Strike Force Heroes is a new shooter game by JuiceTin, who also helped develop the Raze series. Both of the gameplays are very similar, but Strike Force Heroes definitely brings a bit more to the table if you ask me, with 65 different weapons, four unique classes and play styles, customizable characters, as well as special abilities and killstreak rewards. While the game is very much similar to Raze and Raze 2, this game separates itself with fun and unique gameplay that allows you to level up different soldiers giving you the option to specialize in specific weapons and play styles. If you enjoyed the Raze series, then I’m positive that you’ll love Strike Force Heroes as it incorporates everything you love of Raze, and then brings a bit more to the table.

Strike Force Heroes

I really liked the difficulty of this game. If you played Raze 2, specifically the last few levels in the Alien campaign then you know what bad difficulty can do to a game. Strike Force heroes had a bit of the same problem, where I felt that the difficulty jumped in the last three levels or so, but not to the degree of Raze 2′s Alien campaign. When I got near the end of the campaign I was a level eleven tank, but by the time I completed One Final Effort I was a level 24 commando. I probably didn’t need to adjust that much, but even then the last couple of levels did take a big jump in difficulty compared to the levels leading up to them. Overall, I thought, for the most part, that the difficulty of this game was perfect. Even though the end had a bit of a jump, this actually made the game more fun. where you had to level up a bit and put some time into level up, buying new weapons and experimenting with different classes.

I’ve always been a big fan of Raze, but I thought that this game brought some new stuff to the table that we hadn’t seen in Raze. The ability to pick different classes made the game very interesting from the get-go. What Ifound though is that the different classes are unbalanced. I originally picked the Tank, as it sounded the smartest – being able to deal a good amount of damage in return for taking very little yourself, but I found that getting close to enemies was very difficult without dying, therefore rendering his shotguns useless. This is why I had to swap over to the commando, who I leveled up much quicker and dealt more damage. The classes are definitely fun to play with and I’m excited to use them all and of course decide how to better play the Tank. There were also some unbalances in the different enemies. Snipers were usually the only deaths of my characters, even in high difficulties. They often got head shots, had extremely high accuracy, and dealt large amounts of damage. Most of the other units were easy to kill though. One of the things that i thought was interesting with this game, is that if you change your soldiers’ colors then not only do their uniform colors change, but also what kind of uniform they are wearing. For example, th sniper class has pretty simple looking armor, but if you change the color to white you have a fur uniform. One of the little easter eggs in the game I believe, is that if you change the Tank’s color to white then he is dressed up as a storm trooper. Overall, the gameplay of the game was fantastic. I thought that it incorporated much of what we love of Raze and then brought even more to the table.

Strike Force Heroes

The artwork of Strike Force Heroes is simple beautiful. The artwork is by Michael Sleva, who is also credited with the main menu background of Raze 2. He exhibits two very different art styles in these two games. The Raze background is obviously very well detailed, a lot of shading, et cetera, while in Strike Force Heroes, he aims for a much simpler look, that is executed very well and looks great. The characters had a nice look to them and had great animation. The foregrounds and backgrounds for each level looked fantastic and everything had a good amount of detail. All in all, the art looked perfect.

One of the things that I thought was perfect with the game is the music. All of the different tracks had a good amount of action in them, with quick beats and a quick pace. The sound effects for the game fit in quite well. The music definitely took center-stage for the game, as to reduce repition and the music was enjoyable to listen to. The menu music is perfect, works well with the game, and after you complete a level it’s nice to hear something that is at least a bit more calming. Overall, the music was really good and the sound effects worked well with the game.

All in all, Strike Force Heroes is one of the best side scrolling shooter games that I’ve come across in a while! If you enjoyed the Raze series then you’ll love this game as it takes much of what we all love of Raze and then smartly addds things to the gameplay, that, for me, makes Strike Force Heroes better than Raze 2. In review, the difficulty of the game was perfect. If you played the Alien campaign in Raze 2, then you probably know how fragile the difficulty ramp of a game can be and how a game can be ruined by a bad difficulty ramp. Strike Force Heroes doesn’t fallow this path, thankfully, and the game is fun throughout. If you do want more challenge, most of the Challenge levels are a Hard difficulty or higher. The gameplay is a bit unique to Raze and the biggest plus for me is the four different classes which I hope to continue to explore and level up. The artwork is really good and I liked the style that Micheal Sleva brings to the table. The characters look very good and the backgrounds even better. The music is really nice I thought that it fit in with the game very well. All in all, if you’ve enjoyed JuiceTin’s previous games then you’ll love Strike Force Heroes. Be sure to check it out today on Armor Games!

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