“You heard it right, one of the best music games, just got its forth sequel and is now out on Kongregate! If you like music games then there is no doubt that you’ve played one of the Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe (SCGMD) games at least a few times. The music genre is relatively small and by far, SCGMD is the biggest and most successful series that’ll you’ll find in that genre, and is one of the most popular and successful game’s you’ll find in the Flash industry. Like all of the previous SCGMD games you play as a little stick figure as he jams out with his guitar to songs created by several different people (used in the game by their permission of course). As always, the tracks are really fun, are great to listen to, and are incorporated into the gameplay well. If you enjoyed the previous SCGMD games, or haven’t played them before, then I highly recommend that you get on over to Kongregate right now and fire up the game! I’ll try to get a review up soon!”

Here is how to unlock all of the secret songs:

Hold in the Ground – This song is unlocked by choosing the guitar “Solid-G.” Solid-G is unlocked by completing the first horizontal row of achievements.
Toys and Us - This song is unlocked by choosing the guitar “Timmy Toy Time.” Timmy Toy Time is unlocked by completing the second horizontal row of achievements.

Guitar vs. Piano - This song is unlocked by choosing the guitar “Stealth Bomba” Stealth Bomba is unlocked by completing the forth horizontal row of achievements.

Here’s a list of all of the achievements:

S (orange, accumulating stats related)
Anyone Can Play – Play a song.
C-Note – Hit 250 Notes.
Grubby Hand – Hit 1000 Notes.
Time Well Spent – Play for two hours.
Butter Fingers – Make 1000 mistakes.
Tinnitus – Play three hours of music.
Cliffhanger – Fill 500 holds.
Hooked – Play in pro mode 100 times.
Insatiable Curiosity – Get all of the special achievements.

C (blue, stars related)
Warm up – Get a silver star.
Hat-trick – Get a star on three different songs.
Gold! – Get a gold star.
Flawless victory – Perfect a song.
Put a Ring on It – Gold every regular song.
Wunderking – Perfect five different songs.
Supernova – Get 75 star points.
Midas Touch – Gold 17 songs in pro mode.
The Chosen One – Perfect 17 songs in pro mode.

G (red, unlocks related)
Carrot on a Stick – Get an achievement.
Spoilt Rotten – Get five achievements.
We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Van – Unlock two new guitars.
Locksmith – Unlock seven new songs.
Skeleton Key – Unlock ‘Switch vs. Evil-Dog Round 3′.
Shhhh! – Play a secret song.
Master of Unlocking – Unlock all 15 regular songs in pro.
Phase 3: Profit! – Use every guitar.

M (green, boss related)
Brave or Foolish – Encounter a boss.
Go for the Eyes! – Defeat a boss.
They Think It’s All Over… – Defeat a boss, but only just.
You’re Already Dead – Heavy boss damage over 10 seconds.
Stay Down – Overkill a boss.
Two Brothers One Stone – Beat the brothers.
Socialite – Meet every boss.
Outta Time – Defeat the god of time.
Against All Odds – Defeat every boss in pro mode.
Let Me Show You Them! – Overkill every boss in pro mode.
Let the Rivers run red! – Overkill every boss on 17 songs in pro mode.

D (Gray, combo related and some others)
Cover Band – Get a silver on ‘In Love with Myself’.
Rock Steady – Perform a 25-hit combo.
Wet and sticky – Reach x4, 4×4 times.
Bebop – Perform a 100-hit combo.
Tribute Act – Get a silver on ‘Switch vs. Evil-Dog Round 3′.
Shredder – Perform a 250-hit combo.
Inner Journey – Reach x5 multiplier 25 times.
Sticks on a Plant – Reach x10 Multiplier.
Student Becomes Master – Get a perfect on ‘Presumed Dead’.
The Wizard! – Perform a 1000-hit combo. (Only obtainable in I Just Wanna Burn pro)
Tubular – keep pirate god visible for 2 mins in pro mode.

Special Achievements
Screen It All – See Every Menu Screen.
Skin of Your Teeth – Just Scrape a Star Award.
Premature Articulation – Hit lots of buttons before the music starts.
Analysis Paralysis – Spend a while choosing a song.
Crack of Dawn – Play the game at 6AM.
4’33″ – Press nothing for a whole song.
…Makes Perfect! – Play the same song 5 times in a row.