apart or barely surviving.

The Lost Ruins (optional recommended, but not until your characters are at least level thirty)

Let’s head back to the Lankyroot Jungle for a moment to solve the puzzle, with our newly obtained Blue Scroll. Once we exit the Lankyroot Jungle lava cave, to the west, we can speak to Hilde and receive an Elixir of Life and beef for showing him the Blue Scroll (this does not remove the scroll). If we enter the jungle puzzle and follow the instructions (up, left, up, right, right) we will find the Lost Ruins.

Upon entering this is a chest that we can immediately open, containing two rubies, two emeralds and two topazes. Let’s challenge the Clay group to the northwest. The first wave contains a few new enemies, such as the White Clay, Angel Eyes and Mage Dogs. The White Clay are buffing class, but can deal damage for around 5000 to any character. Also, keep an eye out for the Angel Eyes. Angel Eyes can use a spin attack to deal 6000+ damage to any character. Finally, the Mage Dog uses both Holy and Dark spells, but will mainly heal his party for 15000-20000 health points (each) and syphon or steal mana from your characters. Sometimes he will use a spells to deal around 6000 damage. If you’re having trouble with these guys, try to equip your characters with high-level Dark weapons, holy-resistance armors and teach them a couple of new spells. I found that Lace’s Anitmatter and Natalie’s Pulsar worked fantastically to simultaneously weaken all of the enemies. In the chest we get a Dragon Helm (hat), Dragon Armor (armor) and seven dragon scales. Let’s see if we can’t collect the other treasures. I have a feeling that this was the toughest battle in here, as the other are represented by generally weaker enemies, but I could be completely mistaken!

Our next battle takes place in the southwest corner. The first wave contains two Jewel Idols, two Emerald Runes and a Clay Idol. Jewel Idols are a little bit stronger than most of the other Idols we’ve seen so far in the game, and not just because of their high level; compared the Idols of the same level, Jewel Idols deal about 2000 more damage. The second wave contains three Emerald Runes and two Wind Elementals.

Notice, I wasn’t able to beat a couple of these battles as of yet. I will update this section regarding these battles and the available treasures as I gain a few levels.