Kongregate has just unveiled its latest site redesign. This time, all of the main changes are effecting the header of the site and the footer of the site. The original bar dark gray bar that’d cut the header from the content of the page, that included links to the home page, the achievements page, the games page, the community page, the developers help page and the general help/conduct page has been removed, along with their sub-categories. All of this information can now be found in three buttons on the header that conviently stack the original bar and the sub-categories into one extremely organized drop-down boxes. There are currently three versions floating around, as Kong wants to see how much the users like each copy and how easy each one is to navigate. Some people haven’t received the new version of Kongregate just yet. Of course, Kongregate is looking for your opinions on what you like about the new design, what you hate about the design and what you think should be added.

I personally love the new update! It’s nice seeing new changes. Before, the sub-categories were a quite hard to maneuver and after a while I tried to avoid using the sub-categories buttons as much as possible. I really like the clean look of the site and how quickly you can get to the different pages. This is what I got (there should be another two version going around) (click on the image to see a higher resolution)

My question to you is: What’s your favorite version? What do you think of the new redesign? Don’t hesitate to discuss below in the comments section!

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