Some of you may already know about Child’s Play, but other’s may not. Child’s Play is a non-profit organization to give child in hospitals around North America, Europe and Northern Africa, during the holiday season, console games to brighten up their season. So far, out of the two-million dollars they want to raise this year, they’ve already reached one-and-a-half-million dollars and according to the official site, this is a new record for the largest amount donated in the shortest time period. Be sure to check out the site and if you want donate!

Recently, Kongregate and the developer, EdgebeeStudios,¬†of the hit game Swords and Potions have teamed up to help donate to Child’s Play. This events will last for three weeks, and between December 11 and December 23, you can craft special “gift” items in the game and donate them to the charity. Also newly implemented into the game is a new bar that counts how many gifts the community has given to Child’s Play. Note that this is entirely free and the gifts are easily crafted. So if you’re a big fan of the Sword’s and Potion game and have a flourishing shop then donate some gifts! Even if you aren’t a big-time S&Ps fan, the gifts cost little to make and once you get your shop rolling it won’t be long before you can donate a bit. If the community manages to donate 150,000 gifts by the end of each week Kongregate will give $1,000, if the community manages to give up to 300,000 gifts, Kong will give $2,500. But, if the user can donate 300,000 gifts each week Kongregate will not only give $2,500 each week, for a total of $7,500, but will also top it off with another $2,500 for the nice, round number of $10,000 total.

Swords and Potions: Child's Play Charity Event

Now, remember this event just started today, but we’ve already raised nearly 150,000 gifts! I know that we’ll be able to donate 10K to the Child’s Play charity. So load up Swords and Potions and start crafting those gifts today! Below are links to the game, more information on the Kongregate-held event and the Child’s Play official site.

Play Swords and Potions on Kongregate!

More Information of the Swords and Potions Event!

Child’s Play Charity!