The hit game return in a new adventure to kill two unsuspecting people. Guide the alien in this point and click adventure to make your way through the dark night, gaining new powers and abilities that’ll aid you on your journey. While not the longest game, this game does have pretty good execution and parts of the game can be a bit challenging. Here’s a quick and easy walkthrough for The Visitor Returns, now up on Kongregate!

Part 1

1. Unplug the lanturn.
2. Click on the lawn mower to turn it on.
3. Click on the lawn mower once again to turn it one an scare away the ratcoon.
4. Open the toolchest.
5. Click on the hammer and select the block of wood furthest to the right to knock it off.
6. Click on the plank of wood to unlock the trash can.
7. Click on the trash can to knock it over.
8. Click on the trash to hide in it.
9. Turn off the lawn mower and the ratcoon will come back and eat you.
10. You’ll then progress to the next section.

Part 2

1. Click on the stack of logs.
2. With the log selected, click on the fire pit.
3. Click on the can to the right.
4. Place the can in the firepit.
5. Click on the book in the chair.
6. Place it in the fire pit.
7. Select the purple jacket’s pocket.
8. Click on the fire pit to ignite the items.
9. Click on the can that the ratcoon was previously next to.
10. With the can selected, click on the spider web.
11. Now click on the spider to eat it.
12. Next click on the ratcoon to fire a web at it.
13. Click on the ratcoon to eat it.
14. Click on the broken window to enter the R.V.

Part 3

1. Click on the scorpion below you to eat it.
2. Open the fridge next to the dog and click on the plate of meat.
3. Click on the window again to go back outside.
4. Click on the dog.
5. Once again click on the dog to eat it.
6. Go back through the window.
7. Click on the plates in the sink when the man is drinking.
8. Click on the packet of cigareetes.
9. Click on the cuboard directly above you.
10. Select the lighter on the ground.
11. With the lighter selected click on the can that you just found.
12. Click on the man, once injured.
13. Click on the man again to kill him.

Part 4

1. Click on the door twice.
2. Click on the window to go outside.
3. Select the cooler.
4. Click on the bottle to smash the second window open.
5. Click on the newly broken window to enter the room.
6. There are many ways to complete the game. The mutation ending is earned by using the following combo: 2 1 3 5 4.

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