Sports Heads: Football is a new and exciting football (American: soccer) game that pits you against ten head to head (pun intended :D) football matches where you’re goal is to score on the opposing team using your bobble-head sized head and scrawny legs. Along the ten matches you can earn nearly 20 unique in-game achievements that are all earned in fun ways that challenge you to do things that you either wouldn’t otherwise do – such as purposely going down by 3 points and coming back, kicking the opposition into the net, and collecting, sometimes, negative power-ups to earn them. In the end of the game you can submit your score and try to earn a gold medal, which is obtain by letting 10 or fewer goals in the entire game. Sports Heads: Football is a fun mini-game type of game that keep you hooked for a good 30 minutes!

Sports Heads: Football

Surprisingly, the game had a pretty good difficulty. i was hoping so, because some similar games are way too easy and finding a challenging one, or even a similar game at all, is pretty difficult. Games were usually pretty close, but in some it was a blow-out. The first level for me was exceptionally challenging, even on the winning game, but the second game was unexpectedly easy. I do think, to a degree, that the game had an odd, or even randomized difficulty ramp as some levels were challenging and then, even in the later stages, some were unbelievably easy and the opposition was soon crushed in the first game. i would have liked to see av bit more balancing and possible an option to pick a higher difficulty.

I’ve only seen a couple of games like Sports Heads: Football and most of them are extremely unpolished and consist of very few levels. Obviously, Sports Heads: Football was created to change that as it had a fulfilling gameplay, consist of 10 action-packed games. The game was highly polished and is, by my vote, the best in it’s (relatively small) genre. My only problem with the game was that there were a few gameplay errors that I thought as rather vital that simply were not met in the game. For one, if the ball got past you, no matter where you were on the field, 9 times out of 10 it’s going in the net. Your character is simply too slow to catch up the ball and even if he does he has another very small chance to actually stop it as jumping over it is as tricky as catching up to it. This problem was also present in the AI, if you can get the ball past the guy you’ve already scored a goal 9 times out of 10. Besides my couple of problems with the game, ignoring those two factors, witch only affected the gameplay now-and-then, the game was excellent and had fairly uniquer take on the small genre.

Sports Heads: Football

The artwork of very good. It was definitely very professional and polished looking and that gave off a great atmosphere for the game. I liked how the background, with the stands and people was faded out and left the foreground, with the characters to stick out like a sore thumb. Character design was very good and I liked the idea of the giant heads. This gave the characters a unique bobble-head-like feature that allowed you to capitalize on the size of the head for your prominent feature of your character for scoring goals and it came in handy! Character artwork was very good and all of the characters looked different from one another, but when the head of the character was inflated for one of the power-ups, the head was very much like pixel art and didn’t fit in too well with the design of the rest of the game.

The music was pretty good – but it sounded a bit repetitive, but worked well for this game. Accompanied by the sound effects of the crowd the atmosphere was even better and create a semi-realistic environment for a soccer match. Another smart sound effect was the sound of the crowd cheering as you, or your opponent, scored. Other sound effects were also well incorporated, such as when the ball bounced onto the ground, walls, nets, or players. Overall, very good sound effects and music!

All in all, Sports Heads: Football is by far the best in its small genre that I’ve had the chance to play. If you want to play an amazing football game, but only have a quick half and hour to spare then this is your game! In review, the difficulty was very good and th AI was often good enough to keep it a close game throughout. The only thing that I’d change about this game is to offer the play some sort of system to better be able to stop of ball once it passes them. The ball, even if going slow often outruns the player and is also hard to stop. The AI also had this problem so it doesn’t make it such a bit gameplay flaw, but a bit of an annoyance as it happed at least once or twice game to you. The artwork was amazing and looked professional, but simple. A good style in my mind. Characters were well done, but sometimes the power-ups made them look odd. The music and sound effects created a wondrous environment for this game and I can’t complain about the sound effect department at all! Overall, if you’re looking for a great soccer game you can stop here for a while! Be sure to play Sports Heads: Football today on Kongregate!

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