XenoSquad is a wonderful new tactical turn-based shooter game where your squad is sent on various missions, taking out hazardous beasts along the way. Between your missions you can equip your soldiers with different weapons and upgrade them with different stats. As the game progresses, so does the difficulty and larger, more threatening monsters will start to appear. Some levels to will challenge you to kill all of the monsters on the map, other will task you with reaching certain points on the map, some may be rescue missions and there are other missions where you try to survive a certain time period. With fun strategic battles, many different enemies and tons of upgrades and unique weapons, XenoSquads makes for one of my favorite Flash tactical TBS.


XenoSquads, unfortunately, is one of those games that are more challenging in the beginning then they are in the end. In the beginning of the game you are a small and deprived squad with little ammunition and health, also dealing small amount of damage. By the end of the game you are a flourishing team, battle-hardened and with a ton of ammunition, a fairly large squad and weapons and stats that’ll take almost anything out in a single hit. With a couple of revisions this could be a game with a great difficulty ramp. I’d love to see some of the monsters gain a bit more health as the game progresses and put up a bit more a fight. Fortunately, later levels did have a bit of puzzle aspect, such as level 5, where you have to hit a couple of switches, transferring your units from one island to the next the reach your objectives.

What I was really surprised by, was the smart artificial intelligence (A.I). All of the enemies seemed to have different A.Is that kept the game interesting. Early on in the game you encounter a little blue monster that’ll come out of cover, fire at you and then scurry back to cover. Most of the other enemies made a mad dash towards you though. Overall, the gameplay was really fun and is a genre that isn’t tried too many times in Flash. Here are a couple of things that I’d change though: Fire of all, the three dimensional effect was really nice, but most of the time, trying to find enemies was hard, as the walls often covered them and they became unseeable, unless you changed the viewpoint angle. I’d love to just see an outline of the creature through the walls, where it’d give an obvious hint to where the units were. Also, the enemy turn could take a while some time. As many others have suggestion, a skip/fast forward button would be great. I’m rooting that the developer adds this in a future update along with a fix for the first issue. Besides those two small problems, the game was very good. I’ve always have been a big fan of the tactical TBS and this was very exciting to play.


While the 3D style of the game did have it’s downfall, it did look exceptionally beautiful. The textures were perfect, the objects looked real, such as the metals and crates and the creatures matched that quality with great looks from every angle. I was really impressed by the artwork. Sometimes, I thought that the tiling was a bit unnecessary. It serves a small guide as to where the units are and their measurements from one another, but if you’re like me you really didn’t care and just guessed at safe distances – besides when you moved a small grid would appear nevertheless. Animations was also very good and the characters had realistic movements. The water was also animated very well and kept the scene lively.

XenoSquad featured a top-notch ambient sound track that worked flawlessly with the game. The style between the art and the music seemed to flow perfectly. While mostly ambient and dark, the piece did hit a bit of action and worked well with the fighting theme. Sound effects seemed to take the cake in the sound department of this game. Everything was voiced that needed to be, and sounded especially cool. The guns were spot on, movement sounded real and all of the monster attacked matched what I had in mind when I first saw them.

All in all, XenoSquad is one of the best, if not the best, tactical TBS Flash game that I’ve come across. If you like tactical TBS games then you won’t want to miss XenoSquad. In review, the game had a pretty good difficulty in the beginning, but it began to ease a bit once you continued further into the game. The gameplay was very fun and I haven’t  seen this genre executed too many times in Flash. 3D graphics, and smooth animation made the game even better. Character design was also very good and it was easy to distinguish characters from one another. The ambient music was great and helped emphasize the sound effects. Overall, XenoSquad is one of the best tactical TBS game that I’ve played in a long time. If you haven’t played XenoSquad yet then you’re missing out! Be sure to check it out today on Kongregate.

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