Newgrounds has finally released their first app onto the app store, titled GroundCats. The game features the creative mind of Tom Fulp, creator of Newgrounds, artwork by JohnnyUtah, audio by Stamper, programmed by nfk and a bit of voice acting by The-Swain. With 3 different game modes, medals and achievements this makes for an addictive gameplay that’ll keep you hooked! Currently, the game is only available for iOS devices, but Tom Fulp mentioned that if GroundsCats does well that there will be more mobile games, some that’ll be available on Android devices. This game is only a dollar, so be sure to snag yourself a copy, especially if you’re a Newgrounds fan! There is also a commercial for the game by JohhnyUtah, that if you can check out here, if you want to check out the game before buying it.

Here’s the official game description:

“Early this morning, Major Wing received the following telegram:

Under Assault.
GroundCats Attack.
Birds Dying.
Send Help.
Corn Cob Holders Would Be Nice.

Now he’s looking for a few good recruits to mount a rescue operation and repel the GroundCats attack. If you think you can help, please join the cause.

Lead Blackbird across the base as he rescues his army buddies from the GroundCats’ sneak attack.

Help Mahoney shoot down crazed hordes of GroundCats with only one thing on their minds: dinner.

Unlock Time Trial to put your reflexes to the test. Help Blackbird avoid scores of RoboCats in a simulated GroundCats’ attack. How long can you last in this gruesome gauntlet?

Featuring three game modes and two online leaderboards to challenge your friends with plenty of achievements to keep you coming back for more. Laugh along with animated cut-scenes by JohnnyUtah and Stamper from; those guys are HILARIOUS!”

View GroundCats on the iOS App Store!