Shadowess is a new skill/puzzler game, in which your goal is to be undetected by the enemy security and make it to the end of each level. This game is highly based upon light and the enemies will illuminate areas they can see, and in areas they can’t it will remain dark. Because of the speed of the enemies you must stay concealed in the shadows for most of the game. The artificial intelligence is smart and can even detect noise from when you bump into a wall. Shadowess is a very challenging game that’ll pit you against 32 levels of intense action. This game actually plays out similarly to “Help It’s the Unfinished Shadow Game” (a semi-popular game on Kongregate) if you’ve ever played that.


When I first fired up the game one of the first things I read was that this was going to be an extremely difficult game and I didn’t believe that I until I got to some of the later levels. The first level I got stuck on was level 16 and up until then I thought that the warning was mostly a joke. Later levels start to become more puzzle than action and you have to think out your moves carefully – one wrong move and you could be chased by a horde of enemies. Most of the enemies were hard to pass by and the levels took a bit of thinking out before they could solve. This is truly a difficult game that’ll continue to challenge you and that’s one of the main reasons I like this game so much.

The game is similar to Ultimate Assassin, or Help It’s the Unfinished Shadow game, HItUSG more than Ultimate Assassin, but regardless, both revolve around the aspect of sticking to the shadows and not being seen by the enemies or face death. I think that Shadowess executed the style perfectly and provided a super-challenging game as well. In the game there were different types of enemies which seemed to spice up the game a bit as some enemies had a kind of bird’s eye view of the area, while others could only see what was right in front of them. Enemies could also detect noise produced by you character bumping into walls. This was a genius decision and made the game a bit more intense, as well as added a wondrously neat feature that made the A.I even smarter.

The artwork was pretty simple, but in a sense, it worked perfectly for the game. The entire game is based off of light and shadows and what better way to represent that accurately than black and white. The shadows were realistic and looked good. The character artwork could have been better. They were simply circles with two different colors. As one commenter put it, the game should have monsters and I couldn’t agree more. With the already dark atmosphere, the developer could pull off an atmosphere like Neverending Light (by the developer of Platform Racing (Jiggman)) pretty well. You could be the lone survivor trying to escape from the monster-ridden world. Overall, the artwork fit the theme of the game, but the characters could have been done differently.

The music was very ambient and worked with the game quite well as it created a very dark mood. I’ve always have been a fan of ambient music as it can create atmospheres for games very well and this is no exception. Sound effects were all in place and sounded fairly well. Overall, the music was pretty good and helped create a wonderful atmopshere.

All in all, Shadowess is one of the best games, if not the best game to come out so far this year. This week has seemed pretty slow and uneventful with new (and awesome) games being released and Shadowess really made my day. The developer has been talking a bit about a sequel and I’m all for it as I’ve really enjoyed Shadowess so far. If you are a fan of either Ultimate Assassin or Help It’s the Unfinished Shadow game then no-doubt you’ll love this game as it has similar aspects and mixes in a bit of it’s own unique features to create one awesome game. In review, the game got to be pretty difficult and puzzling, so if you’re looking for a challenging game then look no further than Shadowess. The gameplay reminded me of a couple of other games, which make up a relatively small genre of their own, but Shadowess introduced a couple of new features that made the game all their own and interesting to play. The artwork fit the theme (light and dark) of the game pretty well, but I thought that the enemy and main character could have been rework (maybe we’ll see this in a sequel). The music was really good and I loved the ambient style. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a great game that will challenge you and make you think, or if you enjoyed Help It’s the Unfinished Shadow Game or Ultimate Assassin then you’ll definitely enjoy Shadowess! Be sure to check it out today on Newgrounds!

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