Monsters’ Den Chronicles has recently been released and many of us may be trying to figure out the best way to survive through each campaign. This guide to very much a work in progress, so feel free to contribute with suggestions on what classes to pick at the beginning of campaigns, what the best weapons are, and what the best armors are. With a game like this there are many different paths to go with and some work better than others.

This guide still has a lot of work to be done, so I’ll be continuously updating it until it’s more complete. I’m trying to get a glossary of all of the weapons, armors, et cetera, right now from the developer (which he may or may not have). Hopefully, that’ll be up soon and should be not only a neat addition, but will let you know what the best weapons and armors are.

Suggested Parties

What’s the best party for you? Leaving a comment below and I’ll update the post with your party.

By DeAimon

Class Sub-Class Fighting Style
Ranger Warden ?
Warrior Champion ?
Cleric Confessor ?
Rogue Assassin ?

DeAmimon posted a really great guide for this party. You can read it here. This is one of the most in-depth guides for Monsters’ Den Chronicles, so it’ll be a definitely help, and provide you with an awesome party.
By Brian

Class Sub-Class Fighting Style
Cleric Inquisitor ? (Suggested: Radiance)
Cleric Confessor ? (Suggested: Radiance)
Ranger Warden ? (Suggested: Healing Lore)
Ranger Marksman ? (Suggested: Healing Lore)


“I liked your build for sustainability, but I tweaked it a bit. Instead, I’m using both Cleric and both Rangers. At one point, both rangers get the “Swiftness” skill which is an active skill that increases a party member’s quickness by 15. You can use Swiftness on your Rangers first and then use it on your Clerics for an entirely swift party. In addition to both Clerics’ healing ability, both Rangers can get Herbal Remedy which is another healing skill!”

By Mike

Class Sub-Class Fighting Style
Warrior Captain ?
Cleric Confessor Radiance
Rogue Thief Opportunist
Ranger Warden ?

Specific Set-Up:
Confessor – Front Line: Center

Captain – Front Line: Left or Right

Thief – Front Line: Left or Right

Warden – Secondary Line: Center


“I went with the Captain, Confessor, Thief, and Warden. The warden’s in the back and I have the rest all in the front. I put the confessor in the middle of the formation so they all get radiance. The thief is set to opportunist so that he gets a bunch of free half-turns to finish off enemies.

The warden and thief are my main damage dealers, with my captain for utility and my confessor for healing. My frontline is pretty tanky, especially with buffs like Hold the Line and debuffs like Holy Light making it so that if my party does get hit, it’s reduced by quite a bit.

Thorns is also pretty useful, if an enemy uses a skill that hits more than one person then they’ll usually take a ton of damage. And both my confessor and warden have ressurrection skills so that in the off chance I lose either one, I can revive the other.”


Class Sub-Class Fighting Style
Cleric Inquisitor Radiance
Cleric Confessor Radiance
Ranger Warden Healing Lore
Mage Conjuror Arcane Armor

After playing the game a bit I realized the immediate need to heal members during combat, instead of relying on Restoration Shrines. I decided to go with a party that would be able to sustain itself, being able to take a lot of damage, heal themselves overtime and deal a fair amount of damage themselves. What’s great about this group is that all of the party members have the ability to heal one another (except for the Conjuror) and all of them deal a fairly good amount of damage. Obviously, the two clerics should be placed in the front line and the mage and ranger should take defense behind the clerics. With the clerics Radiance ability all of the party members are constantly being healed. The ranger’s Nature Balm also provides strong regeneration healing over time.

The Confessor will be able to take care of himself. He has high armor ratings and in the beginning of the game is given a war-hammer that destroy anything in its way. I decided to have the Confessor specialize in taking and dealing large amount of damage, while my other cleric, the Inquisitor would have strong healing abilities. The Inquistitor also has high defense and can deal a fair amount of damage. The ranger will be able to start off the battle for you most of the time and deals a fair amount of damage. His Nature’s Balm and other healing spells will keep the party healthy and his piece attack will be useful in the beginning of the game. Finally, the party is reinforced with a mage. Some enemies will be harder to kill physically. The mage can deal large amount of damage to any enemy.

For skills, make sure both clerics gain the Resurrect skill early on. Along with a resurrection and a couple of healing spells, a defeating ally will soon be back in the game.

For me, this is the best party I’ve found and I’m confident that it’ll get me to the end of the game.

General Tips

Have a tip? Leave a comment below and contribute to this guide!

1) Stuck at a certain part of the game? At any time you can quit a quest (by going to the main entrance) and you can restart the quest. If you choose the same characters, they will contain the same stats and equipment that you had when you quit. This is useful in the beginning of the game, but probably shouldn’t be used, unless entirely necessary, if you’re deep in the dungeon. If you start a new quest with the same characters all of the enemies will be leveled to your characters so that you can begin to level-up and receive new equipment before getting to the point you were stuck at.

2) Want to breeze through the game regardless of what difficulty setting you’re on? If you keep some of your party members at a low level (levels 1, 2, et cetera) then enemies on new floors will spawn a lower levels regardless of how high a level your strongest party member may be. This allows you practically kill anything in one hit later in the game, utilizing only one or two of your party members. Only use this method if you want to kill the entire integrity of the game and want to be able to brag about how you beat the entire game with a bunch of level 1 party members. This is an odd, round-about way of completing the game, that I hope the developer fixes in future updates, and probably will fix.