Protector 3 has recently been released and I’ve found it to be an extremely fun game. With each play through you can change different aspects of the game and eventually improve your overall score at the end of the six years. IN my first play through I suffered from various aspects, like not knowing what upgrades to the buildings yielded what skills (thus making me lose a lot of building material and money for things I didn’t necessarily need. I will continue to expand upon this guide. If you have any tips on how to beat this game with the highest score please leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the guide.


In the beginning of the game you are prompted to select one of four different classes. The different classes are the Wizard, the Warrior, the Rogue and the Priest. From reading the comments, I’ve heard complaints about how the Wizard class won’t use its spells in combat, even with a good supply of mana. I picked the rogue class for the beginnig of the game, but I would also consider the the Warrior class.

Village Purchases

Throughout the game you can make various purchases and upgrades for your village’s buildings. All upgrades have different effects. One may allow for a new job to be accessible, another may allow for a higher cap level on your skill, and yet another may reward more gold from various jobs. Many upgrades actually allow for all of these. In the beginning of the game you won’t be making too many purchases here because you won’t have enough gold or building resources. Once you finally have the ability to make an upgrade there comes the decision of which to buy. This is often a daunting decision because you do not know what new trainings the upgrade will yield and you may purchase and upgrade and receive a new training exercise that you don’t need. For this part of the guide I would love if you guys could contribute what upgrades give what effects (primarily what new jobs and trainings are gained).


Training Room effects: +100 Max Combat skill, +20 Prestige, + 20 Piety, Unlock new training (?).

Mechanical effects: +100 Max Combat skill, +25 Prestige, + 25 Piety, New Training: Advanced Combat.

Combat Literature effects: +100 Max Combat skill, +30 Prestige, + 30 Piety, New Training: Advanced Magic.

Training Equipment effects: +100 Max Combat skill, +50 Prestige,  +50 Piety, Unlock new training (?).

Pointy Stick effects: +50 Max Combat skill, +75 Prestige,  +75 Piety.

Sleeping Quarters effects: +50 Max Combat skill, +75 Prestige,  +75 Piety.

General Store

Window Display effects: +100 Max Mercantile skill, +5% Base Sale Price, + 10 Prestige.

Bigger Storeroom effects: +100 Max Mercantile skill, More Items for Sale, +5% Base Sale Price, +15 Prestige.

Magic Abacus effects: +100 Max Mercantile skill, Better Items for Sale, +5% Base Sale Price, +20 Prestige.

Monocle Bay effects: +100 Max Mercantile skill, Better Items for Sale, +5% Base Sale Price, +25 Prestige.

Timesheets effects: +50 Max Mercantile skill, +50% Gold From Stocktaking Job, +5% Base Sale Price, +30 Prestige.

Polished Floors effects: +50 Max Mercantile skill, Increased Skill Gained from Stocktaking Job, +5% Base Sale Price.


Big Bookcases effects: +100 Max Learning skill, +10 Prestige.

Monkey effects: +100 Max Learning skill, +15 Prestige.

Blackboards effects: +100 Max Learning skill, +20 Prestige, Unlocks Tutoring Job.

Ticket System effects: +100 Max Learning skill, +25 Prestige, +2 Gold From Librarian Job.

Children’s Section effects: +50 Max Learning skill, +30 Prestige, -1 Stress From Tutoring Job.

Levitation Books effects: +50 Max Learning skill, +30 Prestige, Increased Skill Gained from Tutoring and Librarian Job.


Ducks effects: +100 Max Relaxation skill, +10 Prestige.

Park Benches effects: +100 Max Relaxation skill, +15 Prestige.

Foliage Snippers effects: +100 Max Relaxation skill, +20 Prestige, Unlocks Gardening Job.

Wishing Well effects: +100 Max Relaxation skill, +25 Prestige, +2 Gold From Pond Skimming Job.

Fishing Nets effects: +50 Max Relaxation skill, +30 Prestige, +2 Gold from Gardening Job.

Park Statue effects: +50 Max Relaxation skill, +30 Prestige, Increased Skill Gained from Gardening and Pond Skimming Job.


Big Bell effects: +100 Max Zeal skill, +10 Piety.

Bejewled Altar effects: +100 Max Zeal skill, +15 Piety.

Scented Candles effects: +100 Max Zeal skill, +20 Piety, Unlocks Preaching Job, Unlocks New Training (?).

Scripture Storeroom effects: +100 Max Zeal skill, +25 Piety, +2 Gold From Altar Boying Job.

Stained Glass effects: +50 Max Zeal skill, +30 Piety, No Stress From Altar Boying Job.

Cushioned Pews effects: +50 Max Zeal skill, +30 Piety, Increased Skill Gained from Altar Boying and Preacher Job.

Hunter Camp

Drying Racks effects: +100 Max Exploration skill, +10 Prestige.

Mapmaking Kits effects: +100 Max Exploration skill, +15 Prestige.

Hunting Dogs effects: +100 Max Exploration skill, +20 Prestige, Unlocks Hunting Job.

Improved Bows effects: +100 Max Exploration skill, +25 Prestige, +3 Gold From Hunting Job, Unlocks New Training (?).

Sharp Knives effects: +50 Max Exploration skill, +30 Prestige, +2 Gold From Skinning Job.

Puppies effects: +50 Max Exploration skill, +30 Prestige, Increased Skill Gained from Hunting and Skinning Job.


Fruit Basket effects: +100 Max Construction skill, +10 Prestige.

Rainbow Tablecloth effects: +100 Max Construction skill, +15 Prestige.

Mannequin effects: +100 Max Construction skill, +20 Prestige, -1 Stress From Table Setting Job.

Sailor Outfit effects: +100 Max Construction skill, +25 Prestige, +1 Gold From Table Setting Job.

Leather Waistcoat effects: +50 Max Construction skill, +30 Prestige, +2 Gold From Table Setting Job.

Moustache Combs effects: +50 Max Construction skill, +30 Prestige, Increased Skill Gained from Table Setting Job.

Mage Tower

Summoning Circle effects: +100 Max Magic Resist skill, +10 Prestige.

Enchanted Kit effects: +100 Max Magic Resist skill, +15 Prestige, Extra Items at Store.

Magical Mixery effects: +100 Max Magic Resist skill, +20 Prestige, -1 Stress From Test Subject Job.

Gilded Books effects: +100 Max Magic Resist skill, Gifted an Item, +25 Prestige.

Requirement Room effects: +50 Max Magic Resist skill, +2 Gold From Test Subject Job, +30 Prestige.

Portal Kit effects: +50 Max Magic Resist skill, Increased Skill Gained from Test Subject Job, +30 Prestige.


Fancy Bottles effects: +100 Max Scavenging skill, +10 Prestige.

Pickled Parts effects: +100 Max Scavenging skill, +15 Prestige, Extra Items at Store.

Distillation Gear effects: +100 Max Scavenging skill, +20 Prestige, -1 Stress From Alchemy Job.

Herb Storage effects: +100 Max Scavenging skill, +1 Gold From Alchemy Job, +25 Prestige.

Orc Manure effects: +50 Max Scavenging skill, +2 Gold From Alchemy Job, +30 Prestige.

Plant Picker effects: +50 Max Scavenging skill, Increased Skill Gained from Alchemy Job, +30 Prestige.


Quality Anvil effects: Extra Items in Store, +10 Prestige.

Enchanted Coal effects: Unlocks Fine Blade Forging Job, +15 Prestige.

Jorellium Steel effects: Improve Weapon Rarity in Shop, Gifted an Item +20 Prestige.

Giant Callipers effects: -2 Stress From Forging Job, +25 Prestige.

Fancy Banners effects: +1 Gold From Forging Job, +1 Gold From Fine  Blade Forging Job, +30 Prestige.

Selection of Books effects: Improve Item Rarity in Store, Increased Skill Gained from Forging and Fine Blade Forging Job, +30 Prestige.


Armour Stands effects: +100 Max Armour Use skill, +10 Prestige.

Enchanted Hammer effects: +100 Max Armour Use skill, Improve Armour Rarity in Store, +15 Prestige.

Armour Polish effects: +100 Max Armour Use skill, -1 Stress From Armour Polish Job, +20 Prestige.

Expanded effects: +100 Max Armour Use skill, Extra Items Sold at Store, +25 Prestige.

Gold Gildings effects: +50 Max Armour Use skill +2 Gold From Armour Polish Job Job, +30 Prestige.

Anatomical Stand effects: +50 Max Armour Use skill, Increased Skill Gained from Armour Polish Job, +30 Prestige.


Pretty Flowers effects: +100 Max Bravery skill, +10 Piety.

Holy Water Fountain effects: +100 Max Bravery skill, +15 Piety.

Shovels effects: +100 Max Bravery skill, +20 Piety, Unlocks Grave Digging Job.

Guard Station effects: +100 Max Bravery skill, +25 Piety, -1 Stress From Grave Digging Job.

Sentient Plants effects: +50 Max Bravery skill, +30 Piety, +2 Gold From Grave Digging Job.

Lamp Posts effects: +50 Max Bravery skill, +30 Piety, Increased Skill Gained from Grave Digging Job.


Larger Pens effects: +100 Max Nobility skill, +10 Prestige.

Better Feed Fountain effects: +100 Max Nobility skill, Unlocks Horse Training Job +15 Prestige.

Fancy Banners effects: +100 Max Nobility skill, Extra Items Sold at Store, +20 Prestige.

Grooming Equipment effects: +100 Max Nobility skill, -1 Stress From Horse Training Job, +25 Prestige.

Quality Shoes effects: +50 Max Nobility skill, +50% Gold From Horse Riding Job, +30 Prestige.

Horse Whisperer effects: +50 Max Nobility skill, Increased Skill Gained from Horse Riding Job, +30 Prestige.

Important Skills and Trainings

In my mind, you only need three different skill to beat the game (clearing “The Root of All Evil”). These are Melee Skill, Armour Use and Magic Resist. If you can get these three skills high enough then you’ll be able to resist many of the attacks throughout the game. Once your resist is high enough you’ll never be hit. If you’re a warrior or rogue, you’ll find that Melee skill is one of the most important skills and will let you deal more damage and hit harder against the bigger enemies. What I did notice through (and this may only be because of the difficulty ramp) but later in the game, no matter how long you train your Melee skill you’ll do the same amount of damage. This might just be me though, but it might be wiser to invest more in the resists, especially later on in the game, where most of the battles (without a high resist) will leave you with about half health. If you’re interested in getting all of the building upgrades then you’ll want to invest a bit in Construction, as from what I can tell it’ll allow you to earn more materials and lower the cost of building things. You’ll still be able to get most of the upgrades you need by the last dungeon without the Construction upgrades.

Armors and Weapons

In the beginning of the game you’ll want to stick to the best armors you can get. The store, on my play-through, never had anything good. Most of the good armors and weapons can be found in the dungeons. Some Armors and Weapons will allow you to regenerate health after each turn. If you find one of these armors, or weapons, then you’ll want to equip them. Near the end of the game (if your resist isn’t high enough) the enemies will deal around 25-35 damage. The health regenerative armors and weapons that I had equipped by the end of the game allowed me to heal 30 health point after each hit. That meant that each time an enemy attacked, my next turn their attack would be rendered extremely ineffective, nulled, or I would even gain health, compared to my last turn.

Throughout the game you’ll be able to collect Prestige. The most expensive item you can collect with Prestige is the Ancient Blade, which has 25 physical attack and 25 magical attack. Before I bought the Ancient Blade I had the Red Lightsaber, which I found in the second or third stronghold (whichever came before “The Root of All Evil”), which has 20 physical attack and 20 magical attack. The weapon usually dealt 30-35 damage. If you find the Red Lightsaber, then don’t buy the Ancient Blade as it only does one or two damage point more on the enemies. Instead invest in one of the other options.

Finding New Villagers & Exploring

Finding new villagers means unlocking new buildings. Of course buildings can grant various bonuses and are important to the game. The only way to find new villagers and buildings is to explore Arkandia, through the map menu. While exploring you’ll encounter random events that you will give you bonuses, such as high levels of Prestige and Piety. Throughout your exploring you’ll be able to collect random pieces of loot and gold coins. Exploring is also vital to unlocking new dungeons, which’ll allow you to kill monsters and collect loots in said dungeons that you would otherwise not have been able to access.

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I’m still trying for a hundred percent in the six years and I’m sure others are aiming for this too! If you have a short guide on how to beat the game and get one of the best endings, leave a comment! Have any other tips for the game, be sure to leave a comment!