Notebook Wars 3 is finally out and is better than ever! Take to the skies with a whopping forty different ships and twenty different weapons to equip yourself with (compared to only ten different ships and ten different weapons in Notebook Wars 2). The game has a bunch of different levels, including two different modes, “normal” and “frenetic,” which is much like easy and hard modes that you’ll see in other games. It also features a survival mode that’ll send endless swarms of enemies after you. Try to upgrade your ships as much as possible and buy the strongest weapons to blast your foes out of the air. If you’re looking for a great shooter to keep your attention then you’ll want to play Notebook Wars 3!

Notebook Wars 3

The game has great difficulty. Many of the levels challenge you to have both a strong ship and powerful weapons. I thought this was important because the game challenged you to invest in both, instead of just one, where you might see something like that in other games. In many of the levels I had pretty good weapons, but my downfall was armor. For most of the levels Notebook Wars 3 is all about grinding, and upgrading your ship. There are so many different upgrades to get and all of them are exciting to try out. Most of the enemies could be taken down easily, but every once in a while you’d get hit by a bullet that would deal a good amount of damage to you. The game did have one flaw, and that is that one type of bullet looks incredibly similar to the coins. I heard that the developer, matakukos, was going to fix this though, and the change will probably come very soon.

When I first started up the game I was wondering what had been done different. Of course, with a sequel you want the games to be similar, but also bring a couple of new things to the table. I really liked how there was an option to change the game speed (frenetic). I always thought that the game was a bit slow and to see that there was an option to speed it up by quite a lot was very exciting. I thought it was odd through that you couldn’t play the normal modes if you completed the previous level in frenetic and vice versa. I would have at least liked the option. Another big change with the game is the amount of ships and weapons. I was really excited to see all of the different weapons and ships available. One thing that was not changed too much was the actually gameplay, where you got to shoot down ships. While it’s classic, is enjoyable to play and has worked for Notebook Wars so far, by the third game, there should be a little be more than just shooting down ships, maybe more powerups. At least a bit more. Even a storyline would make up for this. So far, across three games there is no storyline and I would love to see one, as they encourage people to play through the entire game and have a specific goal in mind.

Notebook Wars 3

One of the things that has always made Notebook Wars unique are the graphics. As you might be able to tell by the title, the game plays on notebook paper and is colored. I really enjoyed this concept and Notebook Wars originally caught my eye because of this. The landscape of the game, the map and the land below you when you fly, both look fantastic and fit in with the whole scene and concept of the artwork. The ships, probably the biggest artistic part of the game, looks great. All forty of them looked different from one another and had nice shapes to them. The coloring on them was pretty good and many of them featured bright colors, which I liked. Overall, the artwork was fantastic and loved the unusual notebook art that the game has continued to feature.

Sound was also another big part of this game, but instead of focusing on music, the game takes a different route and focuses on the sound effects. During the battles usually all your hear are the sound effects and the music is drowned out by them. In a way, this is good and bad. Good because you get to hear a bunch of explosions and your guns firing, but also bad because they can quickly become repetitive. I would rather have music than sound effects. The music for the menus was really good and fit in with the game, sadly, this epic music would not be heard during the battles. To combat this, if you want, you can turn off the sound effects in the options menu and have only the music. Overall, the music for the game was really good, but I felt that it could of had a more dominate role in the battles.

All in all, Notebook Wars 3 is the perfect game to sink a few hours into. Recently, there hasn’t been too many great games coming out and I can say that this game has broken that trend. If you love shooter games, simply love upgrades, or are a big fan of the previous Notebook Wars then you’ll love Notebook Wars 3, as it brings you everything you love about the previous games and then some. In review, the game wasn’t too difficulty, but for some levels you had to grind a bit until you could get through them. The gameplay, is updated, there are many new weapons (double since the last game) and quadruple the amount of different ships to buy than the previous game. I felt that, with three games now that there would at least be some sort of storyline introduced, but I unfortunately didn’t see that. The artwork was fantastic. I know that I love the notebook theme, and it allows the game to stand out from all of the other shooters with a distinguished art style that not many games go for. Finally, the sound was a great part of the game, but I feel, by default, the the sound effects should be quieter and the music should be more dominate. Altogether, Notebook Wars 3 makes for the best Notebook Wars game thus far and introduces many new features to the table. Be sure to play Notebook Wars 3 today on Kongregate!

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