For the past eight years jmtb02 (John Cooney) has been creating content for Armor Games and has been the Head of Game Development for their site for the past five years, but recently has joined the staff of Kongregate. While he may no longer be working for Armor Games he is sure to continue the adventures of the little blue elephant and continue to make unique games. He has created such games Achievement Unlocked, Ball Revamped, Elephant Quest, Epic Combo, Exit Path, Frontier, Hedgehog Launch, This is the Only Level and more (totaling nearly fifty to sixty games availble on the Armor Games site). No official announcement has been made on the Armor Games (although, an announcement has been made on Kongregate and confirmed by Cooney), but it is apparent that a new developer will claim the title of Head of Development for Armor Games.

If you’re a big fan of Kongregate, like I am, then this is really exciting news; John is often considered one of the best Flash game developers out there and now he has signed on to the Kong team. As was mentioned by the various admins during the announcement, internal game development will always be small, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing John’s new games every couple of months (which is the usual delay). As was the deal with Armor Games and their exclusivity period, Kongregate will probably host many of John’s games for a short period until they make their way to the other portals. Overall, this is a bit of a shift in the Flash world, but nothing too substantial – John will continue to make games, but under Kongregate.

If you’d like to welcome John to Kongregate then check out this thread:

Good news, everyone! jmtb02 is joining Kongregate