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Hanna in a Choppa 2, sponsored by, is the sequel to the great success of 2008 by Deeperbeige and has everything that makes up a typical continuation of a success: more levels, new vehicles and achievements. But for this game, unlike some other games, that does very good for it, but let’s start from the beginning.

Hanna in a Choppa 2

In the game, “Hanna in a Choppa 2″ you play a helicopter pilot named Hanna in an apparently only black and orange existing 2D world, and your goal is to reach a flag, by the fulfillment of certain conditions. While in the original game, you controled a helicopter in only 21 levels with a total of 15 achievements, its sequel has 32 brand new barmy levels, ten new vehicles to fly, as well as the original choppa, 53 hidden secrets to discover, 50 what’s-it-from questions to discover and solve, 42 achievements and the 21 bonus classic levels, updated to be playable with the new vehicles. And if that’s not more of everything, then I do not know what this phrase means.

The game is, due to the ability to fly ALL the vehicles in ALL the levels, sometimes easy as pie, or sometimes annoying as Battletoads (especially with the jetpack). Nevertheless, the difficulty is, overall, fair, but at the same time challenging. Let’s take Level seven “The Shrooms of Doom” for example. In this level, you have to start with a jetpack and fly in a passage filled with giant mushrooms, which will throw you back (if you take this on a wall, you’ve lost and you must start the level over again).You have to fly at turn two times, and return to the now open barriers. Then you will go to hell (including not painful flames), press the off button flanked by mushrooms, after that you can return to the surface and touch the flag to win.

The gameplay is pretty unique and feels great, but also vague or imprecise, but I could not remember a similar game with this physics. As a pilot of a helicopter, UFO, jetpack, or even TARDIO (An orange version of the TARDIS from “Doctor Who”) you have to solve various puzzles, perform tasks, or otherwise,to get to the coveted flag. You need the winch, grapple, grenades or tractor beam (according to vehicle) to lift apparently a ton heavy things or bridge sections, and then drop them on Zombies or switchs or columns to build bridges for a van. The controller with WASD works fine, only a few cars wave too hard, even with the equally well-functioning Z/ X Rotation (Y / X, if you have QWERTZ, there was apparently no room for. AZERTY ).

Hanna in a Choppa 2

The graphic appears very simple, at first sight but the background is very complex and the whole game has a very great attention to detail. You can tell that the developer that he had fun in drawing, designing, and generally evertything. And the music, which was created according to each vehicle, as each vehicle has its own theme song, just without vocals and it repeats itself. Still, it’s nice to hear the peaceful music of the balloon, the celebration msuic of the SAM and the music of of Jouster (a man flown by a swan). is reminiscent of 8-bit video game melody.

But with all the adulation I have to put something critically, the control of jetpack and SAM are very difficult and let you fly you in the wall very quickly. The radiating tractor of UFO, TARDIO and Zorb (A kind of magic hamster ball.) only attracts things and doesn’t retains them. That means, if you go too fast, you lose your objects, something that doesn’t happens to you with a winch. Also, in the TARDIO the tractor beam is on the side, and it’s a game of patience, to keep the self erecting TARDIO constantly in a horizontal position. Also, there seems to be a bug (I do not know if it’s one) that if you lie with a jetpack on your stomach on the floor, you cannot get up, unless you manage to come to a slanting wall, but this rarely happens. Then it seems probably to be a good idea, to just press R to restart times.

Overall, “Hanna in a Choppa 2” is a very good game. The few errors are forgiven quickly as graphics and sound are in perfect harmony, the number of references on other games and media is huge (It goes from Do not Panic over HANNA RUN, RUN! and F = MA, to THE CAKE IS A LIE ) and the funny pronunciation of the title in the title screen made me laugh at least more than one time. If I were one of these IGN guys, I would give 8.5/10.

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Admin Note: Hey Everyone! This is a guest review by Taiboss. He will be posting occasionally and I’m happy to have him on the Guidology team. If you’re interested in writing for Guidology then check out this official post.