Abobo’s Big Adventure belong to no specific genre. It combines the greatest NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) hits into one great game that is interconnected through an NES styled storyline. It reminds us of the great days of the NES and is a fantastic tribute to the era. So what do I mean by combining the greatest NES hits? Each level is a different NES game. Abobo’s Big Adventure goes through such games as Mario, Street Fighter, The Legend of Zelda and many more! If you want to reminence about the days of the NES to bring you back to your childhood, or simply want to relive and visit some of the great classic then this is a fun game to play. In the beginning of the game, our main character Abobo’s son is kidnapped by baddies! You must help Abobo to rescue his son! I haven’t beaten the game yet, but the developer promises an epic ending that you will “…remember for the rest of your life!”.

Abobo's Big Adventure

I thought that the difficulty was perfect. The game gave you five lives and if you ran out you’d have to restart the level, which is more than generous considering some NES games would punish you by making you restarting the game from the beginning. Most of the enemies were to easy to take out and the mini-bosses were plentiful in some levels, breaking up the mindless beating of the weaker enemies. Since each level was different it is harder to talk about difficulty, in comparison to other games, but I thought that the over difficulty was very good and that nothing was too easy, nor to difficulty and provided a nice balance that made the game even more enjoyable.

Game design was excellent. Some other games around the net have tried to redo some of the classics, but I’ve never really enjoyed them as they just seem like blatant rip-offs of the original games providing or bringing nothing new to the table. Abobo’s Big Adventure doesn’t do that thankfully and instead incorporates a bit of it’s own style into the games with various parodies and NES characters popping up in levels, regardless of if they were actually there in the first place. For example, in the first level, Donkey Kong tosses explosive barrels at you while you fight off baddies in a Street Fighter-like reincarnation. This spices up the game and you never really know what’s going to happen around the next corner. I’m also a big fan of the classic games that appeared in the NES era and when this game came out I knew I had to play it and review it. Most of the levels are from big-title games that most of us have played and probably have copies of stowed away in our garages or attics. You immediates know what game you are playing and probably already know your objective and controls. This makes the game and its levels really easy to explain with little explanation. The level concept was really neat as you didn’t have to be a big fa of one game to like another level. In other words, you get a taste of every genre and even if you’re not a big fan of one level or think it’s too difficult, you know that another totally different game awaits in the next level. This is one of the most unique games of the year and’ll probably remain on that list of the rest of the year.

I’m pretty sure that all of the sprites are originally artwork of the artist for this game. This makes the game even more impressive and some of the sprites look better (or more modern) then some of the older NES sprites, but they still retain the alluring NES feel that any pixel art enthusiast, or retro gamer will enjoy and admire. I have to point out that this game is comprised of possibly hundreds of sprites, as each level is a different mini-version of a classic game. All of the sprites look NES era and are animated appropriately to fit the era. The artist is PoxPower, who had notably released such games as the charity game Tsunami Fighter and Charlie Sheen – Winning, and Territory War Online (all collaborative efforts). A big congrats to him for making some amazing pixel art that easily brings a sense of nostalgia and recalls simplicity when all else is complex.

The music perfectly matches what you’d see in the original NES games. I’m not entirely sure who did the music, it could be remakes of the tracks (as I’ve see on Newgrounds a lot) or possibly the original tracks. Regardless, the game can face no legal obligates since it’s a fair parody and is free to use any version of the music. I’ve alway enjoyed the simple sound of the games for the NES, most of which are comprised of short loops. Sound effects also resembled the originals and added a bit of depth to the game’s sound department. Overall, the music was really good and matched the various games and their scenes perfectly.

All in all, Abobo’s Big Adventure comes together to form what’ll definitely be one of the greatest games of 2012 – yes, I’m calling it already! It rolls up the greatest classics of the NES into one big ball of fun that’ll keep you hooked until you beat the game. If you enjoy playing classic NES games then this is the game for you! In review, the game wasn’t too difficult or too easy and had a great balance. The gameplay was smart and unique. The idea of combining all of these different games into one is genius and the execution made the game extremely fun to play. And while the entire game is based off of other games, the developers still managed to add their own spin onto the games and keep it interesting and exciting throughout. The artwork was another great addition that fueled this already great game. I believe that most of the sprites are not the originals and in my mind that makes this game all the better. They all fit the NES era perfectly and were animated similarly. The music I believe is the original, or at least a very similar remake of the originals. This music pulled everything together to create a wondrously nostalgia scene. In conclusion, Abobo’s Big Adventure is a game that you will definitely not want to miss! If you liked some of the classic NES games then you’ll love Abobo’s Big Adventure. Be sure to play it today on Newgrounds!

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