Hanger 2 is a new and highly addictive skill game that’ll challange you to swing through many levels as you try to avoid collision with walls. Keep your body, mostly, intact and you’ll live, but loose too many body parts and you’ll die. This game combines an addictive combination of skill of action, that’ll challenge you to think fast! As you complete the stages they’ll become more and more difficult and a truly challenging gameplay emerges. Along the way, try to max out your score by using less rope, keeping your body intact and collecting stars. Also earn various achievements! Hanger 2 is one of the best games I’ve played in a while.

Hanger 2

When I first started to play Hanger 2 I thought that the game was rather difficulty, because of the controls. I’ve played few games like this one and the controls were both exciting, but also a bit hard to master. Luckily, right around level 5 or so, you’ll have the controls down and it’ll come down more to skill than in-comfortability with the controls. Level three was the first real challenge. I really liked the difficulty of this game though. I loved the fact that if you were too injured that you died. This added a unique spin to the game and kept it difficult. Later levels are even more difficulty and the difficulty ramp has a continuous climb.

The gameplay seemed quite exclusive to this game and I haven’t seen this kind of gameplay done many times before. There have only been a couple of successful rope games and I think Hanger 2 can join this small group. The controls were responsive and smooth. Physics were spot-on (I’ve guessing Box2D), graphics were appealing and the levels were satisfyingly difficult and fun to play. One thing that I thought interesting was that the character changed if the theme changed. For example, the Glow in the Dark level, the Industial Zone, or the Spotlight, in all instances, the character changed. This was interesting and made each level a little unique. For me, most levels boiled down to my character only having his torso and head left, and possibly an arm, but during that time, the character seemed to be extremely light and ropes often flung the┬ámutilated┬ábody huge distances. The physics seemed a little often when the body dwindled down to just about nothing, and not just because more than half of the body was missing. That’d be on the only thing I’d change about the game, but besides that, this is the best rope games I’ve played.

Hanger 2

The artwork was extremely simple and the simple style reminds me a lot of the simple look of the Box2D stereotypical look. The graphics for the most part were generic, but the backgrounds always added a sense of style and usually created a neat theme for exact level. If there is to be a third Hanger, I’d love to see the walls that make up the levels a bit more detailed. Some levels did go the extra mile to appear like an object, such as the fish level, but for the most part, many of the levels were simple looking and weren’t too appealing. Nevertheless, the simple style is still nice.

It appeared that there were actually many different piece of music that played throughout all the different levels. I liked this because there was very little chance of the pieces every getting repetitive. The music was also very good, in my opinion, which made this even better – a bunch of great music complied into one great game. Sound effects were also very good and seemed to have a similar style/sound to the music.

All in all, Hanger 2 is by far one of the best, if not the best, rope game that I’ve ever played. It presents a bunch of levels, with addictive fun, hard to master controls and satisfyingly difficulty levels. In review, the game’s difficulty was perfect and completing levels was rewarding. The gameplay is pretty unique and hasn’t been done too many times before, at least not successfully and Hanger 2 provided a wonderful rope game experience like none other. The art was fantastic and the simple style was nice. I would have still liked the graphics to be a bit more advanced though. The music was really good and there seems to be a bunch of great piece throughout the game. Overall, Hanger 2 is a very addictive rope game that you won’t want to stop playing until you finish! Be sure to play it today on Newgrounds or NotDoppler.

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