As Guidology continues to grow, I’m looking for more writers to join the team! You’re are allowed to write about anything game related – such as new releases, betas for games, news of upcoming games, walkthroughs or reviews. This is a volunteer position that you won’t earn money from, but is satisfying job that allows you to connect to a large audience, made up of thousands of gamers every day. So if you’re looking for a place to share you’re opinions, or write a guide, on the latest hit game, and share with a large community, then this is the place! If you want to join the team then just leave a comment below and from that I can find your e-mail. Note that you’re e-mail is entirely confidential, and will not be shown in your comment (it is only viewable to me) and will only be used to send you more information on the position. I’m looking forward to having you on the team!