For the past few months I’ve been reporting on the development of Raze 2 and finally, it’s now out! A big congrats goes out to Addison Rodomista and Justin Goncalves (the developers). Raze 2 introduces a very exciting, new, campaign, that’ll be sure to keep you hooked for hours! Along with addictive quick match games, this is undoubtedly one of the best shooter games to come along in a while! Raze 2 introduces a variety of new weapons and adds many new features. Raze 2 also features upgrades, new skins, abilities, and equipment to aid you in battle! Along with achievements, Raze 2 will keep you playing! If you were a fan of the originally Raze, head on over to Armor Games and play the newly released Raze 2!

Raze 2

Play Raze 2 on Armor Games!