Crystal Story is a new and exciting epic RPG that starts with a group of young mercenaries and a hero. As the hero talks to the mercenaries he asks the group to catch an evil sorceress that has stolen a crystal. But first you must climb through many stories in an evil cave! One string attached to the deal though – you get all of the reward money and the hero gets all of the fame! In this epic RPG you must level up your four characters and train them through various classes and stats. You’re also able to buy and find new powerful weapons and armors to attach to your characters. Foul beasts and bosses will await for you on each floor, so keep your party healthy and strong and, in the end, capture the evil witch!

Crystal Story

Crystal Story is actually a pretty tough game and will definitely keep you trying to catch the witch for a while! In the beginning of the the game you find yourself killing the baddies pretty quickly, but that soon changes as the level of the monsters increase and more of them join in on the fighting. Luckily, you can equip stronger weapons and tougher armors to your characters to help combat the monsters. The difficulty ramp climbed at a great pace and allowed you to not have too many troubles, besides finding the best new weapons and different battle strategies, throughout the game.

The gameplay was pretty awesome and I haven’t seen an Epic RPG quite like this in a long time! Characters were fun to level up and there was definitely a lot of strategy involved in this game from using buffs on your characters, to deciding which stats to raise (and figuring out which ones aren’t necessary), choosing new skills, buying the best new weapons, and more. I really liked to explore new floors, encountering new enemies and trying out new skills and weapons on the monsters. This is definitely an RPG that I’ll remember for a long time! My only complaint is that, unlike a lot of other RPGs, Crystal Story seemed to place you on a narrow path throughout the game. I didn’t feel too much freedom. Something as simple as a character that we actually move with arrow keys or something, exploring the city, even to places of no real importance to the game, would have been nice. RPG Shooter: Starwish did an excellent job of doing this by allowing you to communicate with other characters in between battles and giving you a bit of freedom, such as who you become good friends with, new equipment and more. Just a little bit of extra freedom would have been nice. Overall, though, the game was very impressive and and the gameplay very well refined. It was a really enjoyable game and allowed new players to jump right into the action. The only thing I’d change is to give the player a bit more opportunities and options.

Crystal Story

The artwork was superb! I really liked the simple style. The game held a nice cartoon, solid color feel that mirrored the simpleness and comprehensiveness of the game. The character design was very good and they were all very colorful. I especially liked the drawing of them in the equip menu as they were in battle stance (some of them) and had their weapons drawn. I would have loved to see the images change as the heroes were given different weapons, but I can only imagine how much artwork and time that’d take! Still, a nice a professional feature that should be considered for a sequel. The characters in battle weren’t bad either and the perspective on them was perfectly isometric. Monsters and scenaries also looked very good!

One of the best things about this game was the music. The menu music was really good and had that safe and happy town feel where you can kick back and relax a bit. Unsurprisingly, the tone changed a lot once you entered the caves! Once you entered, the music changed to something dark and held that bit of ambiance that created a great atmosphere for the game. The music actually changed from when you went to one part of the caves to another. That was a smart addition in my mind, because I’d hate to listen to the same track a million times over in this game, or any other for that matter. Once you stepped into the battlefield though, the classic battle music roared and got you ready for the match. Sound effects were also a big part of the game. They could be heard for almost every action in the game from attacking an enemy, to pressing various buttons.

Overall, Crystal Story is one of the best RPGs that I’ve played in a long time! Anyone that loves a great RPG, that’ll definitely take a while to beat, will love Crystal Story as it delivers an exciting RPG experience rarely seen executed well in the Flash world! In review, the game was pretty difficulty and you’ll definitely have a bit of trouble keeping your party alive, but various new weapons, potions and overall smart playing should allow you to jump some floors before croaking. The gameplay was excellent and I loved the variety of weapons and skills that your characters could learn and equip themselves with. The artwork was beautiful and looked very professional. Character design was very good and I enjoyed the look of the dungeons and the background of the city. Menus were also well polished with an animated background. Finally, the music was very good and I loved the variety of continually top-notch quality music that the developer had in store when you visited new areas. All in all, Crystal Story is an RPG game that all RPG fans should not miss! If you love epic RPG games then you’ll definitely want to give this game some of your time in the following days! Be sure to play it today on Newgrounds!

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