Bloom Defender is a new TD game by JuicyBeast, developer of a couple of my favorite games Feed the King and Burrito Bison. Bloom Defender challenges players to planet trees and upgrade them with water to fend off the waves of monsters. Defend the Mother Tree whom gives life to the world and has created unbalanced forces that had eventually become the evil forces that is trying to destroy her. Each monster has it own strengths and weaknesses and each tower has its own unique power that’ll prove useful in many different situations. Like many awesome TDs, Bloom Defender incorporates a spell system. Each spell, much like the monsters, has its own special strength. Fight your way through both normal and hard mode unlocking various towers and powerful spells. If you haven’t already played Bloom Defenders and love TDs, then you’ll want to be heading over to Kong now and joining in on the fun.

Bloom Defender

So far I’ve only played normal mode, and despite its name, seems like easy mode. If you know what you’re doing this game won’t be too difficulty, especially if you’re going through normal mode. Using a smart combination of correctly placed units, along with a barrage of spells should keep the Mother Tree safe throughout the entire game. What I found interesting about the game was that the units are barely injured by a single tower. Most towers only deal a small amount of damage and in this game quantity seems to reign supreme to quality. The difficulty ramp is pretty good and the game is never too overwhelming in normal mode, which I like.

One thing that caught my eye about Bloom Defender is that the introduction system was perfect. Each level, where a new spell was introduced, you have to use it numerous times to hold off the enemy in that level. It makes sure that you have a good understanding of the spell and insures that you know the strengths and weaknesses of each unit. For me, that was a great learning curve that allowed you to have a full understanding of everything before you set off into the big-bad world of beyond Sunny Woods. The gameplay, or at least how it was executed seemed unique to me. Each level, you planted various trees and upgrade them by watering them. The TD concept wasn’t too unique and overall, nothing too new was added that I haven’t seen before – except maybe the multiple paths (which isn’t a common addition most of the time), which kept you on your toes.

Bloom Defender

The artwork was really good. Like all of JuicyBeast’s games, the artwork was super cartoon-like and was really cute. All of the trees were different, which I liked (so that it didn’t look like a lazy recoloring as in some games). The baddies were also pretty cute and the ones that did have weaknesses conveyed their appearance that way so easy identification was possible. Spells were also simply done and were animation pretty well. Simple animation was in place and overall, the characters, and the rest of the artwork was really great.

The music was also very good and it not only had a bit of action, maybe a bit of adventure as well, also mixed in with what I can only describe as something that just seemed to match the environment perfect – cartoon-ish, fun and upbeat. The menu music was a bit more upbeat through and definitely carried a bit more adventure as well. Overall, I think the music choice was perfect for this game! Sound effects were another big part of this game and I loved how they maintained the same cartoon style. Sound effects were there for everything, hits, grunts, et cetera.

All in all, Bloom Defender is a great new TD game that you won’t want to miss. If you’re a TD fan then this is probably the game you’ll be spending the next couple of days with. In review, the game’s difficulty was perfect. Normal mode wasn’t too easy and wasn’t too hard – just right. The gameplay wasn’t necessarily anything new, which I was a bit dissapointed by, but the execution of this TD was perfect and I loved how they introduced the new spells. The planting and watering concept was also pretty unique and cute. The artwork was really good and the cartoon style was great. Characters were well drawn and animated. The music was wonderful and had an upbeat sense about it. Sound effects were good and seemed to match the game quite nicely. Overall, if you’re looking for a new TD game, Bloom Defender is your new destination! Head on over to Kongregate today to play Bloom Defender!

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