Necronator 2 is a new and exciting battle strategy game where your objective is to defeat the opponent while capturing buildings to fuel your army. Enemy reinforcements will form a constant stream from the enemy castle and will continuosly attack your units and spearhead for your castle. Between battles you can upgrade your units with a currency called “shields,” which are earned by completing various objectives at each battlefield, usually one for each game mode (easy, medium and hard). Featuring a specific unit enough in battle will result in them leveling up and raising their stats. This sequel by Toge games is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time and gets high ratings from me in all areas. If you’re not already playing this game then you’re missing out – especially if you’re a fan of Toge’s previous games or a fan of the original Necronator!

Necronator 2

Necronator 2 is balanced perfectly throughout the game. The difficulty is just right throughout, and the levels progressively get more and more challenging. What I really like was how the game was set up. You could pick how difficulty you wanted each level to be, but similar to how a couple of recent games have been set up, you don’t get as many rewards as if you were to challenge yourself to a high difficulty. For example, you don’t level up as often if you continuously play in easy mode, than if you were to play in hard mode and you won’t be able to earn as many shields if you don’t challenge yourself to some high difficulty levels. Unfortunately, it seemed that the game may have relied on that too much, too early. The first boss level, I’d called it, level five, is excruciatingly difficult. Even on easy mode, the boss has so much health that it can be really daunting towards new players. only through, what seems like, correctly leveling up your units and farming for experience can you take down this beast. That’d probably be the only thing I’d change about the difficulty, as the rest of the levels were fine and had a fun challenge to them that actually matched how you leveled up and your skill level.

What I didn’t like about Necronator 2 is simply this, the game is nothing like the original. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when developers change up the game a bit and still hold some of the same factors as the original, but Necronator 2 is unlike Necronator, the original, is almost every way possible. The path thing is probably what separates this game so far from the original that it’s hard to recognize. To me, it seemed like two different games and the developers were only using the name to snag a bit of popularity for their new game. What also shocked me a bit was that TogeProductions is popular for it beautiful pixel artwork, but in this game, the retro feel and look that all of their previous games have had is completely gone. The pixel art is what seemed to be TogeProduction’s signature. I could recognize their games from a mile away, but now it’s morphed the norm. I still love the artwork, a big congrats to the artists, but I just don’t feel like it fit in with Toge’s style that we usually see.

The gameplay was pretty good in my opinion. Of course, it’s nothing like the original, but it still worked. In my opinion, the original gameplay was better. The new gameplay (especially mixed with the artwork) just seems to scream Kingdom Rush. The old gameplay, actually felt rewarding whether you won or loss – you got to pick off the enemy defenses, kill people, infiltrate towns and destroy them building by building and all around it was a bit more addictive. Still, the new gameplay was pretty fun and brought up new challenges that previously weren’t included in the original. The game, overall, seemed a bit more difficult than the original and more strategy-oriented. What wins over for me, the original or, the sequel? Definitely the original. The original just felt a bit more unique and it had never really been done before and the sequel feels like it just another strategy game.

Necronator 2

Now onto the art. The art was a big change for the sequel and I talked about it a bit in the third paragraph. To me, the artwork was impressive. It definitely looked professionally made. I guess, the only thing that I really disliked about Necronator 2 is that it is called the sequel to a game that is entirely different. The artwork is so vastly different that if you held up images of the two games I would never even guess that they were related in any way. Toge just had the unbelievable pixel art style that I always looked forward to when playing their games. Now, that art is all gone and the same effect just doesn’t reach me. Maybe it because the artwork and the entire new game looks practically like Kingdom Rush with a few tweaks here and there. Overall, the artwork was pretty good, it looked professional and the sprites and animation were fantastic, but the change from pixel art to cartoon graphics seemed a bit too much of a drastic change and it ended up feel less like the original Necronator and more like Kingdom Rush.

The music was pretty good though. I really liked the music I thought that it fit the theme of the game wondrously. The battle music fit the theme of the game pretty well and seemed to have a hint of adventure in it. The menu music was also very good and definitely revolved around an adventure/epic theme. The sound effects were also very good and were inserted for all attacks and captures.

Overall, I think that my main problem with the game was that it is a sequel to game that has very little in common with it. The two games were very similar and when their so different there not much I can do but compare the two of them and say which I liked more. Personally, I think that TogeProductions was just trying to take a different direction with Necronator and wanted to see where it went. Some people may like it, some people may not. i just happen to be one of those people that say it doesn’t hold the same merits as the original. I personally, think this would work better as a new series. It just differs that much from the original. I don’t feel that the game reaches the same audience and usually, sequels maintain the same audience. So all in all, I’m just not a big fan of the new direction.

Necronator 2

The overall, game is still pretty good. It may not be the direction that I would have liked to see the game move in, as you can tell by my comparisons between the sequel and the original, but the game is still pretty darn good. In a bit of a recap, the difficulty was pretty good. The game was pretty challenging and I liked that. I also liked how the game wants to put you up against different difficulty levels, if you want to make it far in the game. The new gameplay kind of caught me off guard. I really liked the original Necronator. In fact it was one of my favorite games, and to see it changed so much from the original, was a bit saddening. Still, the gameplay was exciting, a bit more strategic and the upgrading was a bit more complex with the addition of a skill tree. The artwork lost it’s charm in my opinion. I loved the original Toge look, but the cartoon style isn’t half bad either. The music wasn’t changed too much – not like it could have been. It was still adventurous and had a epic feel to it. Sound effects were great. All in all, the new game isn’t even close to the original, but I have to admit that the sequel is one heck of a game that kept me around for a bit. if you haven’t played the game yet, then you need to! Fans of the original Necronator might be caught off guard by the dramatic change to almost every aspect of the game.

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