Burrito Bison Revenge is the sequels to the very popular game Burrito Bison which was released about this time last year. Now Burrito Bison is back and he’s finally escaped from Candy Land, that had imprisoned him during the last game on a normal shopping trip at the grocery store. But wait – something is missing! The gummy bears have stolen his wallet and Burrito Bison must return to the decadent world of sweets to retrieve his wallet and deal more pain to the gummy bears. This time around the game is packed with more to do – many of the original upgrades are back, but now you also have the ability to alter the cops to help you, increase your top speed and unlock a hidden upgrade. Also, included in the game is a huge quest system, that for me, is a big improvement over the previous game. If you liked the original Burrito Bison then you’ll love the sequel.

Burrito Bison Revenge

Like most launcher games, the difficulty isn’t really there. Most of the time you can just launch Burrito Bison and then come back to the game in a minute or so to see him finally come to a stop. Usually you can do this and get around the same distance than if you were to actually participate in the game and you get around the same money count. The difficulty doesn’t really seem to change throughout the game, although, more police are added as you continue through Candy Land and get ever closer to his wallet. I would have liked to see a bit more interactivity, such as in Toss the Turtle, you can actually begin to move the turtle in the air slightly left or right. This would definitely help score more hit with special gummy bears, avoid police and would make the game a bit more skill-based and less luck-based.

The game is tedious, and the prices of various equipment and upgrades is set high as to make this game drag out for hours on end. For me, the game is a bit too long with too little differentiation between different parts of the game. Much like the original Burrito Bison your goal is to make it to the end of Candy Land and escape. Burrito Bison Revenge takes very much the same storyline, where you end up in Candy Land again, but with the simple twist that you must also escape with your wallet that the gummy bears had stolen (or maybe you’d forgotten). I did however like the big improvement in the shop and the newly added quest system. The shop was revamped to now include a couple of new upgrades and three new wrestlers. This added a little spice to the game, but simply not enough to stop it from feeling like the original. I think the best improvement came with the addition of the quest system. Much like Chuck the Sheep, after each run it tells you if you’ve completed a mission or not. What I felt was lacking though, is that you cannot complete a mission if it doesn’t not show up as the three current missions (viewable after completing a run). This meant that you often had to complete very specific tasks in a very random game.

Burrito Bison Revenge

I thought the artwork was a big high-light of the game. I’ve always admired the artwork in Burrito Bison and Burrito Bison Revenge was no exception. Not much of the artwork was changed between Burrito Bison and Burrito Bison Revenge, but some of the backgrounds were change. The stadium went from crowded to deserted and destroyed and it appears that many of the other backgrounds were changed. While the artwork went mostly unchanged, I felt that it really didn’t need to much changing and that a couple of switches with the backgrounds is enough, as the game already looked fantastic. There were a couple of sprites that didn’t make it to the end product of Burrito Bison, such as the entire gummy bear cast of the original Burrito Bison, except, for the rocket riders, and of course, for the original gummy bears. And with the leaving of those bears came seven near bears, which all look really good!

I’ve always enjoyed the music in Burrito Bison. It has a nice Wester/Latin American theme to it. It seemed to match the theme of the game really well, with excitement and anticipation. The sound effects were another big part of the game and narrated everything perfectly – from the crunch of landing on a gummy bear to the implosion of an engine on a plane, to the pop of a balloon.

Overall, Burrito Bison Revenge is lacking in a few areas in what I thought could have been improved, but exceeded my expectations in others. If you enjoyed the first or are just looking for a great launcher game to keep you company for a while then this is the game for you. With it’s long gameplay and 120 missions this game will keep you hooked for hours to come. In review, the difficulty just wasn’t there – not like many launcher games have actually achieved making their game difficult, but I felt that Burrito Bison could have allowed a little wiggly room for us to move Burrito Bison a bit, left to right, (similar to Toss the Turtle) which would allow for a little more interactivity and skill. The gameplay was an improvement over the original Burrito Bison, now sporting more upgrades and things to purchase, as well as 120 mission to try. Although, many of the upgrades seemed very expensive and because of that the game seemed to drag on an unnecessary amount of time; while the game was fun, two or three hours of doing the same thing over and over again in bound to getting boring. One aspect of the game that i think Burrito Bison has always exceeded in is the artwork. While it didn’t differ to much from the original a few backgrounds were change and new characters were added as well as others removed. The music has always been appealing to me and I thought that it worked perfectly with the game. All in all, Burrito Bison is probably one of the best launcher game’s your going to see all year! Be sure to play it today on Newgrounds, AdultSwim or Kongregate!

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