More than likely, you remember the great Infectonator series, by TogeProductions. Now, Infectonator is back for it’s sequel (after two separate spin-offs, a Christmas and World-Domination edition). I’ve always been a big fan of Infectonator and while I haven’t played Infectonator 2 for long, I know that it’ll quickly become one of my favorite games of the year. Your goal in Infectonator is to infect the people of the world with a zombie-like virus that will eventually spread to other people in the city. The goal is to infect everyone in the world! This is a very simple game, with easy controls and overall easy difficulty, but nonetheless, I always end up playing the games for hours, trying to infect the entire planet. Once again, TogeProductions has moved away from their older retro look and have replaced it with the style of their second most recent game, Reich of Darkness. If you liked the original Infectonator than don’t wait another second to head on over to Armor Games and fire up Infectonator 2!

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