Enigmata: Stellar War is the newest game by KidGamez, developer of two other Enigmata games, which are seemingly part of another series, at least part of another genre. Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with the storyline, but, Enigmata: Stellar War takes the stance of a lone squad of warriors revolting against the current leader of their galaxy, for various reasons. The gameplay is unlike the previous games. In the previous games it was much more of a space shooter, with an independent, maneuverable ship, but in Enigmata: Stellar War, it is much more of a tower defense game, with excellent gameplay, unlike any other tower defense game I’ve ever played. If you liked the first two Enigmata games then you’ll love this game as it combines many of the same elements of the two original games, but presents them in a unique tower defense game.

Enigmata: Stellar War

This game is actually very difficult, I found myself getting stuck in some of the mid-levels, where you had to begin reconsidering your unit choice and have to rebuild to the limitations of the amount of units you can have. I was able to get through a good portion of the game with decently leveled basic units, but as the bosses become more powerful you begin to see the need for better and more expensive units. Some of the levels will make you rethink your strategies as the bosses may be structured differently allow your current play-style to be rendered ineffective. Most of the battles, excluding the bosses, are rather easy if you smartly place your towers and have a good mix of powerful units, defensive units and passive units that allow for big hits, quick health recovery and tough defenses. Overall, the only challenging part of most of the levels I’ve encountered have been the bosses and even then, if you can grind to have enough cash to keep your units upgraded and in tip-top-shape then you shouldn’t have a problem.

The gameplay was fantastic. I love the tower defense take on the series. I’m usually not too big of a tower defense fan, I feel like I’ve seen too many of them and all of them have generic gameplay as well as storylines, or no storylines at all. Enigmata: Stellar War changes this and actually turns out to be one of the best tower defense games I’ve come across. It has extremely polished gameplay and is exciting to play; the game is fast paced and keeps you on edge. I love adding new weapons to my ship and trying to find a good combination. I liked how a certain parts of the game, it would require you to do certain objectives first, like getting three excellent rankings. This would let you explore a new part of the game, or try something that you might otherwise not have done in the game. Overall, this is one of the best tower defense game that I’ve come across in a while and I’m excited to continue to explore the game and try to get the most powerful ship I can.

Enigmata: Stellar War

The artwork for the game is incredible. I really like the look of the game. It combines strong colors, sharp lines, an incredible attention to detail, with a smart inclusion of special effects that pull the whole game together. One of my favorite parts of the game is trying out the different skills, which all had neat special effects. What I like most about the game’s artwork is the detail. Of course, any ship as complex as featured in this game must be complex. This is reflected in the game where many parts are obviously visible. All of the units also have good color scheme. Most enemies consist of only two colors excluding a black outline for the different parts. The backgrounds also were fantastic and had a great science-fiction element to them, where multiple planets can be seen close together, and many debris and construction can be seen in space. All in all, this game feature amazing art that has great color and attention to detail.

Finally, the music for this game fit quite well. It had a touch of science-fiction, a dab of adventure and a whole lot of action. There were a few different sound tracks, I’m not positive on how many, but enough to not get tiresome or repetitive. Sound effects also played a big role in this game, as in any shooter. I like how the sound effects were a bit down-played as to not get repetitive and to allow the music to play a bigger role. I’ve played some games where the music is tossed in as more background noise and while this works in some cases, when the sound effects can become repetitive, such as listening to explosions every half a second, the game should allow the music to take center stage and that is a smart decision by KidGamez.

Overall, Enigmata: Stellar War is one of the best tower defense game that you’ll probably come across this year. If you enjoyed the original two Enigmata games then you should find some root in this game. In review, the difficulty of the game is mostly based on how much you can stock up for some new weapons and upgrades (luckily, this doesn’t take too long), but also part strategy, where each placement of a unit should serve a purpose. The gameplay is unlike any tower defense game I’ve ever played. It is quick paced, exciting and continues to challenge you. Once you reach later parts of the game, it can become very chaotic, with lasers flying everywhere. The artwork is incredible and has a strong combination of vibrant colors, attention to detail and special effects. Finally, the music fit the game very well and all of the different tracks were great. The sound effects hushed for the music which I though was smart and allowed for less repetition. All in all, Enigmata: Stellar War is quickly becoming my favorite tower defense/strategy games of the year. Be sure to play it today on Kongregate!

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