Possibly one of the best known Flash games makes it return, for it’s second sequel Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3! Once again you play as Fancy Pants, a well animated stick figure, sporting some slick orange pants. The games aren’t usually too difficult, but the main attraction to Fancy Pants has always been the slick controls, that you won’t find in any other game, and the unique level design that has you running upside down at times, doing flips and simply running like a hedgehog for most of the game. With the combination of slick controls, unique level design, amazing art and animation, this makes for one of the best platformers that you’ll come across these days. In the third installment of Fancy Pants, the series introduces your sister, who wheres a purple skirt. When she beats up the captain of a pirate crew, the crew makes here captain and she becomes mad with power.

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3

The difficulty of the game hasn’t changed too much, though I’d have to say that the game has gotten easier. While, this game is about the same length as the other games, there weren’t too many enemies and I can easily beat the game without coming close to dying a single time. I always felt that this was lacking in the Fancy Pants series, but from another angle, you can see why these games are so fun, there is little challenge and the main characters run a million-miles-a-hour doing flips and going through loops. I did like the addition of the ninjas, which occasionally hit me, but never could do enough damage to actually kill me off. A new addition were the helmed units, which you couldn’t kill by jumping on their heads, but you had to hit them with your pencil sword first. As long as you plan everything correctly, this still isn’t much of a challenge.

The gameplay itself was incredible. Since I first played Fancy Pants I loved the slick controls that had Fancy Pants sliding cross the screen. While you slide, you still had a lot of control over the character, which I loved. What caught my eye when I first played the games were the loops that the character could simply run through, upside-down. Of course, Fancy Pants 3 hasn’t abandoned that and you regularly find yourself being tossed around the screen as you come off of a big loop. The storyline itself was a nice addition. The previous games had very simple storylines, one being that your ice creme cone had been stolen. Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 takes it to a whole new level and actually delves a bit more into the world of Fancy Pants by introducing his little sister. His sister eventually becomes a pirate captain and tries to kill you. I liked the extra depth the storyline gave the game.

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3

One of the things that I’ve always admired about the Fancy Pants series is that, while others games were aiming for a more realistic style, Fancy Pants remained very cartoonish. Some parts of the game come together very well to form a wonderful landscape. The game has a very simple style and utilizes few colors to achieve beautiful scenery. What caught my eye the first time I played the series was the extremely smooth animation. This is also true for Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3, where a few new enemies and a few new animations for Fancy Pants man comes in play. The animation is unbelievably smooth and slick – you won’t see this in too many games.

The music was also another big part of the game. There were different music tracks, it seemed, for every zone, or level. Like the previous Fancy Pants games, Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 has a very upbeat and energetic music. It works very well with the cute storyline and the simple artwork.

All in all, Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 is a game that you won’t want to miss! If you enjoyed the previous games, then you’ll undoubtedly love World 3 as it brings everything you love about Fancy Pants to the table, and more. In review, the game isn’t too difficulty. I would like to see some enemies with a bit more health, and able to deal more damage, but for the most part, this factor keep the game easy, fun and quick to play. The gameplay is something that I hope never changes. The game is always fun to play, as Fancy Pants man run around the levels, like an Olympic sprinter, and can run upside-down. The game also introduces a few new units that changed up the game a bit that continued to spice up the game. The artwork is simple and fits the cute and humorous writing of the game. Finally, I loved the music and the sound effects. They worked extremely well with the game and the different levels. All in all, if you loved the first games, like I, then you’ll love World 3!