This is a work-in-progress guide for Mini Heroes. It will eventually cover all of the quests in the game. If you’re looking for a crafting guide, check out our’s here and feel free to leave contribute by leaving a comment with a combination.

Opening Scene

The game opens with the character creation screen. Here you can customize the look of your character and enter a username for your hero. After you create your character you’ll see a quick cut-scene that opens the beginning of the game and kicks off the storyline. Ahead of your character, you’ll bump into an egg that hatches. This will allow you to select your companion for the game and name it. You have three different options. Pick one and continue. Follow your new friend to a portal. Unfortunately, you’ll find a beetle in your way. This is your first taste of combat. Unlike the Castaway series, the combat is turn-based. Once you’ve killed the beetle, you’ll be able to proceed to a new location.

Your Plot of Land

Once you enter, a Sigil will speak to you. It asks you to remove a few of the bushes and then talk to it. This will evoke your first quest.

Gardening: Your first quest will be to plant a few strawberries seeds in the ground. To do this, click on the shovel icon and double click anywhere to dig. Dig four times and then use the arrows on the same bar as the shovel to navigate to the strawberries seeds. Plant one in each of the holes and you’ll be notified that you’ve completed the quest. Report to the Sigil.

Crafting: After talking to the Sigil, she will remark on the resource (Soft Wood) that you’ve gained from doing the last quest. She will give you a Short-Sword template and ask that you craft a Crude Wooden Sword. To do this, go into the crafting menu and fill out the boxes. The Template box should contain the Short Sword template and the material should be the Soft Wood. Hit the craft button. After you do this, you’ll notice that you now have to wait for items to be crafted. You can either wait a few minutes for it to finish, or you could speak to the Sigil to gain 3 Paragons to “Hurry up” the process. Whichever way you choose to go, the Crude Wooden Sword will be finished in the “Workshop.” Equip it and return to the Sigil.

Cootie Killa (Kill 10 Hatchling Cooties) R: Packrat’s Traveling Ring

Once you’ve completed the previous quest, the Sigil will send you on a new adventure that leaves your plot of land. The objective of this quest is to slay 10 Hatchling Cooties in the Ancient Dungeon of Noob. Head west of the Sigil and you’ll enter The Crossings. Follow the path west and head north on your first opportunity to reach the Dungeon Keeper. Speak to him and then select the option to enter the Ancient Dungeon of Noob.

Once you enter this dungeon, you’ll immediately find the Hatchling Cooties. Click on them to fight them. At this point in the game you should only have the Crude Wooden Sword to fight with. In the Physical attack menu you will only have access to the “Slash” option. You will also have access to four different spells that will require Magic Points and Action Points. Depending upon which pet you chose in the beginning of the game, you’ll have access to different attacks when it is your pet’s turn. Killing 10 Hatchling Cooties will be very easy, even at the beginning of the game.

Once you’ve killed ten, you receive the Packrat’s Traveling Ring. If you want, use the home button, near the bottom of the screen, or continue to adventure in this dungeon. There are four treasure chests in thus dungeon and killing all of the monsters, obviously, grant you extra experience points. I completed the entire dungeon, mainly, for the extra leveling. Whichever you do, you must return to the Sigil to claim your reward and to continue.

Once you reach the Sigil she will congratulate you on your victory and will introduce you to your new home. Included inside, are two important things, a storage area and an egg incubator. To get to your new house, grab your wooden shovel and double click on the water. This will add land to it and allow you to cross.

Adventure Guild

When talking to the Sigil she will recommend that you go to the Adventurer’s Guild for more quests. Head to The Crossings and continue west until you come to a buildings that has the title “Adventurer’s Guild.” All titles are visible when you hover your mouse over their entrances. Once you enter head north until you see the guild-master. After talking to him you’ll have a choice of quests to complete. The number of quests available is determined upon your level – the higher your level, the more quests that are accessible. Pick a few. With some of the quests, you’ll complete them while working on other quests, like collecting Soft Wood, or finding a Tunker egg.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 1

Double Infuser (Lv1): Craft any item using two Infusers. QR: Diamond. 200G 0K 2P 100E

This quest requires that you have enough Paragons to unlock a second Infuser slot. If you’re lacking Paragons, complete a few other quests from the Adventure Guild. Once you have 15 Paragons unlock the new slot and you’ll be able to complete this quest and craft more powerful weapons.

Triple Infuser (Lv1): Craft any item using three Infusers. QR: Emerald, Ruby Sapphire. 500G 5K 5P 200E

Much like the previous quest, you’ll have to have enough Paragons to complete the Triple Infuser quest. Because the 30 slot will require you to have another 30 Paragons, complete a few more quests beforehand. You’ll now be able to even higher enchanted weapons.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 2

Mandragora Castration (Lv2): Kill 12 Hatchling Mandragoras. QR: 2 Healing Potions. 120G 1K 1P 50E

If you’re at level two, you’ll run into Mandragoras at the Ancient Dungeon of Noob from time-to-time. These are one of the hardest enemies in that dungeon, but still shouldn’t provide too much of a challenge.

Team Mate (Lv2): Complete 5 Battles with a Friend. QR: Forest Charm of Initiative. 50G 2K 2P 80E

This quest requires you to have another friend join you in the game. To add a friend in-game, click on their avatar and hit the button entitled “Add Friend.” When you’re in a dungeon, no other players will be there unless you invite them. Use the invite feature and kill a few monsters.

Ore Gatherer (Lv2): Gather 10 Iron Ores. QR: None 50G 2K 1P 30E

This is a quest that can easily be completed as your adventuring. Pair this quest up with another and complete it while working towards another goal.

Apprentice Alchemist (Lv2): Crafting 5 Healing Potions. QR: None 40G 0K 1P 20E

To complete this quest, plant a few seeds in the ground and once the plants are harvest-able you’ll be able to craft their fruits into potions. If you maintain the plants you were given in the beginning of the game, then you may be able to craft some potions immediately.

Wood Gatherer (Lv2): Gather 10 Soft Wood. QR: None 50G 2K 1P 30E

This is another quest that can easily be completed as your adventuring. Pair this quest up with another and complete it while working towards another goal.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 3

Baby Lizard (Lv3): Hatch a Tunker. QR: None. 250G 0K 0P 100E

If you’re at level four, you’ll run into Tunkers at The Lost Shore a lot. Fight a few of them and you’re sure to collect an egg or two. Once you collect an egg, hit the home button and head towards the incubator. Place the egg in and it will take a while to hatch. Be sure to have another quest on hand to complete while you wait.

Apprentice Swordsman (Lv3): Reach Lv5 in your One-Handed Skill. QR: None. 60G 0K 1P 40E

To complete this quest you must have a one-handed sword equipped. You should find a few good one-handed swords as drops that will prove strong enough to take down some of the enemies in one hit. If you look at the skills menu, you’ll be able to see how close you are to leveling up your stats.

Snow Blower (Lv3): Plant 5 Snow Seeds. QR: None. 100G 4K 0P 50E

Throughout your adventure, you’ll pick up a few Snow Seeds. If you don’t have enough seeds, you can buy some in the “Items” section of the General Store. Much like the strawberry seeds in the beginning of the game, use the shovel to dig up holes outside of your home and plant the Snow Seeds.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 4

Pet Infuser (Lv4): Breed Any Pet Using One Infuser. QR: None. 60G 2K 0P 40E

This is a perfect quest to pair up with the Baby Lizard quest. You get to both hatch an egg, and have an infused pet. When using the incubator be sure to add an infuser. Depending on what infuser you use, you’ll have that specified monster with a boosted attribute.

Juvies (Lv4): Kill 8 Juvenile Loomis. QR: Arm Template. 250G 0K 0P 100E

Juvenile Loomis are occasionally found in The Lost Shore. They are one of the easier enemies in The Lost Shore and shouldn’t be too difficult to kill.

Cotton Picker (Lv4): Gather 5 Cotton Fibers. 80G 0K 1P E50

This is another quest that can easily be completed as your adventuring. Pair this quest up with another and complete it while working towards another goal.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 5

Harvester (Lv5): Harvest 4 Strawberries. QR: None. 75G 1K 1P 100E

In the beginning of the game you should have gotten four strawberries seeds from the Sigil. By now you should have them harvest-able. If you used them for the Apprentice Alchemist quest, then it may take up to ten hours for them to regrow. If so complete, this quest after a day when the strawberries have grown back.

Apprentice Locksmith (Lv5): Unlock 20 Dungeon Doors. QR: None. 75G 5K 1P 80E

The easiest dungeon to complete this in is The Lost Shore as it is the biggest dungeon you have access to. If you don’t have enough keys, complete a few quests, or slays a few monsters. All battles have a chance of granting you keys. Accept this quest a early as possible, especially if you’re going to try to clear a dungeon.

Pixie Patrol (Lv5): Kill 8 Juvenile Skull Pixies. QR: None. 90G 0K 0P 100E

Pixies can be found in The Lost Shore occasionally. They are one of the rarest enemy in the dungeon, but once you get a few floors into the dungeon, you’ll run into them much more often.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 6

Apprentice Lumberjack (Lv6): Use Your Axe 50 Times. QR: None. 50G 0K 1P 100E

These quest is going to take a while to complete! You can get to about 50% of the quest complete with a wooden axe. If you attempt this quest with the wooden axe you’ll have to repair it, which takes about two hours. Every dungeon includes many trees, but The Lost Shore will contain the most at this level.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 7

The Cootie Prince (Lv7): Kill 1 The Spiky Prince. QR: Vampiric Beetle Horns. 200G 2K 2P 300E

The Cootie Prince is the first boss that you’ll face in this game. It is located a few layers deep into The Lost Shore and is the largest Cootie you’ll come across. It is level 10 with 130, but has very high defense and can deal out a good amount of damage. I killed it 25 Attack points and 31 Defense at level 8. If you’re about to die against this guy, refresh the page, and you won’t have to face the resurrection period.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 8

Eye Guy Breeder(Lv8): Breed 2 Eye Guys. QR: None. 100G 0K 2P 200E

Once again, a simple breeding quest. The Lost Shore will have plenty of Eye Guys to kill in both the early and late stages of the dungeon. Once you’ve collected an egg, head to the incubator and begin to hatch the egg. This will take less time if you don’t add an infuser. Each egg should hatch in about eight hours.

The Adventurers’ Guild: Level 10

Orange Guardian (Lv8): Breed 2 Eye Guys. QR: None. 100G 0K 2P 200E

At the end of The Lost Shore, you’ll be in an empty room, except for a boss-sized Mandragora. This is a very easy boss battle and I completed it at level 11, but I’m sure it is also easy at level 10. Sir Orange has 170 Health Points. If you have a powerful weapons by now, you may want to use it, but I found that I could simply use a Crude Rudder Sword (60 gold in the shop) with +7 Melee and around +12 Defense in armor to kill it. Once you kill it, the portal, northward, leads back to town.