You heard it right, Bloons Tower Defense is now out on NinjaKiwi! The Bloons Tower Defense series is probably one of the most popular flash game series to have ever existed and anticipation for the fifth installment has been high. To me, the last few Bloons Tower Defense games have seemed a bit too similar to one another and while you practically do the same exact thing in BTD5, the execution is much different and spices up the series a bit in what I’d consider very positive changes. This time around there is a total of sixteen different towers, two new monkeys, the sniper and ninja, and 128 different outcomes for upgrading your monkeys. New to the table in BTD5 is activated abilities that allow your monkeys to do large amount of damage to specific balloons, similar to the MOAB we saw in BTD4. Newly available is special agents that’ll assist you in battle. There is also 8 newly designed levels ranging from beginner to expert with three different difficulty modes. All in all, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a Bloons experience that you will not want to miss! If you enjoy tower defense games, then you’ll want to head over to NinjaKiwi and play the latest installment of Bloons Tower Defense. Also, check out the NinjaKiwi blog for a look back on the series with Chris Harris.

Bloons Tower Defense 5

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