AxisGames just recently released Hands of War TD and are now focusing on Hands of War 3. I’ve been a big fan of the first two games and I’m really looking forward to the third game. Hands of War is an adventure RPG heavily storyline based. If you haven’t already start up the first Hands of War game as it is a really impressive game. There are two different storylines, Phoenix and Guardians. Currently, AxisGames is looking for suggestions on what to add to the series and has part of the game design document done. If you want to keep up to date with the Hands of War 3 development then be sure to check out the AxisGames forums and sign-up for the beta testers group. Be sure to take a look at this thread if you want to become a beta tester. I’ll try to post on major updates to the game and when the beta testing begins.

How Do I Become a Beta Tester!

Hands of War 3 Suggestions Thread!

Play Hands of War 1!

Play Hands of War 2!