Roar Rampage is a new arcade game by Neutronized, developer of Sky Island, Double Panda, and more. This new game, tosses you in control of a giant green dinosaur, who has been separated from his son. Destroy the city with your punches and gain various bonuses that’ll give special effects to your punches, like bombs and lightning. Through your rampage, you’ll encounter enemy soldiers and machines that’ll fire bullets at you. This arcade game is similar to Rampage, where you get to destroy buildings and fight various enemies, but it’s still differentiates itself in several manners.

Roar Rampage

When I first started the game, many of the levels were extremely easy, but before I knew it the levels were increasingly becoming very difficult. I thought that the difficulty ramp was very sharp, where one level, you may breeze though, but the next you’ll struggle through for many tries. With the game’s difficult to master controls, especially where in the later levels a slip-up can mean your death, the game becomes even more challenging, but for the most part, in a frustrating manner. While, I generally love difficult games, this one seemed to have both a sharp rise in difficulty and some levels seemed to rely too much on the random chance of a health-pack or two. Overall, I’m mixed with the difficulty, some of the levels were easier, even later in the game, and some seemed to be unleveled with how much health you actually had.

The ability to smash through buildings was the first thing that really caught my eye with this game. It was satisfying and fun, but the controls are what really ruined the experience. At first I liked the controls, you could pull the mouse back and then jut it forward to deliver a most powerful punch, but later in the game, due to the bad mechanics, joints, and the often small distance between you and the buildings this made the game especially difficult and let you exposed to attacks for a good amount of time before you could even break through the building or kill the enemies. What I did like about the game though were the power-ups and the neat effects that they would have on the buildings. When you could actually beat one of the later levels, it was quiet rewarding, but I still felt that there were some actual errors in the gameplay that lead to more frustrations than actually fun gameplay elements. Overall, while the controls were fun to play and experiment with in the beginning of the game, later on they became and annoyance and often you couldn’t get in strong enough punches to keep you alive.

Roar Rampage

I really admired the artwork. This is one of the few features of the game that I can say was all-round perfect. I love pixel art and this game was entirely made of it. The dinosaur looked amazing and was well animated. I loved the little additions such as the spikes on the back and the boxing gloves that seemed to really bring the piece together and incorporate the theme of the game. The buildings looked fantastic and the background was great as well. I liked the addition of the background moving up or down depending on where your mouse was. This added a bit of depth. Overall, the artwork is the best part of the game for me, it looks fantastic and is well animated.

I also really enjoyed the music. It had an energetic, but dark feeling to it, that I thought worked well with the premise of the game and also the nighttime atmosphere. The sound effects also sounded great and worked well with the game and fit in  quite well. Overall, the music and sound effects played a crucial role in the game and sounded great.

All in all, Roar Rampage is a fantastic arcade game, but i couldn’t help feeling that with a little touching up that it could have been much better. In terms of gameplay, I loved it, the game had a really great idea, but the game would have been much better if it was more zoomed out, giving you more space to swing and charge your punches, and would also give some room for creative level design. The game eventually become extremely difficult and this was because, while the amount of health points in the beginning of the game worked well, it later spelled trouble in more challenging levels. The graphics were wonderful and I loved the design of the dinosaur and the building. The music was also a good choice, it carried both the feeling of action, mystery and darkness, that I felt incorporated into the game well. Overall, if you’re looking for an awesome game to keep you busy for a while, then fire up Roar Rampage! Be sure to play it today on Armor Games!

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