Phage Wars Live is a new, an exceptionally awesome game, by Joey Betz, developer of the original Phage Wars, the Crush the Castle series, the Demolition City series, the Sushi Cat series, and many more! Phage Wars Live carries over the exciting and additively fun realm of Phage Wars and carries it into a new dimension of multiplayer joy. Phage Wars Live is by far one of the best multiplayer games that I’ve played in a long time, that doesn’t over-complicate anything, keeps the same fun, addictive qualities as the original, and lets you play quick games with people all around the world! The experience point systems, like the DNA system of Phage Wars allows you to upgrade your cells in various areas to strengthen your chances of winning with such upgrades as reproduction, speed, strength and your starting number of cells. If you’re not already playing Phage War Live then you’re missing out on a fantastic multiplayer game!

Phage Wars Live

The system that paired you up against competitors seemed flawed to me. I started off my game and one of the my first enemies had nearly a 10-0 record. Sure there’s still a chance that I beat this guy, but he has nearly 10 more points to upgrade his units than me. I don’t know how easy or hard it is to make a better system, but for now, I have to say that another, improved, system would be much appreciated. For the most part, higher levels didn’t seem to make the game anymore difficult, as long as the opposing enemy didn’t have too many levels on you. Most games were anyones to take for the winning, but some levels seemed unfair to whomever was unluckiest. For example, there is one level where, if you happened to be unlucky, got stuck between two, to three other competitors. This meant, to get to the other enemies they’d have to go through you first. This often meant you were bombarded from all angles and were often exterminated first. Besides those one or two levels, all others were fair game.

The gameplay worked much like the original Phage Wars. You’d click on a cell and drag to a cell that you want to attack. The simplicity of the game makes this one of the most addictive multiplayer games that I’ve played, that allows quick, fun play, where each battle usually lasts between a minute to two minutes and then allows you to jump right back into the action. When I say that the gameplay is fast, I do mean that. Every second you’ll face a new challenge and a new opportunity. One person will attack you and you’ll attack another. Every second a new battle arises and it’s really an all out brawl. Keep you eyes open and be aware of everything happening around you. Also, in this game, quantity is much more valuable than quality. The first thing that you should do, well, at least that I do, is to take as many nearby and as many important cells as possible. My only complaint about this game, is a small glitch, that occurs every once in a while. The screen, after entering a battle, turns black and you can’t do anything. This then counts as a loss against you, because you can only leave the game.

Phage Wars Live

The artwork resembles much the same as the original Phage Wars. The artwork really hasn’t changed too much in the years and while very little in the series’s artwork has been changed it seems to have a timeless value that’ll always look great. of course, the old Windows like main menu has been changed and now features a slick main menu that matches the hexagonal background. One thing that I’ve always liked about the artwork is that the viruses overlap onto one another and create a neat effect where all of the viruses are partially clear. While the gameplay artwork has mostly remained the same, the main menues look a lot cleaner and overall looks sublime. The artwork was done by JIMP, so I’m assuming that he did the redesign on the menus, which looks wonderful!

The music was very ambient and created an excellent atmosphere and environment in which the sound effects thrived. The main menu music was bit more pronounced than the gameplay music, and it was also the perfect game lobby/waiting music. The sound effects were the real stars in the sound department and worked very well with the game and the music seemed to back it up nicely. The sounds narrated everything from taking, or attacking a cell to pressing a button. They all sounded very high quality – crisp and clean – and worked well with one another.

Overall, Phage Wars Live is one of the best multiplayer games that I’ve played in a long time! It had all of the factors that I believe make a great multiplayer game, quick, live, action, that’ll keep you on your toes, smoother controls, a neat upgrade system and many levels. Any fan of the original Phage Wars will rejoice to see a multiplayer version of the game. One of the thing that I did like was that the cost of purchasing all of the upgrades in the game wasn’t some ridiculous fee (only $2.99) that would prompt people to say that only people with money can win in the game. Developers have to make some money too! In review, the pairing system was a bit off a times, but for the most part the system ran smoothly and most opponents were my level. Though I am curious how well the system will work over time as the levels become more diverse. The gameplay was much the same as the originals, but playing it in multiplayer changed everything and brought a unique and fun experience to the table. Artwork was sublime and the menus looks wonderful. The graphics in battle didn’t change to much, but the style still looks great, even from several years back. Music was ambient and seemed to be a pedestal for the wondrous sound effects which covered everything from taking a cell to buttons. All in all, Phage Wars Live delivers flawless, fast paced, gameplay and makes this one of the best multiplayer game that I’ve played in a long time. If you haven’t started playing this game then you’re missing out! Be sure to play it on Armor Games today!

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