Many of you probably remember Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch my Gems, but recently announced by IriySoft, is the sequel, Cursed Treasure 2: Hey! Heroes! Leave Us Gems Alone! This game topped the list of best games on many sites and in my opinion is the best tower defense game to ever be made. If you’ve played the game then you most likely have fond memories of all of the levels and the exciting gamplay. The game’s art has been dramatically changed, from a more realistic look to a more cartoon-like look that has been popular with many successful TDs lately, which I despise, especially when I’d already fallen for the beautiful art of the first Cursed Treasure. The art is the only noticeably different so far. There hasn’t been too many releases on what the game will change, but hopefully the game will retain everything we love about Cursed Treasure: DTmG and bring even more to the table. I’m really looking forward to it and will be posting a release article when it comes out to keep you guys up to date!

Cursed Treasure 2