With the increasingly competitive field of app game development, many great games go unnoticed! This is the first of many editions of “5 Little-Known and Incredible Android Games!” that will quickly go over some of the great little games that not many people know of, yet are simply fun to play and will give you your money’s worth. I’m planning on releasing a new edition of this biweekly featuring a minimum of fives game per edition – so if you want to find some awesome games every week, keep an eye on Guidology!

Team Canada Table Hockey () Made by: Stinger Games. Genre: Sports Games.

Forget all the air hockey remakes, if you’re a big hockey fan, or just want to play a superbly-awesome game, then give Team Canada Table Hockey a try. This game perfectly ports the world of table/bubble hockey onto your android device with smooth and addictive gameplay. All of the players are moved by touch control, while your enemies move automatically. The A.I is really smart, provides a good challenge, will make board passes and take shots on net. This is a unique and exciting game that continues to prove to have great replay value. Oddly enough, with a incredible release on the iOS devices, this game has had a bit of trouble catching on with the Andriod crowd. Nevertheless, this is one of the best game that’ll you’ll come across.

Vector Runner () Made by: Littlegrey Media. Genre: Arcade and Action.

Vector Runner is all-time favorite game of mine. Sadly, it only has a 100-500 installs on Android. Vector Runner is a great arcade game that allows you to play a game in just a few minutes. This game allows you to blaze through an intense minimalistic world full of dangers. You’ll have to dodge giant spikes, avoid EMPs that’ll blind you, and collect score boosters. After each run you can check your score and see if you earned any of the four achievements in-game. The final achievements, earning 30,000 points without being hit a single time will get your heart racing and is very rewarding.

Multiponk () Made by: Fingerlab. Genre: Arcade and Action.

Imagine this, Warlords meets Pong. This game seemingly combines the two ideas and makes it into a fun defense game with many features and random events! In this exciting game, mainly boasting an awesome multiplayer experience, you must verse your friends as you try to knock the ball into their goal while blocking your own. It’s a simple game to master, but as you continue to play, new obstacles will appear – such as smoke the covers part of the screen, weird gravity effects and multiple marbles. If you don’t have any friends, then there is a single player mode that promises to be just as fun. If you have a tablet (allowing up to four player games) you might just want to add this to the family game night, but watch out for the sore-loser that wants to flip the board after a bad game – this might not be for them!

Vector Conflict: The Siege () Made by: Littlegrey Media. Genre: Arcade and Action.

Vector Conflict: The Siege is a fast-paced first-person shooter that will test your reflexes and also gives an amazing gameplay experience. The storyline goes that you are defending some of the last survivors on the planet from attacks and all you have is your turret. Between the bombardment of attacks from remote-controlled mines, tanks and fighter-jets, you can upgrade your base to improve your defenses. The game comes with three different difficulties and survival mode. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat and provides a gameplay experience like none other.

ChuChu Rocket () Made by: SEGA of America. Genre: Brain and Puzzle.

ChuChu Rocket is an awesome puzzler that challenges you to keep all of the mice alive and get them to their spaceships. Unfortunately, there are monstrous felines that will pursue your mice and eat them if they bump into one another. If you remember playing the original game then you probably have fond memories of it. This is a classic puzzler by Sega with over 500 challenging levels. The game is very simple to navigate and the puzzles are very fun to figure out and complete (and this is coming from a guy that’s not too fond of the puzzle genre). ChuChu Rocket provides a fun experience with cute characters that will keep your attention for many hours.