Seedling is the newest game by one of my favorite developers, Connor Ullmann, who may be best known for Quietus, but will soon be known for his great new game Seedling. Seedling is an action-adventure game that will trigger some serious nostalgia if you remember playing the original Legend of Zelda. The game is actually played much the same, you explore a strange world and quickly gain access to a sword and shield, as well as various other treasures. Along the way you must venture into various caves and slay creatures. The game takes up much the same graphics of some of the older games, sticking to thick, blocky graphics. If you loved playing the original Legend of Zelda, or just love adventure games with a great storyline, then you’ll love Seedling as it brings hours of addicted fun!


For the most part, the game wasn’t too difficult. The enemies were easy to kill and most of them could only take three hits. What was hard about the game, though, was finding your way around. There were a few times where I’d get lost and wonder were I was. A little map of where the different dungeon were, even if vague, would help with finding your way around. Usually it takes a while to find the next dungeon and that can be frustrating. Once you found the dungeon, though, you still had to deal with a few puzzles, until you got to the boss for that dungeon. The puzzles weren’t too difficult, but sometimes took a few tries, as dying would result in reseting most of the things in the map. Similar to Legend of Zelda, all of the bosses are killed in unique ways, which keeps the various boss battles interesting.

The gameplay was phenomenal. It felt like what you might expect from an older games. The mechanics of the game are very simple and the game is easy to play. I loved the idea of exploring dungeons and slaying giant bosses. The puzzles for the dungeons kept the game interesting and, overall, the game had a good mix of adventure, action and puzzle. The storyline itself was interesting – you are born from the wind to recover a seed for an oracle who is concern about a giant tree. While this is an interesting idea and storyline, it didn’t feel well integrated with the game. I actually didn’t even see the oracle and learn about the storyline until I had cleared a few dungeons and if I hadn’t I would probably have never really know what the storyline of the game was and would simple thought that it was about some quest to kill several monsters. A simple fix to this would be to make a visit to the oracle, and hear the story about your birth and quest, something that you must do to continue in the game. Overall, the gameplay was fantastic. I love all Zelda-like games and this one is one of the best that I’ve ever come across.


The artwork was perfect. If you look a few other games that Connor Ullmann has made, then you’ll see that he does some beautiful pixel-art. This game is no different. The game sticks to very few colors and captures the retro look very well. The is in 3×3 blocks which help boost the retro atmosphere of the game. Everything is well animated in the game and all of the different sprites look very good. One aspect of the game that quickly caught my eye was the variable climate and light. The climate change is only noticeable as you head north, as thick snow begins to blanket the landscape and blow in the wind. The other, the lighting, is only seen in a few adventure games, which is surprising. I really like the fact that you feel as if you the world really is change and that time is passing. My only complaint is that sometimes it becomes hard to see at night. All in all, the graphics look fantastic. It is done to look very similar to the earlier games and achieves that perfectly.

The music for the game is by RekcahDam. I really enjoyed it. Much like the artwork, RekcahDam goes for a style that would fit well with the era that Seedling is aimed at. There are actually fifteen different tracks for this game, which is amazing, especially considering that most Flash games only stick to one or two. Some of the tracks still to more action and energy, while other better convey a sense of mystery and adventure. RekcahDam does a great job and bringing all of these out in his tracks and it definitely adds a lot of atmopshere to the game. If you want to hear all of the tracks for the game, you can either hit the “W” key in-game, or go directly to his page on Bandcamp for access to all of the songs, or buy them for 1 USD or more.

All in all, if you’re into adventure games, then this is the game for you. It will keep you hooked until you complete the game. Any fan of the Legend of Zelda series will immediately fall in love with Seedling as it brings many aspects of the early Legend of Zelda games, but brings a few of it’s own twists to create an exciting and original game. In review, the difficulty was perfect. The game occasionally brought a few challenges, but nothing too frustrating and most things could be solves after a few minutes of exploring. The bosses were fun to fight and continued to be challenging even after figuring out how to beat them. The gameplay was perfect. I love adventuring, slaying monsters and puzzles and this game encompassed all of that and brought it together into one game. The artwork was amazing and captures the retro look perfectly. My only suggestion for the art would be to lighten up the nighttime just a little bit as it became hard to see. Finally, the music was fantastic and worked well with the artwork. In closing, the game was fantastic and any fan of the Legend of Zelda series, or the genre of adventure will find this game to be one of their new favorites. Be sure to play Seedling today on Kongregate!

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