The release date to one of the most anticipated, most epic, action platformers has been announced and the release date isn’t too far away! Cactus McCoy 2 will be released this Thursday onto NotDoppler. The story goes that McCoy, a treasure hunter, has found an idol, but little does he know that it’ll turn him into a walking, breathing cactus! Now you must return the Throned Emerald back to it’s proper home! Little plot has been released on what the sequel will hold and I’m really excited to see what’ll happen. if you remember playing Cactus McCoy, you probably remember it as one of the neatest shooter platformers around that held a wild-wild-west feeling as you fought off bandits in close gunslinging action. Anyways, Cactus McCoy will be released this Thursday, October 6! Be sure to keep your eyes out for it on NotDoppler!

Cactus McCoy 2