Long Way is a new Western styled tower defense (TD) game where you much travel the West, town to town, while being attacked by bandits. During the attacks, in a style much like Don’t Touch my Gems you much protect your bulls which work like a life system. Set up your units along the ridges and send waves to fire down upon the enemies ensuring that they don’t reach your precious livestock. In between battles you can upgrade your units and buy new skills for them. You can also buy extra bulls for more challenging levels and gain new companions in the town. This epic TD spans across 15 levels, all of which seem pretty challenging even on normal mode. If you’re a tower defense fan then this is a game that you won’t want to miss as it brings popular features of other TDs and then adds creativity and originality to morph into one great TD game that’ll keep you hooked.

Long Way

Long Way was a pretty difficulty game. I didn’t really figure out that the game is leaning towards quantity over quality. My tip is to build a lot of units in the beginning and once you have around 8-10 units you can upgrade them all pretty fast. When I wasn’t using this strategy normal mode felt more like hard mode. What I liked about the different game modes is that they challenged you to play on the most difficulty mode. You got extra rewards on a harder mode than if you played on an easier mode. So while you may usually play on easy mode, you could play normal for a bit of extra cash to buy something that might take a bit more money and usually the divide between the two modes is great enough to make it worth-while. I liked how the game was difficult and challenged you, instead of some games where units take a hit and dramatically die – unlike in Long Way, where most units can take a bunch of hit and still be a threat.

The gameplay is much like any other TD game. You send out your own units, placing them in strategic locations and then when the enemies arrive they move upon a set path and then you fire down upon them trying to kill them all before they reach the object, or location you’re trying to protect. While the idea has been done many, many, times before, Long Way doesn’t have that repetitive, “I’ve seen this before” feel, but along with a bit of a storyline, towns, and new units joining up later in the game, this makes for a pretty interesting TD with new things happening around every corner. The game begins, limiting you to only one units, but as you progress through the game you slowly gain more powerful (and more expensive) units that spice up the gameplay and make you look forward to adventuring to new towns, even if you have to go through a couple of battles first.

Long Way

The artwork was very good in my opinion. It wasn’t like DTmG, or most other popular TDs, that are pretty detailed, but instead Long Way uses a different style which kind of sperates them from the pack of TDs. I loved the cartoon look, the simple shading and the scenary in general. What I really liked was the cracks in the dirt. While simple it seemed to really add a lot. The menus and buttons that weren’t in the battle scenes looked pretty good as well. Towns, which all just copies of one another were simple and doubled a old western town and a menu, which I loved. My only problem is that, while the font choice was really good, it was a bit hard to read at times. Such as when you hover over the Johnny icon – the word “Johnny” itself is pretty hard to read.

The map music seemed perfect for the game. It had a nice Western feel that matched the game’s setting. It also merges with the epic bandit feel. The battle music was even more epic! Remember when the good cowboy and the bandit are about to have a shoot-out and everything slows down and of course what’s playing in the background? This of course! It holds an action feel that doesn’t get repetitive and matches the excitement of the game. The sound effects also played a big role in the game, but they were quickly drowned out by the sound of guns firing. I liked the war cry. The game over piece was pretty good, rather short, but never the less got the point across perfectly.

All in all, Long Way is a fantastic new TD game that any TD fan will absolutely love. It takes a bit of a new spin on the TD genre which often isn’t done that allows the game to be addictive and fun, but with the same TD gameplay that any TD fan will get hooked to. In review, the difficulty was perfect. Once you figure out a good strategy it should aid you nicely throughout the rest of the game. The three difficulty modes make the game more interesting with a bit of a risk-and-reward system that challenges you to face tougher monster for more money. The gameplay, while a tower defense game, felt original and I’ve never played a TD game based in the Wild West. Gaining new units along the journey and buying new equipment and skills kept the game interesting throughout. The artwork was also very good I liked how it wasn’t too detailed. The game had its own style that suited it well. Finally, the music was pretty good in my opinion and it fit the Wild West theme pretty well. Overall, if you’re a tower defense fan, then this is the game you’ll be playing for the rest of the day! Be sure to play it today on Kongregate!

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