You heard it right, one of the most epic RPG games is now in the works to be set up for multiplayer on Facebook. The game sounds like it going to be awesome so far and the multiplayer interaction looks like it’ll fit in perfectly with the game. I’m personally a big fan of the original two games and I’m looking forward to Castaway: Online! Currently, I’ve only heard about the game being launched on Facebook and I don’t know if it’ll end up anywhere else.

Check out some of the new features being planned: “Select between a boy or girl character, customize your character’s initial appearance (hair styles, colors, eyes, etc), build and customize your own plot of land with your very own customizable house, plant crops on your land to earn additional money, a new friends system that will show you when your friends are online, send private/public messages to friends or other players in the same room as you, visit and interact with land owned by your friends, explore and battle with up to 4 friends in real-time, craft hundreds of items including equipment, weapons and accessories, use professions like Carpentry to craft items for your land and home, a new, large town with the ability to actually go inside of buildings, an auction house where you are able to buy or sell your treasures and crafted items to other users, easy to use point and click movement/attack system. No more keyboard controls (besides shortcut keys), simple, strategic turn-based battle system, control your pet’s actions in battle, raise pets for battle and show them off to your friends, more features to be revealed as development continues.” – LiquidGames.

I believe the game is in it’s beginning most stages right now, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing the completed game for another year or two, sadly, but the wait will be worth it. For now, you keep up to speed with everything Castaway: Online, by visiting this forum on I’ll also be posting on the progress of this project in the future. So what do you think about the new direction Castaway is going – leave response in the comments section below and list a couple of features you might like to see in Castaway: Online!

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