Legend of the Void is a new RPG game that is the basis for an upcoming series, being part one, of what I hope, many to come. In the Legend of the Void, you’re on a ship and attacked by a mage and his companion. The sky is set on fire and you and your companion are soon washed up upon an unknown land. You must stop Gazzen before the world is thrust into armageddon! Venture throughout the land, travelling town to town and kill Gazzen. Along the way you’ll face various enemies ranging from side-quest gangs, wolves, skeletons and many more monsters. Throughout your travels you’ll gain new skills, increase the damage you deal, gain new weapons and collect new armors and amulets. Legend of the Void definitely ranks as one of the best RPGs that I’ve played in a long time and many people agree with me, as the game currently rests at a rating of 4.37 on Kongregate, currently the only major Flash portal hosting it.

Legend of the Void

Probably, the only thing lacking in this game is the difficulty. I didn’t put too much thought into leveling up and how I adjusted my skills, but I didn’t lose a single battle the entire game, except for one against the last boss Gazzen and his companion. For me, a difficulty selection would have been great to see, even if it only adjusted the health and power of the enemies by a bit. A little extra challenge wouldn’t hurt and I left the game with a rewarding sense, but one accomplished through fighting only loads of weak monsters. Some of the battles were a bit close, but luck was on my side most of the time. Overall, monsters did pose a bit of a threat, but with the ability to fully heal in between battles, most battles were in your favor from the get-go.

I really liked the gameplay. The developer violatorgames, described the Legend of the Void as a cross between Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo and Armor Games’ Sonny and I have to agree. I haven’t played any Diablo, but from screenshot, the adventure/exploration of these two games is pretty similar and the combat system is undeniably like Sonny. If you enjoyed either of those games then you’ll no doubt love Legend of the Void which seems to create a wondrous split between the two games. The adventure part of the game was very good and I loved all the different side quests you could take up or the different groups you could go after, even if not necessary, which would thus reward you with various items in their hang-out. The battle system, much like Sonny’s had great navigation and allowed the battles to be quick and rewarding. One feature that really caught my eye was the save character feature. This allowed you to save your character into a code format and then be able to save your character and share it with the world. Of course, this works vice-versa and you’re able to load up other’s characters. This is an awesome feature that i hope will allow us to load our own characters, or others onto the second episode! One thing that I have to point out, is the developer himself. He has been constantly updating the game and listening to everyone’s feedback. He’s truly listened to the people, heard their complaints and suggestions and is keeping in touch with the fans to provide an even better game.

Legend of the Void

The artwork was very good! I loved every bit of it and the graphics looked realistic and I’m sure that that is what he was going for.  The top down view was perfect for exploration and unlike some games, the exploration artwork was equal in quality to the battle scenes. Some games just take the opportunity to go super simplistic, or just don’t think that the exploration art is as important as the battle scenes. On the contrary, I think that the exploration is as equally important. Kimball provides absolutely fantastic artwork for the exploration and carries over the same goodness of the exploration art over to the battle scenes. Characters in the battle scenes were very detailed and well shaded. Character animation was fluid and had convincingly human movements to them. The backgrounds to these epic battles were dark caverns and foggy forests, all of which looked amazing!

While quiet, the adventure music added great atmosphere to the game. There isn’t much to say about the ambient piece, but that it seemed to keep the game alive and made you feel a bit more “in” the game. It was also a bit dark and matched the mood of the game perfectly. The battle music was really great. It was really dramatic and brought in some band instruments that really create an epic, adventurous, battle mood. It was the perfect fit for the game. Sound effects, like most RPGs were very present in almost everything that happens in the game, from attacking someone, to being attacked, to the simple pitter-patter of your feet moving across the ground.

Overall, the Legend of the Void, I predict is going to be another big series. This game is already a big hit with the people on Kongregate and I can’t imagine that changing anywhere else. So far the game has scored nearly 150K views in the last couple of days and that number is climbing fast. I personally, can’t wait for the next game. This one was a bit short though, but I do hope that the other ones are longer. The developer, Blake Kimball is really devoted to his fans and so far many suggestions have been taken to make the game even better and complaints have been fixed. In review, this is one of the best RPGs games that I’ve played in a while. The difficulty ramp was perfect, but I wouldn’t have minded if the monsters were a bit tougher throughout the game to provide a bit more challenge. The gameplay was wonderful and the story was pretty good. The ability to save your character and import other made this perfect for replay and opens the door for being able to import your character into the second episode of this series (which I hope he does)! The graphics were fantastic and had a great realistic style to them that was very attractive. The music was perfect for the game. The ambiance was perfect in adventure and when the battles heated up, so did the music as it transition to something much more adventurous and epic. All in all, Legend of the Void is one of my favorite games that I’ve played in a while, and I’m much looking forward to the second addition. If you haven’t played Legend of the Void then you’re are missing out! Be sure to play it today on Kongregate!

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