After a long wait, the Endless War series continues! I’ve personally been a big fan of the Endless War series for quite a while now and to see the fifth installment out was very exciting. If you remember play this series then you probably remember playing as a soldier in World War 2 (as well as a chapter or two based in the future) having to take down large numbers of enemies soldier (mostly) all by yourself. Vitaly, the developer, bring back much the same concept of this but instead of running around on your own two feet, you’re now in giant tanks, that’ll rip your enemies to shreds! Between battles you can upgrade your tank to dish out more damage, fire further, repair faster and much more – but probably more exciting than upgrading your tank is unlocking new ones. As you level up you’ll gain new ranks and will have access to new and more powerful tanks!

Endless War 5

One of the only flaws for me was the difficulty ramp. In the beginning of the game you’re working with small vehicles with weak machine guns. Unfortunately, there are still some of the tougher enemies lying in wait that will tear you apart in seconds. After you go through a few battles you’ll have access to better vehicles and then the tides begin to turn. In a way this is rewarding. Once you get one of the better beginning vehicles, or your first tank, you feel unstoppable compared to what you were only a couple of battles ago, and for me, that is one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. Another aspect of the difficulty that caught my eye, was that some of the levels were more difficulty than their later levels, or simply had more enemies strategically placed. I found the last level of the game to be one of the easiest in the last five or so levels and that was a bit of a disappointment as you’re working your way to that level for the entire game only to find out that it’s one of the easier levels. For the most part through, these levels were more difficulty than levels you would see in other shooters. This game actually challenged you and made you think ahead, unlike most shooters that will let you kill anything in a hit and take little damage yourself, EW5 made you aware that one slip-up would kill you.

The gameplay itself was incredible! I liked the idea of driving a tank around and destroying my enemies. THe transition from weak vehicles to your first tank, and eventually to the best tank in the game was perfect. The game continuously felt rewarding and you always wanted to know how well the next tank was going to perform in the battlefield. I did however feel that there were one or two issues with the game, that if fixed could make the game much better. One, during most of the game, if you kept your range level high enough, you could destroy most tanks without them even firing at you. This is what made the second half of the game so easy. The A.I overall could have been improved. I’d love to see the enemies react to your shots, for example, if you are out of range for them, it would be nice if they would travel in the opposite direction of your shot to come closer to you. If you have memories of playing Endless War 1-4, then you probably remember the A.I for your allies been weak, almost all of them would be instantly killed when the battle started and you’d have to do everything on your own. This, sadly, is also true for Endless War 5. In a way, this is exciting, you are a one tank army that gets to practically tear the enemy apart single-handedly, but an aspect of realism is lost. While fighting alone is fun, I think it would improve the atmosphere of the game immensely if your allies actually got into the bases and had the change to kill a few enemies before dying. A simple fix would be to simple grant them ten times or so more health. Overall, the game is really fun to play and I had a good hour-and-a-half, two hours, of fun that was interesting throughout, but a few changes to the game would make it even more awesome.

Endless War 5

The artwork looked really good. In the first few Endless Wars the artwork was very simple and cartoonish. Around Endless War 4 the artwork becomes a bit better with new textures and shadows, but this time around EW5 hits it out of the park. I loved the detailed style. It made things look more realistic and the game achieves a great top down view. The textures used in the game looked great and looked seamless. The attention to detail gives tanks and other weapons a technical and authentic look. In the beginning of most of the later levels you begin to see the game take a more chaotic style, where there are many explosions and shots being fired. This is great for the atmosphere of the game and it simply looks beautiful. Overall, the artwork is fantastic and the attention to detail is perfect.

All in all, Endless War 5 is a fantastic addition to the series and any fan of the shooter genre will find themselves immediately hooked to this game. It takes everything you love about the previous Endless Wars and introduces the exciting aspect of tank warfare. In review, the game was pretty difficult in the beginning, but once you got moving the last several levels were very easy, especially if you have 3-5/5 range for your tanks. A bit of tweaking to the game and it could provided a bit more rewarding of a difficulty. The gameplay was very fun and unique. I loved the idea of being able to drive tanks around and demolish the enemies, but I would also have loved to see the A.I in general be a bit smarter. Many of the levels could be completed with little confrontation if your range is high enough. The artwork was very impressive. THe style of the series continuously improves in my mind. The attention to detail was great and gave a more technical look to the various weapons and vehicles. I really liked the music, as it work very well with the game, as did the sound effects. I did think however that the explosions could be a bit louder as more of a reward for blowing up a tank. For closing, I thought that this was a great step in continuing the series. It introduced something new that hasn’t been done in the series so far and was very enjoyable to play. I anxiously anticipate Endless War 6 and I know many other will too. Be sure to play Endless War 5 today on Kongregate!

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