If you’ve looked at Newgrounds today then you’ve noticed that you won’t be able to access the hompage. Right now you can only reach a neat splash page with a few social networking plugins in place. If you go on Newgrounds regularly then it’s more than likely that you’ve heard from Tom Fulp, and read on the forums, about the upcoming site redesign. This is really exciting and is a big day in the Flash gaming world. I’m really looking forward to the new site design and I hope for the best. Newgrounds should be up and running again with it’s new site design in a few hours (just a guess) and they’ve┬ácautioned┬áthat the site could simply break down again once they publish the new fixes, but don’t expect that to take too long.

What do you hope the new site design brings and when it is released what do you like and dislike about the design?